Monday, September 21, 2015

Kallahan's Birthday Weekend: Peppa Pig Style

 We celebrated Kallahan’s 4th birthday this past weekend.  I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that my youngest {my baby} is 4-years-old.   I took Friday off to get everything arranged for the big birthday weekend.  Kallahan stayed home with me.  We worked on favors and decorating and he loved 'helping me."  Most of our family arrived on Friday evening - and it was all about Kallahan and fun from there on out!  Turning four is a big deal around here!!

Kallahan wanted a Peppa Pig party this year.  Peppa Pig is the cutest little show, much more popular in the UK, where it originated, so it was a bit of a challenge to find themed items and make it a little more "boyish" :)  But I think we did a great job!

So excited to have our favs all under one roof!
Grandma made Kal's night when she first arrived by surprising him with George pajama's - to match the party theme!!

Saturday morning Kal enjoyed a cousin birthday breakfast.
Jacey and Kal helped aunt Samantha make his special Peppa Pig cupcakes.  Samantha is too sweet to offer to make these and they turned out ADORABLE!
Before the BIG PARTY the kids played, helped decorate and enjoyed a nice lunch in the playroom.
It looks like a lot of McDonald's was consumed #momfail
My bestie, Natalie, made these adorable sugar cookies.  Here talent amazes me!
Jim-dad and Mimi let us borrow their new water slide.  It was a little chilly but the kids had a ball.
Too much cuteness for one picture!
Kal received so many great gifts!  What a lucky {loved} little boy.
Kallahan's 4th Birthday Interview:
::What's your favorite color? orange
::What's your favorite toy?  John Deere toys 
::What's your favorite fruit?  oranges, apples and blackberries  
::What's your favorite tv show?  Peppa Pig  
::What's your favorite meal?  Spaghetti  
::What's your favorite outfit?  shorts
::What's your favorite game?  Peppa Pig
::What's your favorite animal?  cow
::What's your favorite song?  "I Love This Life" by LoCash  
::What's your favorite book?  Peppa Pig and the lost Christmas List
::Who's your best friend?  Mommy :)
::What's your favorite thing to do outside?  play
::What's your favorite drink?  Root beer
::What's your favorite holiday?  Christmas 
::What do you want to be when you grow up? a cowboy
We couldn't of had a better party to celebrate our little cowboy.  We all had so much fun... but the best part of my weekend was when my baby {now 4-years-old} asked me to tickle his back until he fell asleep.  
Thanks everyone that helped make Kallahan's 4th birthday the best yet!
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kallahan's First Day of Preschool

Today was Kallahan's first day of preschool.  He's in the 3 & 4 year old class at one of our local Christian preschools.  Keeler attended the same school for three years and loved it.  And now here we are starting the school years with my baby.  How ever did this happen so quickly?  Time flies!
 I got a little emotional last night as I laid out his clothes while Tyler was giving him his bath.  When we moved Kal into this bedroom he was only a couple months old and boy, it feels like yesterday.  
 This morning he woke up excited for school!  I am so proud of my ornery sweet boy.
Tyler took Keeler onto school at 8am so Kal and I had an hour to get him ready and take a few photos.  They didn't start out the best but we managed to get several cute ones.  All morning I talked with him about how fun school would be.  Keeler even gave him a nice peep talk before he went to school.  It made my heart smile :)
 Tyler and I didn't know what to expect when we got to school... Kal humored me and took his picture by the school sign.  This won't be the last one little buddy.

After he hung his backpack in his cubby and moved his name over to the door, I directed him to go play with the trucks and after a high five I tried to make my exit but as I reached the door I felt two little arms wrap around my legs.  He was getting pretty emotional and clingy.  Tyler helped pry him off (I knew it would be best to make my exit then) but then the teacher had to come over and pry Kal off of Tyler.  We left and prayed that he wasn't too much for them to handle.
The director ended up posting a picture of the kids at circle time shortly after we left and Kal was as content as could be which put me at ease.  We know he's in good hands and obviously the separation and experience will do him good.
Pic on Left - Keeler's first day of preschool September 2011.  Think my little cowboys favor one another?
 This little boy is my baby.  These last three years {almost four} have gone by so quickly, and I would do them over again in a heartbeat.
It's gong to be such a great year for Kallahan!  He is going to have the very best time, meet so many new friends, learn so much and grow so much too.  Go get 'em Kal!
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