Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Midweek Ramblings

Nothing too exciting going on in our world, just the way I like it.
Work has settled down for the week so I'm getting caught up - finally.  Unfortunately, over the weekend the little cowboys and I have managed to catch colds so we're trying to take it easy so we're ready to PARTY this weekend.  We have a special five-year-old birthday party to attend ;) #partylikerockstars
I think Tyler must think the theory about "feed a cold, starve a fever" is true because last night with dinner he made me a Bloody Mary cocktail and also made dessert - HUGE Rhodes cinnamon rolls.  He's so good to us!  While I sipped my cocktail and Tyler cooked (yes, I'm seriously spoiled) I got to love on my little cowboys.  I thought it was funny that as we rushed to get ready in the morning I dressed Kal and myself in matching shirts and didn't even realize until in the evening.   
My baby boy is really turning into an ornery little boy!  The "why's" have started
 "Kallahan don't jump off the bed!" - "Why?"  "Because you'll get hurt." - "Why?"
"Kallahan you can't have Koolaid at bedtime." - "Why?"
...the list goes on and on.
He's always thinking about his brother.  Anything I give him he thinks he needs two.  I'll give him a drink and then he just says, "Kee?"  I hope he always thinks to share with his brother.  
Since he started sleeping in his big boy bed he's become an early riser, like his big brother.  However, he gets up even earlier!  I use to be able to get myself ready before Keeler woke up (6:30ish) but not anymore.  Kallahan is up by 6am and ready to help mommy with make-up and hair.  Oh boy!
He's into making silly faces now and rarely smiles for the camera.  This is all I could get out of him last weekend, what the heck kid?  By the way, he needs a haircut really badly.  Grandma Kak, get the Flowbee ready!

Keeler picked out some new boots this weekend but they didn't have his size in-store so we had to order them.  About every hour he's been asking when they're going to arrive.  He's hoping he has them in time to wear to the birthday party this weekend.  We're keeping our fingers crossed.
I'm sure I've shared it before but this kid is really into farmer fashion.  This is his "ideal look" above - John Deere cap (like dad), solid color pocket-tee (like dad), Wrangler jeans (like dad), leather belt (like dad), cowboy boots (like dad) and to top it off you've gotta have a leather plier holster (with "real pliers") on the belt.  Tyler mentioned the other day, "I think number one is starting to go through that "awkward stage" or maybe number two is getting cuter."  Really?!  I had to laugh and replied - "no, I think it's because I still get to dress number two and number one looks like a dirty hired man most days - and you're to thank."  The kid has a closet FULL of nice clothes but refuses to wear any of it!  Oh well, whatever makes him happiest ;)
What else have we been up to?
On Saturday, Keeler asked me to download him some new farm games on the iPad.  He thought he needed to add to his collection.  Seriously, we have about 163 farm/cowboy games!  But we "REALLY" needed one more - we ended up with Hay Day.  Typically I download, put in the password, hand back the iPad and say "have fun kiddo!"  But Keeler came back and said he needed help because "you have to read, mom."  And that's where it all went downhill folks.  (For the record, I'm NOT a gamer - I NEVER have been.  My sister loved Tetris, Mario Bros and still plays Candy Crush - they always just pissed me off.  I wasn’t ever going to be one of “those” people.  The ones that play farmville, castleville and other “ville” games on Facebook.  I’ll admit it.  I judged.) But… this game sucked me in!  I don’t know what it is either.  There is NO skill involved.  You simply plant crops, harvest crops, sell crops and buy crops to keep your animals alive and to fill orders for your farm.  I know, sounds silly but I want more fields, more crops, more animals.  I want to decorate my farm.  I want the BEST farm!  Since we started playing I’ve been consumed.  I plant crops, go quickly fold laundry, clean the kitchen, etc... (while my crops grow), harvest crops, sell crops, repeat… As you stage up you get to “add to your farm.”  That’s where Keeler comes in.  He LOVES adding to the farm.  So every night since Saturday I’ve been staying up late farming and then when Keeler gets up we improve our farm.  We’re at level 16 and just got to add sheep.  Oh the thrill folks!  I seriously need help, maybe an intervention.  On Sunday, I asked Tyler to fill in for me while I got ready.  He was so confused and messed up my farm by selling the wrong crops and pricing things too high.  He admitted to being a bad farm manager.  Hmmm…  
Anyone one else play this game?  I need a support group.
My new addiction may be contributing to Kallahan's new maturity boost.  Mom's "farming" - guess I'll have to get my own darn drink.  Help me!  
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Monday, February 24, 2014

Super Hero Chamber Banquet

"It's A Bird ... It's A Plane ...It's The Annual Chamber Banquet!"  - oh, did I really just type that?  Yes, and sorry ;)  Last weekend was our communities' chamber banquet.  Our dealership hosts a table and then we decorate a table around the theme.  When I was told the theme this year, "Super Heroes," I was hesitant and feared that I wasn't going to be able to pull off a good table because honestly anything super heroes is so foreign to me.  I've never payed much attention to them and nor do my kids.  It's all about roping cattle and riding horses in our world, ha!  However, I started this Pinterest board and gathered some great ideas - mostly from children's birthday party decorations.     
I ordered a few things online but picked up most our items the last time I was in Texas.  My sweet mom went around with me one Sunday for a few hours - we had a lot of fun and were amazed at how much super hero stuff we did find - it's everywhere!  
A few coworkers and I worked on our table over several weeks when we had some downtime.  This year we didn't wait until the last minute which made it far less stressful and more fun.  
Last Friday was the big day it all came together:    
Setting up was a bit dramatic.  I had blocked the afternoon off and had a coworker lined up to help me.  However, at the last minute she wasn't able to come out so it was just me... eeek.  We were also shorthanded a babysitter so Tyler was at home watching the little cowboys.  So what's a girl to do?  I begged Tyler to come and help me, with the little cowboys in tow.  They all did great.  Can you spy Kal in these pictures?
Please take note of our plates (chargers).  My coworker, Adam, hand-painted each plate.  He's the best!  
Each person that sits at your table receives a "take home gift."  
Our gift included:
1:: a cute vintage lunch box - {in store at Target and Old Navy
2::  a candy bag filled with Super Hero candy  - {in store at Dollar Tree}
3::  a superhero glass - {here}
4:: star bag filled with American Implement swag - {in store Old Navy}
We reused table coverings that we already had but added a runner from this retro Marvel Comic fabric.  It's the coolest!  We made all the bows from cut strips of tulle (way cheaper than tulle ribbon) and other cute ribbon found at Joann's.  
We made the bunting around the table simply by printing comic book pages (covered with Mod Podge to give a glossy look) and then tied together with our tulle bows.  
We made our centerpiece out of cardboard.  We cut  each side of the box on a diagonal to give it more of a "comic book" look.  Then we taped all four sides back together and sprayed painted black.  The windows are just taped on yellow paper.  Above the centerpiece we (Tyler) hung these signs from the ceiling with fishing line. 
On the back of the chairs we pinned these capes.  They were handmade by The Crafty Dad.  I found him on Etsy.  They added such a neat touch and were only $4.00 each!
Lastly, I needed a little sweet treat on the table so I contacted my go-to baking enthusiast, Anne. She made us these cookies - perfection!
I love this event every year.  I can't forget to mention, our table was voted "the best overall!"  We thought that was pretty "SUPER!" - sorry, I couldn't resist ;)
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lately and Valentine Recap

Lately::  I've been a blogger slacker.  I have only been taking pictures with my iPhone and then I'm disappointed in the quality.  Will I ever learn?  But it's so easy to just grab my phone.  On the bright side, more pictures with my iPhone means more Instagramming, follow me here.  I'm officially becoming an "over-grammer."  Thanks for the coined term Andrea!  Any who, I wanted to catch you #noninstagramers up (a.k.a: my mom, ha!) 
Valentine's Day was a whirlwind.  I got up, worked out with my sweet neighbor (we made a full week...woohoo!), went to a 7am board meeting, worked all day in my festive outfit...
 decorated an awesome banquet table (post to come soon) and gave the little cowboys their Valentine present (these sleeping bags I ordered off Zulily.  They LOVE them!).
After a little down time, we had the little cowboys open their Valentines they received in the mail from family.  They were so excited over all the mail!  My mom sent them these cute shirts.  Aren't they great?!
"Tough like Dad but Smart like Mom"  
Of course I made them change right into them and  then we ventured over to my friend Natalie's house for dinner.  Natalie has two little girls so it made for a perfect "double date" for the little cowboys!  See the little baby girl on the floor ;)  Kal wanted her to sit with them.
 Contrary to their little faces in this picture, they had a blast!  Natalie made a delicious meal of homemade ravioli, strawberry salad and homemade bread.  It was out of this world good! She made the dough for her raviolis, who does that?!  She is putting me to shame.  The extent of my "cooking" over the holiday was making chocolate covered strawberries.  Yes, we're going to call that cooking.  
We delivered our strawberries to a few friends and at home the little cowboys were eating them up as fast as I could make them!  I added a little V-day flare by poking them with stripe straws (which made for easier two-year-old eating) and pink sprinkles.  
Tyler and I don't do gifts, we just aren't big on gifts.  However, we had a nice evening out on Saturday.  We attended the annual Chamber Banquet and then went and had a few drinks with friends afterwards.  I'm not big on Valentines, never have been but it was fun with the little cowboys.  It's nice to have a special day to emphasize how much we love them.  
I'll always love my little cowboys.  I love every single thing about them both.  I love Keeler's strong desire to be just like his daddy.  I love his million+ questions and his big blue eyes.  I love that Kallahan is a momma's boy.  I love that he can't stop gibbering while watching TV.  I love that he insists on keeping his jacket on in the evenings --- a little weird, but I love it!  (We'll ignore the fact that he may or may not be picking his nose in the pic above.)
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Monday, February 17, 2014

Invite Designs

Lately I've had the privilege of designing invitations for some special upcoming showers for sweet friends and family members.  I just wanted to share the cuteness!

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day! 
Today Keeler had his Valentine Party at preschool.
 Doesn't my little cowboy look so handsome?!  
We kept it pretty simple this year and gave all his classmate these little DIY "I Dig You" Valentines.  It's just a printable (folded in half) stapled to the top of a clear treat bag.  We placed a Fruit By The Foot in the bag.  Keeler wrote his name and I wrote his friend's names on the Fruit Roll-up on Sunday before we put them in the bag.  He seemed to enjoy going down the list of his classmates and marking off their names as we completed the treat.  It was fun for both of us ;)   
Since it's so hard to find boy Valentines, I thought I would share this ^ FREE Printable.  
Just click, right click and save.  You can have your child write their name on the white space or type in a cute font, like I did.  I used Sketch Rockwell to match the font I used on the printable, free font download here.
"Let all that you do be done in LOVE." - everyday!

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hello February!

First things first, "happy birthday" to my sweet mom!  I hate that we weren't with her on her birthday but she said she had a great birthday just spending the weekend with my dad.  We have officially booked an upcoming trip to Vegas so we're going to make up for it, Big Time!
On Saturday, while I was getting ready, I told the little cowboys that it was the first day of February so I needed to wear pink to celebrate the month of Valentines and love.  Keeler immediately said he wanted to wear pink too, his wedding shirt.  
I love these two more than words can ever express.
In the afternoon we headed over to the city to do some grocery shopping.  Walmart is always an adventure and seems to bring the worst out of us all, especially on a busy Saturday.  I might even be guilty of melting down more than the littles.  Any who, we told the little cowboys if they behaved they could visit the arcade after we finished shopping... worked like a charm (this time) ;)
Oh my, we they had fun, I had anxiety, we all sanitized and then headed to Sam's Club.
Again, it was all about getting in and out meltdown free so while daddy shopped we hung out by the iPads.  
Oh, and how can I forget the most important part?!  We filled up on samples.  Keeler made certain we stopped by each station.
Once we got home we surprised Keeler with a mini iPad that Tyler had "secretly" purchased at Sam's.  We gave it to him as an early Valentine's present and because he's doing so well in school.
We also plan on using it as a rewards/discipline tool.  Ex:  He misbehaves at his Granny's then he loses iPad privileges. 
Keeler and I quickly figured out how to use the FaceTime and called my cousin Ashley. 
Luckily little Sterling was awake and we got to see his sweet face.  He's getting so big!
The rest of the weekend was pretty typical.  The little cowboys played and we then we built a tent in Keeler's room.  They took in all kinds of toys, snacks and a movie.
Kal might of lived in there if we'd allowed it ;)
On Sunday we watched the Super Bowl.
Well, these three played on their iPads and DVD players and I watched the halftime show.  I've heard it wasn't a very good game, ha!
During the game Tyler's cousin, Tolan, and his wife came over and picked up Kallahan's crib.  They are expecting a baby in May so it worked out perfectly that we had someone to pass it down to.  I hated to see it go, after all we've had a crib up in our house for over five years, but glad they will be able to use it. 
I wondered how Kallahan would react once it was gone.  I told him that Tolan and Brittney were coming to pick it up for their baby and we needed his help getting it out of his room.  He pouted a second and then quickly ran to the kitchen, got out the hole punch (his tool?) to help Tyler.  While he was taking his bath I moved in a little table and some toys and he was tickled with the new addition to his room.   

Andrea and Erica are hosting another daily Instragram challenge for February. 
Since it was so fun in January I decided to participate again in February, you should too! 
Follow me here.


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