Monday, April 25, 2016

Vision Therapy Graduation

Tyler's mom, aka Mimi, came up on Thursday to watch one of Keeler's soccer games and to attend his Vision Therapy Graduation.

Obviously, our soccer stud had quite the cheering squad because Uncle Troy, Granny and Shalie all joined us too.  Keeler loves to have fans and played a great game. We ended up with a tied game.

After the game we went to dinner.

Photo c/o Kallahan || Finger Puppets c/o Tyler :)

Friday morning at work we hosted Chamber Coffee in honor of our new employee, Ryan.  He's just the best and we're excited to have him join our team.
Even our littles came out to celebrate.

In the afternoon, we headed over to Keeler's Vision Therapy Graduation!  We picked up his sweet therapist, Mrs. Nancy, some flowers.  The little cowboys were so excited to give them to her. 
Mrs. Nancy had the therapy room all decorated for Keeler.  It was super sweet and melted this mom's heart.  We're going to miss Mrs. Nancy.

We're so thankful for this process. 32 weeks later and Keeler is like a different kid. His reading has improved, he's less clumsy but more importantly he has a lot more confidence to try new things. He's always had 20/20 vision but hated reading and wasn't enjoying learning. Thanks to a very special teacher, Mrs. Nordyke,  going above and beyond working one-on-one with him and recommending we have him tested by a behavioral eye specialist we discovered his focus and tracking were poor. We can't express enough the gratitude we have for everyone involved in this process - especially Mrs. Nordyke. He's put in a lot of work and it's paid off! We're so excited to continue to watch him flourish. Good job, buddy! 

Just a few more pics to mark the special occasion.  I love my guys!
Granny and Mimi both played a significant part in Keeler's therapy.  There were a few times when we were away from the little cowboys over the past 32 weeks.  These two stepped up and helped Keeler complete his daily exercises.  Mimi completed a similar program when she was young so they both offered great support, guidance and understanding. Thank you so much!

P.S. When we got home, the little cowboys were eager to show our newest bucket calf to his new home.
Poor little guy has a broken leg.  Tyler splinted it and is going to get a cast on him.
So there you go folks, meet the newest member to our fam - "Little Red."  
He also answers to "Rojito."
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Monday, April 18, 2016

Soccer & Spring Fling

This past week Keeler had his very first soccer game.  He was so pumped!
 His team worked so well together and won their first game!

 It's been raining some here so when it was dry we took full advantage and did some playing in the yard.

On Thursday Keeler had his second game. Evidenced by this sweaty red face he played hard and gave it his all!!  We are so happy that he's loving soccer. 
So proud of our Royal Sharks!
On Friday, Keeler and I headed over for his very last Vision Therapy session! I was feeling a little bittersweet... I'm so proud of how far Keeler's come but I'm gonna miss the weekly trips and special one-on-one time.
At this last assessment I was shocked at this visual that shows his improvement. He's surpassed his goal!

Over the weekend we had our local Spring Fling.  The little cowboys helped us set up our booth and then we popped over to the show throughout the weekend.

It's always a lot of fun the visit the other booths and mingle with friends.

On Sunday, our church kid's bell choir was part of the show entertainment.

Everyone comments on how cute Kallahan is when he plays.  He plays with all he's got!

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend Whoas: Jacey's Birthday

This past weekend we had a blast with family.  I took a long weekend and we headed south...
but not before grabbing a bite with these two cuties and granny!  I know I'm partial but these two kill me (insert heart eye emoji).
Kallahan had his school pictures so he was all dressed up for success:
Kallahan's first EVER school pictures.  How'd he get to be so stinkin' big?
After lunch we headed to see Brittney at Keeler's school.  For her work she was demonstating the Earth ball.  It was so cool!
We went in the Earth with Keeler's class.  He was surprised to see us there :)
After this fun little adventure it was time for our trip!  Our first stop was Aunt 'Manthy's!
My dad was heading out of town but we swung by and showed off his new pick-up.  The little boys were all super impressed and check out that beautiful farm sunrise.
Since it was Friday, the kids had to go to school so my mom and I took my little cowboys into town and did some shopping!
At "our happy place!"
We had lunch and a little ice cream treat before heading back out to pick up the kids from school.
Then it was time to start Jacey's birthday celebrations!  We had a {belated} egg hunt...
and the kids played outside while we got Jacey and her friends ready for their 4-H Fashion Show.
Jacey did awesome, looked adorable and placed first place in casual wear!  I gave her a magenta Kendra Scott necklace right before the show and it matched her outfit perfectly.  I just love my girl!
 After the Fashion Show, we headed back to their house for her slumber party then the girls practiced their cheerleading.  It was such a fun and girly night.
Saturday, we headed over to Jakob's district track meet.  
This was Keeler and Kallahan's first track meet.
 Jakob's first events were long and high jump.  It was so fun to watch him.
I ran into one of besties from high school and stole her baby!
We all enjoyed loving on baby Briggston.  The morning was pretty cold so we did retreat to Samantha's van and then enjoyed lunch with old friends.
 In the afternoon the sun came out and we were ready to watch our favorite track star!
Jakob did AMAZING!  He ended up winning district in the 100m and 200m!! He's one fast kiddo.  His team also took 3rd in the mile relay.

We had the best day supporting Jakob. His unbelievable talent paired with a strong competitive spirit made for a very exciting day!

Our little boys were super impressed with the event and Jakob's winning skills.  After the track meet they held their own little friendly competition.
On Sunday, we got up early to head home.  We were about an hour out and my mom called to inform me that I left me work computer in her trunk.  Oh dear!  She was a lifesaver tho... We stopped at a Walmart and did some grocery shopping (on my to-do list anyway) and she headed our way with the computer.
We took her to lunch and then parted ways - yet again ;)
We still managed to get home at a decent hour.  
Keeler ended the day with a little soccer practice.
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