Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tim and Erica's Engagement Photos

Tyler's brother, Tim, is getting married in May!  The last time they came to Kansas they asked if I would do their engagement photos.  This is now my third family engagement session and nothing has changed - I was still excited and scared to capture such a momentous occasion.  We ended up having such a fun time and a special thanks goes out to my wonderful mom for being the best assistant :)
Erica and I went through the pictures before they headed back to Texas and we ended up with 40, yes 40 amazing poses.  I keep telling people, my photos turn out great because all the beautiful people I am privileged to photograph.  
We coined this one ^ their future "first couple" pose or the couple that sleeps in twin beds ;)  
Congratulations Tim and Erica…we are so happy for you!!
I hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing labor day weekend.  We're having a great time soaking up the last few days of summer with family.  

P.S. Tuesday is Keeler's first day {of his last year} of preschool.  You know there's a post pending after I send him off and dry up some tears.  

Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Whoas!

We spent another weekend at home.  It's hard to believe that this summer we have only gone out of town one weekend.  One weekend, how is that even true?!  We are usually traveling all the time.  I have to admit, it's been nice to be home more.  I think I'm becoming a homebody, eeek!  At least in September we have a couple exciting trips planned.  
So here's a quick recap {in iPhone photos}
Keeler was a bit under the weather late in the week.  We spent the afternoon at home resting and then made jewelry.  In college I worked at a build your own jewelry store.  I had a slight obsession/addiction to buying every bead and tool we sold.   Ten years and two kids later = several boxes full of unspoken 'treasures' in the basement.  It was fun to get out some of the old stuff and play.  I repaired a few of my favorites while Keeler made me and his Granny some pretty awesome necklaces and bracelets.  Please don't tell his dad, but it really was a good activity and great for his hand/eye coordination. :)    

On Friday, everyone was feeling better so after work we took a big ice tea out to Tyler on the farm.  He's been planting so I hope we helped break up his day.  We went and checked sprinklers with him in an old work pickup.  I looked over and saw that Kal was holding Keeler on his lap.  How cute is that?!

Since we had sickies on Thursday and Friday we got home so late I missed two workouts of T25 this week.  It's only a five day a week workout so missing two would set me back.  I was c-r-a-z-y and made Saturday morning an official weekend warrior fest.  I completed 2 of the T25 workouts plus ran a 5k.  I ended up working out for 92 minutes.  Never again will I do that because I was starving the rest of the day!  Pretty much defeated the purpose.  This week we start week 5 and I'm loving this program.  
Saturday was also the neighbor's birthday.  We spent the afternoon with them.  After the party, the older boys and dads went out to their family farm and rode paddle boats.  Whitney and I kept the little boys, cleaned up after the party and then enjoyed a well deserved adult beverage(s) while the kids played.  I love that we have great neighbors! :)

On Sunday, the most excitement we had was Tyler and I attempted to do a toy clean-out.  We explained to Keeler that we needed to donate some toys to children that don't have many.  He was all on board!  Tyler went around with him and asked him specifically if he wanted to "keep" or "donate."  It was so funny to hear his excuses on keeping the tiniest of toys but in the end he had a very giving heart and made us so proud!

 In the afternoon, we went grocery shopping and then had dinner with the neighbors.  
In the evening we played outside.  Keeler ran up to me and said, "I need to take a dump." - very matter of factly and in a deep voice.  He then went and walked to the side of the house.  I gasped but then quickly realized he meant to say, "I need to take a leak."  To add to the humor, Kal ran to the side of the house right behind him and started pulling down his pants.  Geesh, life with these cowboys is always exciting.  
How was your weekend?


Friday, August 23, 2013

Show Us Your Life: Online Shopping

Linking up with Kelly's Korner for Show Us Your Life:  Favorite Shops Online.
I may have bent the rules because I am not a boutique shopper but more about a great bargain.
Living in a rural community basically in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of everywhere {depending if you want to see your glass half full and drive 3+ hours} I have become accustomed to online shopping.  I tend to shop more for the little cowboys online because sizes are easier to figure out and obviously they aren't too particular.  For myself,  I have to try things on so old fashion shopping is more my style.  And of course I need my mom and sister by my side to make sound decisions :)    

My number one stop for the little cowboys is always Kohl's.  They by far have the best deals online.  I have a Kohl's card for their discounts {husband's rolling his eyes now, ha!}.  Often I get a 20-30% off coupon on top of their low prices.  I love Carter's and Chap's clothing.  They both wash well and most of Keeler's clothes still look great on Kal several years later.  Below is a sample of some great bargains I recently scored for the little cowboys back to school shopping.  We pretty much wear t-shirts and polos with jeans everyday.  I'll touch on jeans in a bit!

1//  Carter's "Boy Genius" Tee $16.00 $5.76
2//  Mock Layer Monkey Tee $14.00 $4.39
3//  Chaps Striped Polo $26.00 $8.32
4//  Mock-Layer Football Tee  $18.00 $5.76
5&6// Chaps Colorblock Polo $26.00 $8.32
7// Carter's "Number 1" Tee $16.00 $5.76
8//  "Super Fast Racer" Tee $14.00 $4.39
Can you believe these prices?  The prices might vary as some were the door-buster deal on Wednesday with my 20% off coupon but defiantly worth looking into!
Oh, and that's not all.  For every $50 you spend you get $10 Kohl's cash.  
Makes for a great excuse to go shopping for myself {for free}!

My second favorite online store for the little cowboys is Gap and Old Navy.  I LOVE that these two stores are linked together.

1// Gap has always been my go-to for jeans.  For one they offer an adjustable waists which is a must for my little skinny boys and they wash/wear so well.  I buy 3-4 pairs each fall and we are good to go for the year!  Right now 1969 jeans are 30% off thru Saturday!
2// Gap Socks!  My boys are rough on socks.  I guess between wearing them outside and in cowboy boots most the time it's a hard life.  I have found that Gap offers the most durable {and cutest} socks.
3//  This post would not be complete without mention of Keeler's most loved staple:  Pocket Tees.  This summer the kid has insisted on wearing a solid color shirt with a pocket almost everyday - just like dad.  My mom found these at Old Navy and since I've ordered him more.
Family Date Night Attire:  Pocket Tee!

Here's a list of my other top online shops in general:
//  For Gifts:  Etsy  //
I love the variety and idea of homemade gifts.  I've done embroidered baby items and personalized jewelry to name a few.
//  Daily Deals:  Zulily  //
Each day it's something different.  I've ordered a few house items, kids pajamas and shoes for myself - all at great discounted prices.  It's really just fun to see what they have to offer each day.
//  Latest Obsession:  H&M  //
My friend, Kristin, introduced me to H&M years ago in Vegas and then again in Minnosota.  They offer cute and affordable clothes for us and kids.  It's a different style and you have to search to find your style but the items I have picked up are great quality.  We never had one even remotely close nor did they have an online store so I really just never thought about them.  However, just this month they opened up an online store and I'm super excited!

Thanks for stopping by. I can't wait to browse Kelly's Show Us Life to see where everyone else is shopping!  


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Happy Hump Day!

We've all seen the GEICO Hump Day Camel commercial.  Well, it always comes to mind and makes me smile when someone says, "happy hump day!"  
Another thing that makes me smile is this bucking horse video of Keeler.    
"it's giving me a headache"
How cool is it that we found the most realistic bucking horse in the basement of the Dodge City, Kansas mall?
Happy Hump or Bucking Day!  That didn't sound right but you get the gist :)

Oh, speaking of smiles, I might be partial but 
this is one of the cutest smiles I've ever laid eyes on...
What's something that made you smile this Wednesday?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekend Whoas!

Just a little weekend recap:
My weekend started on Wednesday afternoon.  Now I could do this every week!  I took Thursday and Friday off to stay at home with the little cowboys to relieve some stress off Granny.  Tyler's cousin got married this weekend and we all know the amount of work and stress that goes into a wedding.  We wanted her to enjoy herself and not have to worry about two little crazies running around.  
 I loved every minute with my little crazies cowboys and we had a great "stay-cation."  The weather has been fabulous   We're still getting rain and the temps have been so much cooler.  On Thursday we spent most the day outside.  We cleaned out the garage and played in the yard.  When Tyler got home in the evening we mowed the lawn.    

Friday seemed to fly by.  Keeler was the ring bearer in Heather's wedding so we had rehearsal in the afternoon.  My parents and Tyler's family all arrived in the evening.  Again, we spent the evening outside playing in the yard.

Saturday all the men got up and went golfing.  My mom and I took our time getting around and then went shopping in town.  After shopping we took the little cowboys for a picnic lunch at the park.  We had to be at the church for family pictures at 2 o'clock so I put the little cowboys down for a nap right after lunch.    
Look at me and my sexy cowboy!  I am so glad my parents were able to come for the weekend.  Kal was still napping when it was time for pictures so they stayed at the house with him and then brought him to the wedding.  
Keeler and his cousin Bryon made the cutest cowboy ring-bearers EVER.
We had a blast at the wedding reception.  Heather and Paul (Bride & Groom) actually met while working with me.  So it was great to see coworkers from other locations that I don't get to see often enough.  It was great to catch up!  It was also great to dance the night away with my favorite father-in-law! Shout out to Jimdad - my dancing sole mate :)

On Sunday, I had the privilege of taking engagement pictures for my brother-in-law and his fiancé.  I've only had a chance to edit a few but I am so excited to finish because we ended up with some darling shots. We are so happy for this couple!  

The rest of the day was pretty low key.  The little cowboys took naps, I caught up on housework and then we finished the weekend off with a picnic {we love our new table grandma Kak!}.  We also enjoyed our first watermelon from our garden.  

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happy August!

 It's already the 7th and this is my first post in August.  I feel like such a slacker ;)  
We've been busy enjoying the last bit of summer and some nice evening rains.  We are so thankful for much needed moisture in our area.
This darling boy is entering into the terrible two's.  Over the weekend he threw some full-out temper tantrums.  I mean throwing himself on the floor screaming fits.  It was so hard to handle but we'll get through it.  He's always been my easy going boy.  I think most of his frustration is coming from not talking.  I know that he's just learning his way and soon this will pass.    
{I've got this mom!}
 Sunday evening, Tyler and Keeler went to the farm so Kal and I had some much needed alone time.  We went on a long walk and visited a few parks along the way.  He was so happy the entire time.  It was nice to get my pleasant little boy back.  
Tyler told me to relax, we just have 1, 2 maybe 16 years to go. So reassuring, thanks love!