Monday, February 29, 2016

February Highlights

Well, so long February.... it's hard to believe another month has flown by.  February 2016 will forever be remembered for Kallahan's infamous impetigo outbreak.  We were home-bound for a while, disinfecting and sanitizing like crazy but we still managed to have some fun.  Here's a glimpse at the highlights
This is our "Mercy, Mercy, we can't take much more of this illness" pose. 
We had some beautiful spring-like weather and got to play with Koko B. 

Who doesn't love a #TacoTuesday?!
 By far our biggest highlight was taking on this adorable bucket calf.  He survived a crazy experience by a crazy momma cow and he was rightly named, Tuff.  My heart melted watching the little cowboys learn, with gentle guidance from the best dad I know, how to feed him.
 The boys took to him quickly and vice versa.
The bond they're forming is just the sweetest thing ever.
Keeler's farmlife in pictures...
Making the News! Our local newspaper did a special insert that included group photos of all the area preschool and kindergarten students.  After taking the pictures they asked all the students what they wanted to be when they grow up.
Kallahan Baker...would like to be a Calf Roper
Several people in town have commented ;)
 Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!!  Keeler sported this crazy look for Miss Match Day at school in celebration of Read Across America and Dr. Seuss Week.

Later in the week they had Hippie Day.  Keeler refused to dress up but I couldn't resist a pic in front of the adorable van.
We got our first shipment from Boxed.  It was such an easy way to shop for bulk- right to the door.  And the little cowboys were entertained for hours with the nice huge boxes.  It was a perfect sick day activity.  
Keeler rocked his school program, Mighty Minds Musical.  He was super excited to have his Granny and Mimi watch his performance.  We were so glad to have them attend because Tyler had to stay home with the little sickie.
Luckily everyone is back feeling 100% and I'm back feeling fully protected ;)
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Thursday, February 25, 2016

17 Things Boys Need from their Moms

My friend shared this article recently and I loved it so much! Thought I'd share with yall :)

17 Things Boys Need from their Moms
Children need many things from their parents. They need stability, protection, nurturing, and love. They also need other things, different things from each of their parents. Because I am a mom to a little boy, this is what I know. So, here’s the list of things I hope I give to my little guy, in order to help him grow into a good man – the things I think every little boy needs from his mom.

A boy needs:

1. To be showered with affection - hugs, kisses, all of it. Until he is big enough to not want that anymore. Then he needs you to ruffle his hair, put your hand on his shoulder, and hug him anyway. He needs to know the importance of human contact so that he doesn’t keep it from his wife or children.
2. To dance – in the car, in the living room, in the front yard. Slow dance, crazy dance, any kind of dancing the song calls for, even if there’s no song at all. He will learn that life has a soundtrack. That there is no moment too small to celebrate, and the big ones….. they almost always call for dancing.
3. To be told secrets – and let him tell them to you. Big or small. Doesn’t matter what they are. He needs to know that he can always talk to you, about anything. And besides, secrets are fun!
4. For you to marry the kind of man you want him to be – because he will. His views of marriage are shaped by what he sees from you. He will model himself after the men in his life. The kind of husband he is, the kind of father he is, the kind of man he is. You can’t example that to him, so find someone who will.
5. To learn the kinds of things that women need – tell him your favorite flower and let him “buy” them for you. Let him take you out to dinner. Let him open doors and hold your hand. Show him what a gentleman looks like.
6. To appreciate beauty, real beauty – don’t put yourself down in front of him. He will learn to see you like you see you. He will, at some point, think you are the most beautiful woman in the world. Let him. Don’t tell him he’s wrong. Let him watch you do your nails, your hair, and your make-up. It won’t make him less “manly”, but it will help him understand that women need to feel beautiful. Hopefully, he’ll spend the rest of his life appreciating the lengths we go to in order to attain that beauty.
7. Discipline – don’t just let his father do it. He needs to respect that you are a figure of authority also. He needs to know that your voice carries just as much weight. He needs to understand what co-parenting looks like; he’ll do it himself someday.
8. To respect – he will treat his wife the way he was allowed to treat you. He will treat every woman the way he was allowed to treat you. Show him that the correct way to speak to women is with respect and dignity. He’ll thank you for it some day.
9. To learn to say ‘sir’ and ‘miss’ - it will take him so far in life. People appreciate this little extra bit of politeness and respect. It can make someone’s day to be made to feel important and appreciated.
10. Comfort – kiss his boo boo’s, hold him when he needs it. He’ll learn that when it hurts, it’s ok to cry. Eventually your kisses won’t fix everything, but knowing that you want to fix it, that you wish you could heal every one of his broken hearts, it will give him some comfort. It will give him a place to start healing and a spot to launch from when the time comes to get back up.
11. Responsibility – make him put his own laundry away, take out the trash, and help you do the dishes. Make him earn an allowance to save up for that new guitar, or video game, or baseball equipment. If you don’t, all housework will forever be known as “woman’s work” and nobody wants a man like that. You want him to be the man who will step up and help his wife take care of their home. You want him to learn to take care of the things he has acquired and you want him to know how to work for something he wants.
12. To learn his lesson – even the hard ones. This is one of the hardest parts. As mothers we want to shield our children from the big, bad world. We want to run to them every time we see them start down a path that will lead no place good. We want to take their place every time they might get hurt. And sometimes they need that. Sometimes they need shielding and protecting. Sometimes they need mom to swoop in and save the day. And sometimes they don’t. They will be more effective adults if they are given the opportunity to learn that actions have consequences. They will be more effective adults if they learn how to walk away or say no themselves. And they will be more effective adults if they learn how to handle disappointment.
13. To see his mom respect his father – show him every day what respect looks like. Show him the way a wife should treat her husband. If you’re not married to his father, show him the way to co-parent peacefully, with respect. He needs a woman who will respect him. Show him what to look for.
14. Love, unconditionally – and make sure he knows it. When he’s being sweet and obedient. And when he’s not. Every time my son is in trouble, after he has served out whatever punishment he has earned and/or we have had the necessary discussions, I always tell him I love him. We always end on a positive. I never want him to doubt my love for him and I want him to understand that there is nothing he could do to make my love for him diminish. It is very important to me that he knows my love for him is unconditional.
15. To talk to his mom about sex – when he’s old enough and the timing is right. Let his dad talk to him, too, but he needs a woman’s perspective. He needs to know the emotional sides to sex and the ways in which he can damage, or love, a woman with them. He needs to have a place he can ask questions and be honest. He needs more than just the facts and the hormones.
16. His mom to be his biggest fan – whether it be on the sports field or at the World Series, his first guitar lesson or a stage, a finger painting or an art gallery masterpiece. Be his biggest fan. The world is full of people just waiting to show him he’s not the best. Let him know, that in your eyes, they will always be wrong.
17. His mom to be right next to him – through everything. Hold his little body when he’s sick and his hand when he’s broken-hearted. Stand next to him, with pride, on his first day of kindergarten and his high school graduation. Help him fix his tie for his first date and his wedding day. Be the first one to him after the birth of his children. Be right next to him… every time.
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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love is in the air...

We knew Tyler would be very busy the weekend of Valentine's Day so this past weekend we did a little {early} Valentine celebrating.  
Kal and I got the party started by making up some special Valentine treats while Tyler & Keeler completed farm chores.
After everyone was home, I surprised the little cowboys {and my big cowboy} with their Valentine's gifts. They were in heaven over their bags full of farm toys, tractors, markers and candy.
Tyler doesn't look it, but he was thrilled with his candy ;)
Granny joined us in the evening and we ventured over to the city for Sushi and a little shopping!
Kal insisted on this container of Cheese Balls that is almost as big as him and for some reason I have the hardest time saying, "no" to that little face!
After church on Sunday, we I worked on Keeler's cow Valentine box.  It was his idea and I made it come to life.  I guess you could say, "he supervised."
The boys made sure I covered all the bases... complete with an ear-tag, brand and a tail.
After the box, I had the little cowboys work on their class Valentines.  Keeler picked sport themed this year. It was a struggle but I did insist that Kallahan write his name on his while Keeler addressed his to and from his classmates. Torture, I tell ya!
Kallahan had his Valentine party at preschool on Thursday.  He was so proud of his treat bag and ALL the goodies.  He was sweet and shared with Keeler when he got home.

Keeler had his party on Friday.  I had to snap his picture because he was named "Character Spotlight" at his school and they had his picture up in the hallway.  He was recognized for being respectful, responsible and ready!  We're so proud of our first grade stud!
My cowboys didn't forget about me... when the little cowboys and I got home from Sunday school, Tyler surprised me with roses, a necklace and the sweetest card.  So sweet :)
'til next time, muah! Lots of LOVE & Happy Valentine's Day!
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My Valentine

This post is dedicated to my valentine... my handsome cowboy.
I love this man more than words could ever express.  People often ask me, how do you do it all?  I always respond, "because my husband is the best!" This is the honest truth... he pitches in with everything.  He provides us a beautiful life, makes me laugh and dotes on me daily.  He really knows how to make a girl feel loved.  
More than anything, he is the best father I have ever seen.  He is so hands on and goes above and beyond for our little cowboys.  Nothing warms my heart more.
I was recently going through his phone and just loved so many of his photos.  Seeing fatherhood through his eyes just makes me love him more (how's that even possible?!).
After working all day, he helps prepare dinner, helps me with Keeler's homework and finds time to read to the little cowboys.  
In the winter he bathes the boys most the time.  And I wonder why they like him more?!
He's great about helping with appointments when I can't get away from work.
He's very handy.  He made Keeler these display cases for his belt buckle collection.
I'm so glad that they're learning from the best :)
They're learning the meaning of hard work and the importance of farming/ranching...  
all while making life so much fun.  From teaching Keeler to drive (yikes!!)...
Kal the appreciation of antique tractors, 
to the joys of riding a horse on a gorgeous Spring day.

I love you, Tyler.
Don't ever change, because I love everything about you.
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