Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm linking up with Jamie today for What I'm Loving Wednesday!
First and foremost I'm loving that today is our nine year wedding anniversary!  This particular anniversary has me reflecting on our relationship.  Yes, I've always loved Tyler but over 9 years it's amazing how that love has grown and evolved.  We were pretty much babies when we got married.  I was 21 and he was 22 and still in college.  On that day I was positive that I wanted to marry him and madly in love. It's almost unbelievable that somehow I love him more today - and if you had told me that then I don't think I would've believed you.  His character is so admirable.  He is the best father for our little cowboys.  He loves me - for me.   We are blessed beyond measure in our relationship.  Our faith in God is our foundation and I give Him all the credit for bringing us together and keeping us together.  Cheers to forever my love!
::We don't have any big anniversary plans.  This morning we did T25 together and plan on having a nice dinner at home with the little cowboys.  We're saving up celebrating big for next year - 10 years!

I'm loving that this sweet little girl and her parents came to visit over the weekend!
 We went out to the farm for a mini photo session.  I'm loving a few of our shots.  None of the kids were into taking pictures but hey, at least we tried.  
{I'll try to get more posted soon.}
I think Miss Brynlee loved playing with our little cowboys!  
And our little cowboys loved playing with her :)
Thanks for a great weekend Smith family!
...and as always I'm loving these two cowboys!
What are you loving today?


Friday, July 26, 2013

High Five for Friday {Quick Recap}

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I have a long list of posts that need to go up...and they will get posted eventually but I decided it would best to do a quick High Five post to let you know what we've been up to. We've had a lot things keeping us busy and with a big merger at work blogging has taken a back burner. Being on the computer is the last thing I want to do in the evenings.  
Here's a short recap:
 1// High Five, Keeler participated in the open class pee-wee showing at the local fair. His friend Neal and him went out together. It was so cute and they both did great. Keeler hasn't stopped talking about it. Three more years and he'll be old enough to join 4H.
2// High Five for partying like a 5 year old!  Keeler's water park party was last Friday. His party was pretty much all family. It was nice to spend the day with everyone.
 3// High Five for the county fair. This year both the little cowboys LOVED the fair. We did the turtle races, ate yummy fair food, rode carnival rides and even participated in the mutton bustin' (video coming soon!).
4// High Five for one more birthday party. Birthday celebrations last an entire week around here! On Keeler's actual birthday {Tuesday} we threw him a little house party. Our neighbors and his best friend from school came over. We had pizza and went swimming.
 5// High Five for FIVE-years-old! This little cowboy melts my heart. I love watching him grow. He has the biggest heart and most inquisitive personality. The kid seriously asks about 1,500 questions daily. It drives us all crazy but I'm so glad he has the desire to learn.

-----and just for the record, this is my first official post in my new glasses.
I finally went to the eye doctor. It was about 8 years overdue. Keeler helped me pick out my frames. We told the lady that I needed a "cool pair." Whatcha think, cool? They're for working on the computer, driving and whenever I need images to be more crisp. I left the office with 20/16 vision - high five!
Have a great weekend. I know we will have another fun-filled one because the Smith family is headed up for the weekend!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Keeler's FIVE!

Happy Birthday Keeler Carl!  How is it even possible that 5 years has passed since I first held you in my arms?  How is even possible that 5 years have passed since you changed our world in ways that I never dreamed possible.  You made me a mommy.  You gave me the best title and job I could ever have.  Watching you grow and thrive over the past 5 years has been nothing short of amazing.  I truly know the meaning behind pride.  You fill my heart with pride, just being you.  You are so sweet, so kind, so silly and of course so handsome.  You are such a boy now but you'll always be my baby.  
 We attemtped 5 year pictures but this about as good as it gets.  You're just so busy... being you!
 You are the best big brother. 
 We had so much fun celebrating YOU over the past few days.  
Love you Keeler - even more than cupcakes!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekend Whoas!

I can't believe that we are already into the middle of July!  Where is the summer going?
Here's just a few highlights from the weekend {for my memory}.
Keeler attended another local church's VBS during the week.  On Friday evening the children put on a program and then had a family night which included hot dogs and bouncy houses - every kids dream.  Tyler's grandparents from Idaho came into town on Friday and so did his dad and little brother, Wesley.  I took Wesley to the family night and him and Keeler had a great time.  We don't get to see Wesley enough so it was fun spending time with him.  He loves telling people that he is Keeler's uncle.  
 On Saturday morning we got up and partipcated in the local fair kick-off parade.  I took the little cowboys and Wesley.  Kallahan was so cute.  He rode in the wagon and helped me pass out candy.  He was quite the pro and was waving at everyone.  After the parade we met up with Tyler and his dad.  We ate pizza and watermelon at the house. After lunch the little boys played and then we all went for a swim while Kal took a nap.
In the evening Tyler grilled steaks and the boys played in the yard with the neighbors.  
On Sunday we met Tyler's grandparents for lunch.  After nap-time they came back over to the house and just hung out.  It is always so nice to get to visit with them.  Keeler and Kal eat all the extra attention right up!
In the evening we enjoyed a water balloon fight!!
 ...after we dried off and had dinner the little cowboys and I made homemade ice-cream for the fair this week.  {My Jr.Civic club hosts a ice cream social on Thursday.}  In the past I have always convinced Tyler to make it for me but this year Keeler took over.  I was so impressed with him.  He monitored the machine and kept the ice/salt where it needed to be.  Luckily we ended up with some extra so everyone got a little sample.  I think it's safe to say we made a very yummy batch!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lingerie Party Recap

This past weekend we hosted a lingerie party for Tyler's cousin Heather.  It was so much fun!  Tyler's mom and sister were a huge help with preparations and planning.  
Heather mentioned to me a while back that she and her fiancé were going to have a 'together' bachelor/bachelorette party.  I liked the idea but immediately knew I wanted to throw her a little party for just us girls to be silly...w/o boys!  

Shalie (Heather's sister) sent out the cutest invitations.  It was very similar to this...

My sweet and very talented friend Anne made us these darling cookies...
picture c/o of Anne from The Pink Momma - see her blog here.

At the party we played a game where all the guests brought a pair of panties that represented themselves.  We hung them all up and then Heather had to guess who they belonged to.  This game was hysterical and rather hard for her which was pretty entertaining.  Some of the girls were every ummm, creative. ;) 

After the party Tyler and I headed out to the together bachelor/bachelorette party.
   We danced the night away.  Thanks for watching the little cowboys Mimi so we could have a {very rare} night out.  

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Independence Day

I hope that your day was filled with happiness and you created some wonderful memories.  
We sure did!  I love this holiday!  
 We spent the day with family remembering our many blessings.
 "Happy Birthday, America!"
Our house is perfectly located for not only setting off fireworks  but for watching the local display.  A lot of Tyler's family came over and we had a fun house party.  We spent the afternoon baking & swimming and then the pyro's (all the men in the family/neighborhood) had their fun!
 Our nephew Bryon is in town and this kid is in heaven!  He loves being outside playing.  They have had so much cruising in the Gator and of course watching setting off fireworks.  It was so fun to watch all the guys turn into little kids with the fireworks.  What is it with men and fire?! 
 Kallahan also loved the holiday.  He loves having extra family around and soaks up all the attention.  He wasn't scared of the fireworks but just wanted to be held.  This mommy is okay with that :) 
*Check out his new smiley face - he's really started wrinkling his nose when he smiles and it's just the cutest!
 ...and if he wasn't being held he was admiring his new cousin, Brody.
This is Brody's first trip to Kansas.  And of course he's loving it too! :)
He is seriously the best little baby.  
 Us girls made up some yummy festive sweets while the boys grilled and fried.
My vision was to have the little boys partake - that lasted about 2 minutes.
 Now this is a happy plate!
Luckily Tyler's mom and sister with her two boys will be in town over the weekend. 
We're looking forward to a lot more fun times!  

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


As some of you might know, Google Reader is shutting down today and as from that date, you will lose the list of blogs you follow. I personally use Bloglovin’ - you can easily transfer the list of all the blogs you already follow so you don’t miss out.
Here is how to import all the blogs you follow from Google Reader to Bloglovin’ …Don’t forget to follow 3 Cowboys and a Mommy!
And as of now... the little cowboys and I are off to celebrate our beautiful nation's birthday!
Kal is living the dream gettin' all kinds of attention from our neighbor kids.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Whoas

This weekend the little cowboys and I did some decorating to get in the 4th of July spirit.  
Keeler is so cute and loves grabbing the flags out and says the Pledge of Allegiance.  
Weekend Whoas:
:: We spent most of Saturday over in Garden City shopping. 
:: We went swimming on Saturday evening and got out right as the sun was setting.  It was getting pretty chilly in the pool but we had a great time.  Keeler is getting so comfortable in the water.
:: Kallahan discovered the fun of Windex and we can't keep him away.  This boy is a cleaning machine.  We have it in a "childproof" cabinet but somehow he gets it out and unlocks the bottle.  He spent some time in timeout.
:: Saturday night Tyler and I watched a good movie, 5 Year Engagement.  
:: On Sunday all my cowboys went out to the farm and had a blast.  I spent the morning doing laundry, changing sheets and cleaning the house while watching the Anna Nicole movie on Lifetime.  #quiltypleasure
:: Tyler grilled out and we got to have some squash from our garden for dinner!  
:: We all enjoyed a Sunday afternoon nap while it was RAINING!  After dinner we went on a walk to the park as a family.  I love relaxing weekends with my cowboys.