Friday, June 28, 2013

High Five for Friday

 Linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday
1// High Five - for little boys!! My cousin Ashley (that is married to Tyler's bff) sent a text yesterday that they found out they're having a boy. We are so happy that they are having another baby and pray it's healthy.... but truth be told I was keeping my fingers crossed for a little boy. Ashley had asked a long time ago if I would keep our little cowboy bedding just in case they ever had a boy and it will mean so much to be able to pass it down to them.
2// High Five - for my new turquoise flip-flops! If you know me, I almost always have on a little turquoise, be it one of my dozen turquoise necklaces, my stud earrings and now even my shoes! These were a great find on Zuily. #TurquoiseTheNewBlack
3// High Five - for our first session of swimming lessons coming to an end. Don't get me wrong, Keeler has really enjoyed taking lessons but he goes from 11:25 - 12:05 so I take him over my lunch hour - I miss my hour. We have one week off and then it all starts again.
4// High Five - we're moving onto wedding no.2 of the summer. I was asked to design the invitations for Heather's upcoming showers. This one might be one of my favorite designs so far. #TheCowgirlInMe? :)
5// High Five - for my summer drink sole-mate, Cayman Jack™ Margaritas. Thanks for introducing us Leslie!! They come in cute little glass bottles, really pack a refreshing punch and are made with 100% pure Agave nectar. Warning: calorie count is somewhat high @ 240 per serving. But all I really need is one or two... okay maybe three, ha! And see what's on the TV behind my drink? It's Big Brother 15 - High Five for #BB15. Summer has officially started folks.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ring Bearer - Take 3!

 This past weekend was Keeler's third time to hold the job of ring bearer.  In February of 2010 he was in our friend Toby and Anne's wedding. In August 2010 he was in my cousin Ashley's wedding - who was marrying one of Tyler's best friends.  
I might be partial but I think he makes a very handsome ring bearer.  This time around was definitely less stressful since he is older and knows how to behave.  I can't say it enough, he did amazing!  He was so patient while waiting for the wedding to start, during the ceremony and through pictures.  We were all so proud.
Birttney & Tolan made it back from their honeymoon.  She was so excited for me to see the photographer, Jason Ryman's pictures.  They ended up with some fabulous photos. I thought I better post for memory sake and I know some grandparents that will appreciate seeing them too :)   
{The Ceremony}
{The Reception}

Thanks again Brittney and Tolan for sharing your special day and for asking Keeler to be a part.
Welcome to the family Brittney!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

a crazy week but a lot to LOVE!

I'm linking up with Jamie today for What I'm Loving Wednesday!
I'm loving that my life is getting back to normal after a busy/stressful week.
We left our house last Thursday for a quick trip to meet our newest nephew.  Right before we left we got the news that Tyler's great aunt had passed away and her services would be on Wednesday.  Once we arrived in Texas we ended up getting the news that my aunt had passed away on Friday.  Thankfully we were able to stay an extra day to attend her funeral.  It was nice to see family that we never get to see.  
It was not so much fun being in the car for over 7 hours on Monday but our little cowboys did amazing!  How could you not LOVE this picture?!

 I'm loving that while we were in Texas my friend Natalie and her family stopped by to visit and we finally got to meet baby Camdyn.  Isn't she the sweetest?!

Once we got home life got crazy busy. Granny (our sitter) was tied up for the majority of the week with the funeral and prepping for a family wedding for Tyler's cousin Tolan.  I was able to work from home and watch the little cowboys most the week but I had meetings to attend on Thursday with no one available to watch the boys.  I'm loving that my sweet friend Sabra kindly offered to watch the little cowboys.  She was a real life saver!  The boys had so much fun with her.  She took them to the zoo and to the library while I was in my meetings.   

I'm loving that Tolan & Brittney asked Keeler and Kallahan to be their ring bearers.  
 Keeler did a great job!  I am so proud of him.
Kallahan, on the other hand, was just too little and BUSY to actually follow through with the ceremony.  He rocked his ring bearer shirt (that I'm loving) at rehearsal on Friday night but couldn't stay still long enough for us to even attempt putting him in the wedding on Saturday.  Maybe in a couple more years little man!
 I'm loving that Keeler thinks this is best pose ever.  Thanks dad! 
 Also, I'm loving Kallahan's sweet smile in this one ;) 

and last but certainty not least, I'm loving this handsome man.  He puts up with so much and keeps our little family 'sane.' - well sorta, ha!  Tyler you are my rock.  
"I have someone that says he loves me every night and shows me everyday."
What are you loving today?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Announcing Brody

As you read in my previous post our family recently welcomed our newest nephew, Brody, to the family.  When he was just two days old I had the privilege of  taking some pictures for my sweet sister-in-law.  
Tiffany mentioned that she always thought she wanted a little girl but while riding home from the hospital she felt so complete with "her boys."  
I know the feeling :)
Since I am running behind in life in general I didn't get these edits done as quickly as I planned.  However, it turned out perfectly that my mother-in-law was up in Kansas for a family wedding so she helped me narrow them down and pick out a design for the birth announcement.  
Here is what we came up with after being "inspired" by some Pinterest finds...  
Congratulations Russell, Tiffany and Bryon.  We love you!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Welcome Brody and Father's Day Weekend

Quickly checking in to let you know that yes, we are still alive.  Life has thrown us several things at once and blogging just didn't make the cut the past week.  Things are finally starting to calm down so I am hoping to get things caught back up very soon.  
On Thursday , June 13th we traveled to Texas to meet this little guy...
 {Brody James} 
We hurried down hoping to make it shortly after he arrived but we ended up having to wait, and wait, and wait.  He was on his own schedule and didn't end up arriving until 2am on Friday the 14th.  My poor sister-in-law had a loooong day and night.  Thankfully everyone is healthy and baby Brody is pure perfection.
 My three cowboys were instantly in love.  I posted this picture on Facebook with the caption "welcome to the family baby Brody..."  This started all kinds of rumors that Tyler and I actually had a third child.  Sorry folks, we are done with 2!
Keeler couldn't wait to hold him!
On Friday evening Tyler and I took our little cowboys and Brody's big brother, Bryon, to a local amusement park to celebrate Brody's birthday!  Just look at their little faces...they had a blast!  
Tyler's brother and his girlfriend, Erica, also came out with us.  Kallahan was especially on cloud 9 - he loved every minute of it!  Maybe next year Brody can join us for his party :)
 Saturday I sent Tyler for a massage for father's day.  Then in the evening we were able to have a date night since my parents so graciously watch the boys.  It was nice to get to have dinner and a drink with the best father I could have ever picked for my children.  I love you Tyler Baker - you're the most loving and caring father!
On Sunday (Father's Day) we went to my sister's house for brunch and a swim.  I guess we were having too much fun because I neglected to take any photos.  It was a great day and I loved spending it with my dad and family. I posted this photo of my dad on instagram.  
Love you dad!
In the evening, Brody got to come home from the hospital   We all went over to Tyler's parents house for a barbecue.
 Bryon wasn't sure about sharing his baby.
Before the evening was over I did a small newborn photo shoot with Brody and his admiring coming soon!