Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Highlights

Here we are another month is almost gone.  What have we been up to? It's been so busy it's almost a blur but I'll share some of our favorite highlights from the month.
Tyler and the boys have really enjoyed some hunting on the farm.
Keeler enjoyed having Mimi, Jim-dad and Granny at his school's Grandparent's Day.
My boys are beyond blessed in the grandparent department.
Keeler got to stay home after lunch on Grandparent's Day so he helped me put up Christmas decorations.
This is such daunting task. I try to get our stuff up mid-November that way it's up and ready when we return home from Thanksgiving. I feel like we get to enjoy it longer. 

I did more online shopping throughout the year than normal {and tried to cut back some} so I knew I better go through my stash before Black Friday. While it was all out, I convinced Tyler to help me wrap. He's such a stud! 

We celebrated uncle Troy's birthday this month! He's the best. My boys look up to him so much.
Keeler enjoyed Pajama Day at school on the day before Thanksgiving break.
And then wonderful Thanksgiving Break. I'm always thankful to have some of my favorite ladies by my side. We couldn't get there fast enough.

Thanksgiving Day was great. We had a delicious meal at Mimi and Jim-Dad's.
Tyler bonded with Phoenix and we enjoyed visiting with family.

Black Friday was a success as always. Starbucks, my favorite ladies and shopping. What's not to love?
I even managed to win a gift certificate in the mall.
The boys has just as much time having cousin time while the big boys went golfing.
Kallahan LOVES his Jacey. 
Saturday, Mimi & Jim-dad took the boys on the Polar Express {post coming soon}.

While we were there, I shared with Tyler's sister our recent loss of Kitty Whiskers. Before we headed home, she helped arrange getting us these two adorable kittens from one of her girlfriends.
On Saturday, Keeler told Santa he wanted a kitten so we had to make this happen. We didn't plan on getting new kittens so soon but it all worked out.
The kittens are feeling right at home.
The little cowboys have been great helpers with them.
They've named them Bud Trigger and Blizzy (short for Blizzard) Bloom.
It's been quite the month.
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Monday, November 21, 2016

Kitty Whiskers

You may recall that we babysat our Aunt Ronda's kitten back a couple months ago. Well, we fell in LOVE with this little kitten and just couldn't give her back. Ronda was sweet and knew that she would be safer at our house than out on the farm.
Even Koko liked her.
I started buying her outfits and she became the little girl I always wanted. I kept thinking, I'm NOT a cat person. What am I doing? But she won me over. She won us all over.
Everyone that came over was in awe over her gentle demeanor. She was so calm and just loved the little cowboys. She was so good with them.
Unfortunately, last week Kitty Whiskers passed away. It was a complete accident and I wish so much that we could have her back.
This is the last photo I took of our sweet girl. We only had her a couple of months but she opened up a special place in my heart. RIP
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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Halloween Eve the boys wore their matching mummy pajamas and enjoyed waaaay too many sweets.
Keeler and Kallahan had spent the weekend in Texas with my parents and sister. They got to have a lot of Halloween fun! We picked them up Sunday afternoon.
Earlier in the evening we finally carved pumpkins. The boys had been asking for over a month!
Kallahan had his preschool Halloween party. He looked adorable!

Wonder why I experienced a little déjà vu while taking Kal's picture?

Kal had a blast at his party. His teacher sent me this adorable video of them playing musical chairs. Oh, that kid!
After school, we picked up our K-State football player and headed downtown to work the Trick-or-Treat Trail on main street. 
The boys went around with Granny and Lori to get a little candy with cousins Haylee & Sutter.
What a handsome football player!
Kallahan spotted some friends...
Becca was the cutest little chicken.
The little cowboys enjoyed giving out candy as much as receiving. They were great helpers!
When we got back home, we ate a quick dinner and Kallahan opted for a costume change. He decided he wanted to be a rodeo clown for evening trick-or-treating. Why not?
Since I managed to get such cute pictures of Kal before his party, I tried to take a few of Keeler before we went out.
I can't believe how old he looks!

"Every Man a Wildcat." Sorry Texas Tech we've failed you.
Then is was time for trick-or-treating! First stop, Keeler's teacher house. We just love her. Keeler said she wanted all her students to come to her house so of course we did.
Then we went to Granny's house and around her neighborhood.
One of our last stops was to visit the Gross family. Of course we had to visit two of the cutest little girls in town.
We had the happiest of Halloweens! Hope you did too!! #trickortreat 🎃👻
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