Monday, April 30, 2012

Totally Awesome Weekend

We had a “Totally Awesome” weekend!  Ulysses Jr. Civic  hosted our 2nd annual Family Fun Run-Walk (5k & 1 mile prediction run).  It was a big success with over 60 participants.  Plus we raised over $2,000.  All our proceeds will go back to the community.  The race was an 80’s theme and it was so much fun getting to dress up.  It wasn’t hard to find 80s clothes because the bright colors and color blocking is everywhere.  It’s coming back! 
Tyler's cousins and granny came out to support us.  I hardly recognized his cousins when they can walking up.  Obviously, they walked away with our "best 80's costume" award!

My sweet friend, Jill, and her boys came over after the race.  Jill is working on her MBA and as assignment she had to watch Erin Brockovich and relate it back to her studies.  So we watched the movie while the boys played in the playroom.  I didn’t mind helping her with her homework at all!  Her boys are 4 & 5.  Keeler thinks he is just as big and keeps up with them well.  Her oldest, Cameron, just learned to ride his bike without training wheels.  He brought his bike over to show us.  After the movie we went to the park.  The boys rode their bikes.  I was so proud that Keeler was able to ride the entire way and never complained.  I hate that I didn’t take my camera because they looked so cute on their little bikes and riding in a row with their helmets one.  We had so much fun together and managed to squeeze in two Sonic trips throughout the day.  Jill said it best, “we have the most fun doing nothing together!”
The last picture cracks me up, "not another picture mom!"

Funny little cowboy says:  It’s not a newsflash that Keeler gets up early every day.  But I guess we talk about in enough that Tyler and I had to laugh when he said this recently, “When I get up at six tomorrow, can I watch Carebears?”

On Sunday, we went to church.  It was communion Sunday and we had twelve young kids join the church.  It was so exciting to see these young people profess their faith.  After church, Tyler made his version of Japanese steakhouse (Ka-Baker's, Ha!) and then mowed the lawn while the little cowboys and I took a long nap.  I love a lazy Sunday!  After naps, Keeler and I baked cupcakes.  In the evening, our neighbors invited us over for dinner and we finished the weekend enjoying a nice rain that blessed our area with nearly half an inch of moisture.  


“A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is the rain.” - Arabian Proverb

Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekly Whoas!

Just a couple weekly highlights in pictures:
Keeler has been eating his weight in strawberries!
This week has been busy.  We’ve had two trips to the doctors.  I’ve been working with the Jr. Civic race committee getting all the loose ends tied up for this weekend’s family 5k race.  Tyler is in full swing at the ranch and as usual we have two busy little cowboys.  I have only managed to squeeze in two 5am workouts this week,  but hey that’s better than none.

We had a little scare with Keeler this week.  His granny was concerned because he was showing a few signs of sugar diabetes.  We wanted to make sure he was okay so we took him in and had him tested.  To our relief, he was fine and the doctor even mentioned that he could tell Keeler was a “deep thinker.” 
Keeler is entering into his last month of school.  It is so crazy to think that he has been going a full year.  School has been so good for him.  I was shocked this week when he brought home his art projects and how much his cutting and coloring skills have improved.  
Quick funny story:  I was praising Keeler over how well he was playing a matching games this week and then he looked at me and asked, “Did you finish all your work at work today mommy?”  I replied, not knowing where this was going, with “yes, I did.” Then he quickly said in a very excited tone, “Good job mommy!  I am so proud of you!” 

Our baby is a mess!  We love him but man he is a crazy baby, ha!  This baby LOVES to eat.  So much that this week I caught him with a moth, yes a moth, in his mouth.  He was so mad that I took it out.  At his granny’s this week she said that she had laid him in his little bouncer for a nap.  When she went back in the room a while later she found that he had somehow managed to worm out of the bouncer, move all the way across the room and was just playing with his toys.  She said he never made a peep. 
Best news of the week:  I want to shout it from the roof tops that the little baby cowboy has slept through the night all week in his big boy crib.  

Sadly, my General Manager for the past three years has recently resigned.  This man is such a character and I loved working for him.  We are throwing him a going away party today.  Yesterday, I knew that I wanted to give him something but didn't know exactly what.  I started talking to coworkers and since he is such a character, we all had many funny stories & quotes to share.  So I decided to make him a Farewell Plaque including all of these that he could take with him.  I simply designed it in Publisher as an 8x10 and then went to The Dollar Store and picked up a $5 frame with a wide black mat.      
Have a great weekend!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy 7 Months!

Dear Kallahan,
I express it every month, that you are growing up too fast but really sloooow down little man!  Your first year is going by a lot quicker than it did with big brother, Keeler.  It doesn’t help that you are hitting milestones faster than he did too.  You have “grown up” so much in the past month.  You have the cutest little personality.  Still such a happy baby.
Over the past month you have got in two teeth! You are eating first stage baby food like a champ. Your top favorites are bananas and prunes, but you also like carrots a lot. Other foods you’ve enjoyed include sweet potatoes and saltine crackers. How you can make such a mess with a single cracker amazes us.  We’re afraid that you may have had an allergic reaction to milk products recently…hopefully this is something you will grow out of.  However, we found you immediately broke out in little red bumps around your mouth when you sampled some of our ice-cream. 
Sleeping, what sleeping?!  We have had some hard nights lately.  You have been waking up several times during the night and just want to be held.  You’ll go hard back to sleep but as soon as we put you down you were back awake.  So, after a couple weeks of sleepless nights Mommy and Daddy made the decision that it was time to finally start the sleep training.  I love rocking you to sleep and since your crib was in your brothers room we really couldn't let you cry long, in fear that you would wake Keeler.  So, the first step was we moved the big crib into your room.  The past two nights we have used the Ferber Method.  It's going well, after the third time of checking on you both nights, you were out.  Best of all, you've been sleeping all night!  Way to go Kallahan! :)    
You are a mover.  I don’t know if we are ready but every day you get a little closer to crawling. As soon as you are put on the ground, you prop up on your knees and start rocking.  All you need to figure out are how those arms work with the motion.  Baby proofing needs to be become our number one priority. Let the fun begin!
Happy 7 months, Sweetbaby. We love you.

We have been blessed with some awesome weather recently.  Keeler is enjoying our nightly “family walks” and playing with his outdoor toys.  

 After baths last night, I put the little cowboys in a set of their matching pajamas.  
I tried to get some together pictures.  This is the best I could do.  Tyler even tried to help me.  We wondered how do photographers do it? Ha!  Oh well, they look cute and I think I captured their "true selves"  a.k.a., just goofy! :)  

Keeler is on an oatmeal kick.  It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, it’s oatmeal.  He loves to watch his cartoons at breakfast but complains that he can’t see the TV from the table.  This morning I pulled out his little kid table and let him set in front of the TV…he thought it was the greatest.  He said, “it’s like a restaurant!”  Then he had to get a chair for George.  I am looking forward to a weekend of playing with my little cowboys.  TGIF


Monday, April 16, 2012

Rockin' Baby

Just a rockin’ - this is what we've been up to! 

We had a nice weekend.  We went to the city on Saturday.  It was nice to have a date night with my three cowboys.  We went to dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant, ran into Target for a few items and then headed home.  We planned on going grocery shopping but Keeler was acting so badly we knew it wouldn't be pleasant.   
He has been such a mess lately.  I don't understand it!  Granny says he is "as good as gold" whenever she watches him.  Tyler reports that he is well behaved when it's just them but as soon as I am around - it's full on attitude or cry baby.  One extreme to the next.  I know we will get through it.  I keep praying about this and I know He's listening.  Example,  like today when I got back from lunch, checked my email and my dear friend, Sabra, has sent me this blog post to read from I Can Teach My Child.  
So here goes, "Dear God, Please Let My Children Get in Trouble"
I didn't take many pictures this weekend but I snapped this cute one right after  Kallahan's bath.  Such a happy boy :)
On Sunday, we cleaned house and I went to help take down my business’ booth at our local business expo, Spring Fling.  The theme of the show was “Grant County is Totally Awesome 80’s”  We Totally killed it and took home first place in overall booth décor!  I love getting to decorate a booth each year, just another perk of my job!  Have a great week!
American Implement Booth Space


Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  Proverbs 22:6

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a wonderful & blessed Easter weekend.  We sure did while in Texas! Just to mention a few highlights: we had three egg hunts, kid's shirtless egg dying, great times with family/friends, a beautiful service and a great Sunday meal. And then the little cowboys and I all slept hard on the way home! :)

Cowboy Keeler & Mommy
Egg Hunt #1 - at my parents
Byron ---- Kal with his grandpas & Izzy ----- our friend Kaitlyn
Samuel ------ Jakob ------- Jacey (Happy Birthday!!) 
Our beautiful cousin Brynlee
My husband's family
My parents and our family
Baby Kallahan
Egg Hunt #3
My 2 little cowboys - love  
"Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. 
He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die." 
John 11:25-26

We also got to finally meet our little friend Henry.  
It was great spending time with everyone and of course playing with these three:


Sunday, April 8, 2012

6 Month Photos

My sister and I took the baby to have his 6 month photos done while we were visiting for Easter.  This little cowboy did so good.  He loved all the attention and just hammed it up the entire time we were there.  Sadly, this is the first time I have had Kal’s pictures taken in a studio.  With Keeler, I was obsessive – 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, etc… poor second child.  I am so glad that we took him.  I don’t want to forget this stage.  Like Maria, my friend at work said, this baby could not get any cuter!!  We might be bias but he is such a doll. 
Big news:  Kallahan has a TOOTH!!  My mom discovered it yesterday on Easter Sunday.  Ironically, three years ago on Easter Sunday we discovered big brother Keeler’s first tooth.  My baby is growing up!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy birthday to me...

It’s officially my last year in my twenties…eek!  
My birthday was Thursday and my little family and friends made me feel pretty special. My cowboys surprised me with a balloon bouquet and candy when I picked them up from granny’s – thanks granny!  Our great friends, Sam and Sabra took us to my new favorite place in town.  We enjoyed their company and we all enjoyed a yummy beergarita.    
Tyler surprised me with a chocolate cake AND cleaned the house – Best. Gift. Ever.  
I also found the cutest watch when I was out shopping with Martha. my friend/coworker.  So, I said, “Happy birthday to myself!”  
I received so many nice birthday texts, calls, cards and messages.  Thank you everyone for thinking of me!

On Saturday, I ran my first 5k since having the baby.  My goal was to not stop and run the entire race & I did it!  My running buddy, Kady, did awesome – I am going to have to kick it up a notch to get to her speed.  Way to go Kady, I am so proud of you and thanks for motivating me for our 5am runs.  We are planning on running our next 5k in May.  Our friend from work, Abel, also ran and he got first place in his division - he's pretty much a rock star!  

  On Saturday evening, my dear friend Jill and her family came over.  Her birthday is this Tuesday so we had a together party.  I always find a way to drag out the celebrations, ha!  Tyler grilled steaks, the kids played while Jill and I got to catch up.  The weather was so nice this weekend.  I forgot to take pictures - her boys are getting so big!

On Sunday, I played around taking pictures.  Again, the weather was perfect, we were all dressed up for church and waiting on Tyler to get home from morning farm chores - so why not?!  
I can sit-up on my on, just long enough for a quick pic!   
 Handsome little cowboy - looking so grownup
Just me!

We are looking forward to this coming Easter weekend. With the farm, Tyler has been back and forth on the possibility of traveling to Texas, but he finally reported that it's a go.  We can't wait to see both our families, get to see the Van Bakel's and FINALLY meet sweet Henry.  He's only 3 months but it feels like forever!  Here's to a great week and even a better Easter weekend!!


“Today you are You, that is truer than true. 
There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” 
Dr. Seuss, Happy Birthday to You Me!