Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Whoas & Favorite Things...

I can't believe it's the last day of June.  The summer is going by so quickly....
We had a great weekend at home.  It was full of fun and cousin time.  My sister decided on Saturday morning to spontaneously head up our way with her two youngest and their little friend.  I don't know if it was the lack of planning but it ended up being such a great weekend.  
We managed to squeeze in a lot of activities...
a trip to the local pool, a pizza picnic, made homemade Oreo blizzards (a first for my kids), a trip to the zoo, a family bike ride, playing at the park, a tasty foyo treat, introduced everyone to the BEST Thai food EVER, hit up the Dollar Spot at Target, painted bird houses, played on the Slip & Slide, played tennis... just to name a few. 
Needless to say, we made so many great memories and this mommy is TIRED but most importantly abundantly blessed.  We loved every minute of it - I have the best sister and my kids have the best aunt.  I can't wait to spend the 4th of July celebrating with them in just a few short days.  
If you missed my fun 4th of July decorating post - check it out here.

The end of the month also means it's time for a really fun link up:  
I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika to share a few favorite things under $10.

First up are these yummy little biscuits.

My hubby actually first picked these up for me because he said, "it just seems like something you would like." ha!  I had them in my cabinet for a couple of weeks before I even tried them because the calorie count for a serving (230) was a little high for a snack in my world.  However, I've started eating just half a serving and they're perfect.  They are delicious, not dry and easy to eat.  I love the subtle blueberry flavor and they work great as a little something sweet in the evenings or mid-day for a pick-me-up.  I'm also impressed with the fiber content and they're 100% whole grain.

My other favorite is Chi 44 Iron Guard
The full size bottle is a little over $10 but you can try a travel size for right under $6
 Before I found this product my hair would NOT hold a curl.  I always thought it was the curling wand - but after a sweet friend offered to fix my hair and promised that the curl would hold, and it did, I was hooked!  I just spray one squirt on each section right before I curl and it's like magic. The awesome thing is, in addition to helping hold the curl, it acts as a heat guard (hence the name) and smells amazing.
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Whoas!

Just a quick weekend recap...
On Saturday, I took the little cowboys to the local water park with friends and their little ones.  First we met at McDonald's for lunch and let the kids run off some energy.  We all learned the lesson the hard way about telling the kids about our fun plans beforehand because they all got up super early and were bouncing off the walls until it was time to go.  Next time, we're just loading them up and might tell them on the way, ha!  
When we first arrived we all applied sunscreen and this mommy had a major fail by getting it in Kallahan's eyes.  I know it had to hurt terribly bad.  It was windy and the water was cold so he wanted to be held most the time.  The big kids were fine because they were running around - which warmed them right up.
About two hours in, Kal couldn't take it anymore.  He fell asleep while I held him in his beach towel.  I secretly enjoyed it because I can't recall the last time he fell asleep in my arms.  
He even managed to stay asleep while we all got back dressed.  I laid him on this bench and he never moved a muscle.  Poor little guy was beat!
After the water park we all stopped at Peach Wave for a little foyo treat.  It was the best!!

The boys slept all the way home.  Tyler was out golfing in a tournament and he got home shortly after we arrived.  He had a great time.  His team placed 4th overall - I'm very proud of my golfing cowboy!
As soon as he sat down he got a text that a sprinkler had stopped so we all ventured out to the farm as a family.
Luckily the sprinkler had stopped due to a mobile command so it was a quick fix.  While we waited on daddy we took a few pics.
I love these boys!
Kal was so sad that we were going to turn around and go home after Tyler got the sprinkler running.  We decided to take the little cowboys on a Ranger ride to make the trip seem worthwhile.  Tyler let both of them take turns and sit on his lap to "drive."  Keeler is a MUCH better driver than little brother!
Keeler and I were scared!  Guess he thought ear protection might save us?!

On Sunday, while Tyler ran back to the farm for some chores the little cowboys and I took our time getting ready for church.  They asked for a BIG breakfast... what's this mommy to do?
We ran to McDonald's (two times in one weekend, I know *healthy habits) and they split a meal.  I ate my two eggs at the kiddie table with them.  
Why can't everyday be Sunday, seriously?  Kallahan is even picking up on the excitement of the weekends at our house.  I had told them last week that we'd go to the water park on Saturday... so then everyday he asked, "Saturday, mom?"  Then this morning I was telling them goodbye before work.  He said, "Why work, mom?" "Saturday?" - Oh I wish little buddy.

After church we kept it pretty low key.  After lunch, we all took a nice nap.  Kallahan slept from 1pm - 5:30pm.  That boy was worn out!  He must be growing.  
While Kal was napping we spent some one-on-one with Keeler.  
We had him practice some writing.  He wasn't big about writing his name but he loved practicing math.
Once Kal finally woke up, we ran up town to rent a movie, Turbo, and do a little shopping while daddy finished up dinner.  We had delicious fajitas and then had a movie night while it RAINED!
Praise the Lord!  It was the best kind of evening.  
I snapped this picture out our front door right before sunset.  
What'd you do this weekend?    

Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday!

Friday, Friday, Friday - I'm so glad to see you roll around again!!  It's been a great week and simply flew by... I'll use this High Five on Friday as a recap of what we've been up to, including a great Father's Day weekend.
 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png
Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth

1// Happy Father's Day!  We celebrated at my parent's house with a nice brunch.  There's not much better than burritos with both my two favorite dads!
This goofy guy is the first man I ever loved.  He taught me how to drive, to trust God most, introduced me to Springsteen and taught us that in life "it doesn't matter how you look, it matters how you act." - that one is still up for debate, he'll even agree.  
He passed down to me several bad traits (a pug nose, terribly flat feet with pour circulation, bi-polar tendencies...just to name a few) but thankfully he mainly shares his love.  His love has been unwavering and set-forth the foundation on how we deserved to be love - unconditionally.
"The greatest thing a father can do for a daughter is to love her mother'" - Elaine S. Dalton
I came across this quote this past week and it honestly speaks volumes.
Thank you dad, you got the greatest thing right.  I love you.

And to man that I have had the privilege of being side-by-side while he became a father.  We're learning this whole parenting thing together.  No, it's not easy.  We're not perfect but together we make a great team - he pulls more than his fair share of the weight.  Our little cowboys are so lucky to call him "dad."  
Tyler wasn't like most fathers in regards to fatherhood.  See, he was honestly thrown into it.  When our oldest, Keeler, was born  I was very sick with pancreatitis.  Keeler was delivered early, his lungs weren't fully developed so he was airlifted to the nearest nicu - 200+ miles away.  Tyler really had no choice but he handled the situation wonderfully.  He went with Keeler.  He learned how to feed, change a diaper, burp, etc... all before me.  And this folks is the tough cowboy that would gag when he would smell a dirty diaper beforehand ;
It was such a hard time for all of us.  I wanted nothing more than to be with my brand new baby but never did I worry.  It made our reunion and bond that much more special.  He ended up teaching me all the things he learned in the hospital - he's still hands down the best swaddler.  We couldn't be more blessed to have him in our lives, he is the best dad & most amazing husband, we are so thankful for him.  We love you!

2// Celebrating Brody!!  Our youngest nephew turned one and we traveled to Texas to celebrate him.  His parents threw him the cutest airplane party.  The big boys had a blast playing ball in the backyard.  

And Brody sure had a great time eating cake!  He's the sweetest (pun intended) and happiest little big man.  Happy Birthday Brody!

3// Wonderland Trip!!  After Brody's house party, we all went to the local amusement park.  It was so much fun.  I grew up going to Wonderland as a kid and can't recall having a better time than I did on Saturday evening.  I LOVE watching my kids get so excited.
(Boat picture above: yep, that's Tyler's kid (not mine) with his hand in the yucky water.  He also climbed up to the front of the boat, while it was moving, to ring the bell.  He's a lost cause
I LOVED getting to spend time with my only favorite niece, Jacey.  She became my buddy and we went on several bigger rides together.  We also got see the Smith family, which is always a treat.   

4// T-ball Game Keeler had his fourth t-ball game his week.  It was hot and windy but he played hard.  Tyler got to coach again while Granny, Kal and I cheered from the stands.

Granny amazes me everyday.  She not only takes care of our boys while I'm working but has taken on a friend's baby.  She loves our little cowboys and wouldn't miss a game for the world.

5// A big woo-hoo, it's Friday!

I haven't blogged about it much but I have started back running.  I've found some great running buddies, Natalie and Whitney.  We're going on ten weeks straight and averaging about 20 miles per week.  
Look how much my training has improved!  It's so great to have other friends that are so motivated and dependable.  
This weekend all our hubbies are golfing in a tournament so we're planning on taking the kids to the water-park together.  We're all so excited and what better way to kick off the first official weekend of summer!?  So, do you have any fun plans?  Hope your weekend is great whatever your plans may be :)

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Fabulous on Friday!

I'm so glad it's finally Friday!  This week has been busy.  The weekend is going to be even busier but we're looking forward to it because we have a lot of fun with family planned.  
So what kept us so busy this week?  Here's a quick recap...

Keeler had two t-ball games this week.  He really seems to enjoy playing and is getting more comfortable every game. 
Mimi came up this week to watch him play.  She has been so great by supporting him.  Over Memorial Day she took him shopping for all his gear - it was so sweet and made everything very special to him.  He was so excited to have her around for a few days... both the little cowboys were.  During the day they had so much playing, going to the park, and attending "Camp Mimi" - aka t-ball practice.  Thursday night's game, Keeler felt like quite the big shot - see the picture of the people in stands above?  Yep, that's Keeler's own personal cheering section!  We are so thankful and overjoyed with all the support from family and friends.  Tyler was asked to be a base coach on Thursday too - I think Keeler really liked having his dad on the field.  What great memories we're making.  

We've been busy getting festive for the 4th of July.  Come take a looksie!
I call this my "design on a dime."  I found my metal star last year after the holiday on clearance at a local hardware store - I was so excited to finally get it out.  Found the red lanterns here.  The other day I blogged about my DIY painted Pottery Barn flag - it's not as big as I wanted but overall it turned out ok.  I wanted it for above the mantel but ended up liking the looks of it down below better. 
When I ordered my lanterns I also ordered red, white and blue gumballs to fill my hurricane vases.  
 On both the mantel and in the kitchen, I hung this flag banner.

 I was "inspired" by this Pottery Barn 4th of July burlap banner.  
I recreated the design digitally, printed on card stock, cut out, punched a hole on the corners and hung with some twine.  
I've included the image templates below.  Just click, download and print as a full page.  
There are two pennants per page.  Print as many as you like for the length of banner you desire!  

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Whoas!

We had a super fun weekend around here.  Nothing too exciting but a lot of time spent my three cowboys.  
On Friday evening we went to church to see Keeler perform in his VBS program.
We ended up in the church basement to wait out a storm.  Once we got released to move back upstairs to the sanctuary, Keeler just couldn't hold it together so we ended up leaving before he even preformed.  It made us all very sad but I think we were hungry and mainly tired from a busy week.

After a good night's rest (and some much needed rain) Tyler had the idea to head over to Dodge City for a fun family day.  I was so excited because typically he has to work on Saturdays.  We started the trip off with a nice lunch.  
 We introduced Kallahan to spinach and artichoke dip - he basically ate then entire bowl.  
We intended on taking the little cowboys to ride go-carts and play putt-putt but the place was closed.  Luckily we had kept it a secret so they weren't disappointed.  They were excited to shop for new work jeans and gloves (silly cowboys) and then visit the arcade at the little mall. 
When we got home in the evening, Kallahan was ready to paint!  We found this chalk paint kit while in Dodge and it was perfect for him.  I'm really entertaining his artistic side and it excites me that he enjoys it so much.
Banx is quite the little painter too.  After playing outside with the neighbors we invited them over for a cookout.  It was starting to sprinkle so we moved inside.  
These boys have so much fun together!
Keeler thought they needed a centerpiece at their table and added his telescope stand??
We ended the evening with a kid's movie night while we played games.

On Sunday, the little cowboys loved helping daddy mow both our yard and their granny's.
We're looking forward to another great week.  Our Mimi is coming up to watch Keeler's tee-ball games.  Last night we got just over an inch of rain and we're feeling so thankful!

P.S.  I feel it's my civic duty to fill you in on my summer must-have sandals:
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I LOVE sandals.  I have 104 different pairs (wedges, flip-flops, strappy, gladiators, etc...) but it seems that every year I end up wearing one or two of the same pair almost everyday.  Insane, yes, but when I fall in love I fall hard.  So far this year, my favs are... 
1// This braided black and white pair by Mossimo.  I am really in a gold phase - the accents are just perfect and dress it up some.  This shoe is also ironically very neutral.  I can play the black off as navy and wear it with almost anything.  I already insisted to my sister that she buy a pair.  She has no regrets.  She said she gets so many compliments and questions about them.  Everyone is shocked when she tells them they're from Target.  They're really impressive, y'all!
2//  This jeweled loop sandal by Roper.  Who knew Roper could be so darn cute?!  While the boys were looking at jeans this weekend I stumbled upon this pair.  I call them my cowgirl shoes, ha!  That's about as cowgirl as I get.