Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Light Parade

Last night was our town’s annual Christmas Light Parade.  It’s always a bittersweet week for me.  At work we work our tails off all week to get everything together.  This year I only ended up staying one late night but a few of our employees really put in some hours…but was it worth it?  Heck yes!!  This year our awesome float took first place!  
I am so proud of our parade committee.  One of the committee guys, Adam (aka: Clark Griswold), has to be one of the most Christmas light proficient / perfectionist out there.  Up until the last minute he is ensuring that every light is in place and working properly.  His ideas are amazing and so is his dedication.  We are so lucky to have him!
Granny dropped Keeler off at work with me on Wednesday night while we worked on the float.  We all ate pizza together and then got busy working.  Keeler and Adam’s son rode toys around the shop.  On the way home he mentioned what a fun time he had.  I am so fortunate that I can include him and that he enjoys it…how long will this last? 

Last night the little cowboys and Granny also came and rode on the float with us down the parade procession.  Kallahan got to sit next to Santa! 
Keeler rode on the back on a kid’s tractor.  He was behind Brittany as she sang Christmas music.  Have I ever mentioned that Keeler think Brittney is pretty special? ;) He was on cloud nine!  
I walked beside the float and handed out candy.  I love to watch the children on the street light up while watching the lights and Santa.  It's such a magical night.  I feel like I'm living in a Hallmark movie for a few minutes, ha!  Keeler saw several of his friends from school and even spotted his teacher.  He was so excited.  The only downfall was he said it went by too quickly. 
After the parade we went home.  Daddy picked up dinner, Granny stayed to eat and we had a great family night.  I just love the holidays.  This weekend we actually don’t have anything planned.  I am overly excited about that! The Family Channel’s 25 Day of Christmas starts so I foresee a lot of lounging in our pajamas ‘til noon, sipping on hot chocolate and present wrapping in our future.     


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our Thanksgiving

On Wednesday we headed out a bit earlier than planned for our Thanksgiving break because my cousin, Ashley’s (that is married to Tyler’s best friend) baby girl had been admitted to the hospital for a seizure.  We were so worried for this sweet baby girl.  After having a second seizure while in the hospital, they started a lot of testing.   When we arrived we dropped the little cowboys off with Tyler’s mom and rushed to the hospital.  The baby was heavily medicated and her parents were so tired and worried.  All we could do was pray for answers and for baby Brynlee to get well.  We stayed at my parents’ house with heavy hearts knowing that this poor family would be stuck in the hospital on Thanksgiving.  Luckily Ashley’s parents and sister came to town to help them at the hospital.
Months ago my sister’s in-laws decided to participate in a Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving morning.  My sister invited me and of course I was game.  I also knew my brother-in-law, Russell, would probably run so I asked him to go with us.  On Thanksgiving morning Russell, my dad and I headed out to meet my sister and her in-laws at the race.  Unfortunately, there were over 900 runners at the park so we weren't able to meet up with my sister until after the race.  It was a great time!  This was my dad’s (age 65) first 5k race.  He loved it and says he is ready to start training for the next one.  I had my best 5k time ever!  I ran right at 28 minutes.  The only bad thing is my right knee has been throbbing since the race so I haven’t ran since.  I plan to run this evening since I have rested for several days.
After the race, we went back to my parents and helped my mom finish up the Thanksgiving meal.  My in-laws joined us for Thanksgiving as well as Ashley’s dad and sister.  It felt like a true Thanksgiving with the merge of families.  We all prayed before the meal and said an extra special prayer regarding Brynlee.  After a fabulous meal we received the best Thanksgiving news…  Brynlee was being discharged.  We got to see her shortly before they went home.  The doctors still are puzzled with what caused the seizures but are hopeful is was a fluke incident. 
Since black Friday shopping started earlier everywhere my mom and I started shopping at 6 o’clock on Thursday.  We met up with my sister and her in-laws and were able to shop until about 8am Friday morning.  I got all my Christmas shopping completed except for my in-laws.  I also had to pick up a lot of items for work so it was a successful venture.  I am not a fan of the new Black Friday Thursday.  I wish that we could keep Thanksgiving about family and go back to the early Friday morning sales.  However, I have heard the earlier time structure was a success so I better get used to it.  I'm thinking next year we get the door-busters completed, go home and sleep and then go back out in the morning.  This all night business is hard on a girl!
 Over the weekend we were able to spend time with family and friends.  It was a nice long visit.  We headed back on Sunday afternoon with a pickup full of shopping bags, tired boys and some candy.  Baby Kal is differently our candy man.  Give this boy a sucker and he is entertained for at least 30 minutes, not screaming (which is a true blessing) but covered from head to toe in sticky slobber.  It’s about the give and take...if he’s happy – we’ll take it!   

Saturday, November 17, 2012

O' Christmas Tree

 Please don’t roll your eyes or think negatively – but yes, I am one of THOSE people that already has their Christmas tree up.  But hear me out, I have good reasoning…  Friday afternoon I got off work at noon because Tyler and Granny (our sitter) had a funeral to attend.  It gave me and the little cowboys something fun to do without taking over the weekend.  Also, we will be gone for Thanksgiving so when we return it will be so nice to come home to a decorated home.  I LOVE Christmas and I am soaking up a few extra days this year.
Last year we didn’t put a tree since we were still in the process of settling in the new house so it was exciting to see.  I kept thinking I needed a new 10 foot tree with our vaulted ceilings but I ended up just making the topper of our little old tree a bit taller and called it good.  Now I’ll just watch for a bargain after the holidays.  
I was a bit afraid of how Kal would be around a tree but he has done great.  He was napping when Keeler and I did most the work so he was quite impressed when he woke.
What's better than a new tree skirt?  
A new tree skirt on beautiful new floors.  Thanks again to my handsome hubby! :)

Tyler’s mom (aka Mimi) came up on Friday for the funeral and ended up staying in town for the weekend.  We’ve had a lot of fun with her and the rest of the family.  Friday night we had steaks and played games at our house.  
Today us girls and the little cowboys attended the local holiday shopping bazaar and shopped around town.  Best of all we got to see Santa Clause at the bazaar.  Keeler was a bit timid but was really excited.  
We also had to start Elf on the Shelf early since he “appeared” while we were decorating.  Note to self:  next year don’t just store him with the Christmas décor because my little helpers might find him.  Keeler is really interested in the elf and keeps talking about him.  I went back and pinned all those cute ideas on ways to hide him because I think he’ll get a kick out of it.  I’m looking forward to making Christmas memories with my favorite little cowboys this year.  
Let the Holidays begin, even if it is a bit early!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Embrace the Camera: Family Time

I hadn't done an Embrace the Camera post in awhile.  The whole family got involved!  Hope this made you smile :)

Photos c/o iPhone

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello November!

Wow, how can tomorrow already be the middle of November and next week be Thanksgiving!?  My last post was Halloween and since then life has passed by too quickly.  

What have we been up to?  

At work we started a 4 week wellness program.  All my extra time has been spent trying to squeeze in extra running which results in less blogging. :( BUT I ended up getting second place!  We started it back up on Monday so here’s to another 4 weeks.  This should help with Thanksgiving treats – I hope!

We were recently referred to a specialist for Kal since his left foot turns in so much.  We had to travel to see the specialist but the peace of mind was worth it.  He said that over time it should improve and that no brace was necessary.  He was confident that it will not impede him in any way. Praise the Lord!

I just finished up my second newsletter for work.  This takes so much time and effort but I have really enjoyed the experience.  I feel like I am growing my skills and meeting some awesome people along the way. 

AND to close this is what’s been taking up most our time since Saturday:
 Hooray for new floors!!  Tyler and his uncle completed the installation yesterday.  They look absolutely amazing.  Once we get everything cleaned up and put back in place I’ll post better pictures.  Now I'm off to Zumba with some friends.  I've gotta get my points in.