Sunday, July 24, 2016

Keeler is eight

Keeler is eight. Eight-years-old. How?  How is this even possible?  
Keeler's been such a joy since day one. I've said it before, because it's so true, but he made us realize what life is really about... there is no love like the love for your children. 
Words I use to describe Keeler would be: curious {welcome to our world of approx. 37,978 questions a day}, cooperative, careful and loving.
I struggle to see him grow older, I miss baby Keeler but boy, we sure do love the young man that he is becoming. 
Here's a little bit about Keeler, our eight-year-old. 

Keeler's 8th Birthday Interview:
::What's your favorite color? green
::What's your favorite toy?  farm toys 
::What's your favorite fruit?  all of them  
::What's your favorite tv show?  23 Blast (movie)  
::What's your favorite meal?  Meatloaf  
::What's your favorite outfit?  I don't know (sports wear)
::What's your favorite game?  Farming Simulator 16
::What's your favorite animal?  cows
::What's your favorite song?  "Vacation" by Thomas Rhett  
::What's your favorite book?  Farming books at Granny's house. 
::Who's your best friend?  Dad
::What's your favorite thing to do outside?  ride my bike and electric toys 
::What's your favorite drink?  Vanilla Cream Dr. Pepper
::What's your favorite holiday?  4th of July 
::What do you want to be when you grow up? a cowboy

If you missed Keeler's 8th Birthday Weekend post, you can find it here.
Eight is GREAT!!
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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Parade & Tractor Pull

This Saturday was our town's Annual Fair Kick Off with a parade and kiddie tractor pull.
The little cowboys and I met my coworkers before they started down the parade procession with donuts, took some pictures and then headed to the main street to watch the parade this year since I hurt my foot recently running.
Granny joined us - it was her birthday so we felt pretty special that she was spending her time with us! Happy birthday Granny!
Maria with the little cowboys.  We love her ;)
I think Kallahan took this photo. I love Keeler's smile.
 I can't recall the last time we watched a parade since we're typically involved so it was kind of fun to watch. 

After the parade, we went straight to the Kiddie Tracor Pull that we host as a dealership.  
I LOVE this event.
Kallahan's Pull
Go Kallahan!!
He ended up placing 3rd in his age division.  Great job!
Keeler took the pull very seriously.
"Peddle like you stole it!"
Keeler ended up in 4th place in his age division.
We love fair week.  Unfortunately we didn't get to participate beyond these two events this year due to poor scheduling of our vacation but there're always next year.
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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy 4th of July!

I hope your 4th of July was filled with happiness and you created some wonderful memories.  We sure did!  I love all holidays but the 4th is at the top of the list!
We hosted a little party at our house in the evening with some of our closest friends. 
The little cowboys helped us get ready for the party.  They are always great little Bakers ;)
I made my traditional cookie cups. They got rave reviews again.  We had sooooo much food, I wish I would've taken a picture of our spread because it was insane.  My friends are the best cooks!
While I was finishing up the party details the little cowboys and Tyler went firework shopping. I was told that's a "boy thing!"  And oh boy - they bought several and put on a great show!
 Before the party started they had to test a few.
Chad seemed to be a fellow pyro and brought several of his own fireworks too.
Tyler and the boys only to a break to eat and the rest of the evening they were busying putting us on a show.
I was suprised, Natalie's little girls loved all the action too. They weren't scared at all.
 Kallahan was in his element. Such a mess!
The best was he would light one, run off and yell, "that's mine baby!!"
We had the cutest festive crew of little firecrackers!
 We attempted a picture with us mommies too but we weren't very successful. 
Love these ladies and their kiddos.
Little cowboys #themBakerbros
Levi is in the middle of wheat harvest but with our recent rains {8+ inches in a week} he was able to join us.  We were so happy to have them.
And my little Becca Boo.  Such a dolly!
I have such fond memories of the 4th of July as a child.  I think we're doing a pretty good job making wonderful memories for our little cowboys too.
Love this chick! We shared some great laughs.
Kallahan's bestie, cousin Shalie, came to the party and stayed overnight with us. Kallahan was over the moon! They are so cute together.
Wishing you a very happy and safe Independence Day! A BIG THANK YOU to all the brave men and women that have served and are serving to provide and protect our freedom. If it wasn't for you we would not be able to celebrate our freedom!

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Redneck Tanking Trip

Rise and Shine it's Tanking Time!  Sunday we got up early and headed out for the little cowboy's and my first ever tanking trip!
It's been years since the river was deep enough.  I recall Tyler inviting me once in college but I passed.  I was still a little hesitant and didn't know what to expect but I went in with an open mind. Tyler said he loved going as a child and I'm all about making fun memories with my boys. So here we go...
All the way to the river we listened to "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" and "Paradise City." We're schooling these boys on the important things in life.  I love that Tyler still has some of our high school CD's floating around. 
When we arrived to the river Kallahan was super excited to see his bestie, Shalie.  She looked adorable in her patriot ensemble. 

We had quite a crew... eight tanks full.  Heather & Shalie did an awesome job coordinating the event.

We got situated and in our tanks. We called our's the "Fun Tank" - which included the youngest AND the oldest from the group.  Paul's grandma rode with us - she was so sweet.
And we're off!

Tyler embraced the patriot theme well ;)
Keeler was our captain.  He had ironically found an oar at the park about a month back and was clever enough to bring it along.
Lori was great with the little cowboys too.  They worked at catching bugs.
I was a little out of my element but all in all found the trip relaxing and I'm so glad we went.  I didn't even get wet.  I was pretty content with a bag full of snacks enjoying the sun and some pretty scenery.
The other tanks were pretty entertaining too!

Our first float was close to two hours. We all decided that needed to float one more time because it was so much fun.
Setting up for round two.
And we're off {again}!
Tyler was great with the little cowboys.  It was getting pretty hot so they wanted to spend more time in the water.  He just held them off and let them enjoy :)
Oh the joys!
As we were nearing the end Tyler asked Keeler, "Did you have a good time?"
His response..."I'm still having a good time!"
Cheers to our first tanking trip!! 
"Float through life, just take it easy, not too much stress, just, float." - Freja Beha Erichsen
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