Monday, February 24, 2014

Super Hero Chamber Banquet

"It's A Bird ... It's A Plane ...It's The Annual Chamber Banquet!"  - oh, did I really just type that?  Yes, and sorry ;)  Last weekend was our communities' chamber banquet.  Our dealership hosts a table and then we decorate a table around the theme.  When I was told the theme this year, "Super Heroes," I was hesitant and feared that I wasn't going to be able to pull off a good table because honestly anything super heroes is so foreign to me.  I've never payed much attention to them and nor do my kids.  It's all about roping cattle and riding horses in our world, ha!  However, I started this Pinterest board and gathered some great ideas - mostly from children's birthday party decorations.     
I ordered a few things online but picked up most our items the last time I was in Texas.  My sweet mom went around with me one Sunday for a few hours - we had a lot of fun and were amazed at how much super hero stuff we did find - it's everywhere!  
A few coworkers and I worked on our table over several weeks when we had some downtime.  This year we didn't wait until the last minute which made it far less stressful and more fun.  
Last Friday was the big day it all came together:    
Setting up was a bit dramatic.  I had blocked the afternoon off and had a coworker lined up to help me.  However, at the last minute she wasn't able to come out so it was just me... eeek.  We were also shorthanded a babysitter so Tyler was at home watching the little cowboys.  So what's a girl to do?  I begged Tyler to come and help me, with the little cowboys in tow.  They all did great.  Can you spy Kal in these pictures?
Please take note of our plates (chargers).  My coworker, Adam, hand-painted each plate.  He's the best!  
Each person that sits at your table receives a "take home gift."  
Our gift included:
1:: a cute vintage lunch box - {in store at Target and Old Navy
2::  a candy bag filled with Super Hero candy  - {in store at Dollar Tree}
3::  a superhero glass - {here}
4:: star bag filled with American Implement swag - {in store Old Navy}
We reused table coverings that we already had but added a runner from this retro Marvel Comic fabric.  It's the coolest!  We made all the bows from cut strips of tulle (way cheaper than tulle ribbon) and other cute ribbon found at Joann's.  
We made the bunting around the table simply by printing comic book pages (covered with Mod Podge to give a glossy look) and then tied together with our tulle bows.  
We made our centerpiece out of cardboard.  We cut  each side of the box on a diagonal to give it more of a "comic book" look.  Then we taped all four sides back together and sprayed painted black.  The windows are just taped on yellow paper.  Above the centerpiece we (Tyler) hung these signs from the ceiling with fishing line. 
On the back of the chairs we pinned these capes.  They were handmade by The Crafty Dad.  I found him on Etsy.  They added such a neat touch and were only $4.00 each!
Lastly, I needed a little sweet treat on the table so I contacted my go-to baking enthusiast, Anne. She made us these cookies - perfection!
I love this event every year.  I can't forget to mention, our table was voted "the best overall!"  We thought that was pretty "SUPER!" - sorry, I couldn't resist ;)
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  1. Kelley this is the cutest!!! - Sheena

  2. I didn't see the other tables but I was pretty sure that yours will be the best! Thanks for posting my cookies :)

  3. Hi Kelley. I was wondering what you did with your chargers? If you still have them, would you consider selling them?