Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy {almost} Halloween from our bull rider and his little rodeo clown!
Keeler decided a couple months ago that he wanted to be a bull rider this year.  We had everything for the costume from year's past (aside from the logo shirt) so that sounded like an easy idea.  I like to try to do a matching / coordinating duo with the boys... so a rodeo clown seemed like the perfect costume for Kallahan.
Kallahan's costume is all DIY.  I just cut and painted a pair of Keeler's Wranglers (attached a pair of suspenders we had) and purchased the leg warmers he's wearing on his arms and legs off Amazon.
I could not be more thrilled on how it all came together.  I just love having my two little cowboys!
Keeler's shirt was a last minute thought... I wanted something that would kick his costume up a notch.  I looked through pictures of bull riders and decided what he needed was a professional looking sponsor shirt.  Luckily through work (turned great friend) I have a wonderful screen print / embroidery contact.  
She was excited for the project and just had me email her several logos we wanted, including TNT Cattle :)
She actually ended up giving us the shirt as a gift... she's honestly the best!
We even got little Koko B to participate in our little photo session.
I wish could freeze time... these are the best days.
Happy Halloween!

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Pajama Party!

Happy Halloween week!!
I’m linking up with AshleyDarci and Natasha for a fun, festive Little Ghosts and Goblins Halloween Pajama Party!  
 I love holidays and I love pajamas - so this is the most fun.  If you know me, the little cowboy’s pajamas are typically matching too but since Keeler’s in a size 6 it’s getting harder to find matching sets.  What am I going to do?! 
  I have preordered their Christmas pajamas but any advice on where to find a wider range of sizes would be helpful.  I stumbled upon these Halloween pajamas by accident at Walmart!  Yes, Walmart – who knew?!  The little cowboys each picked out their own set and were thrilled to get home and "glow in the dark!"  
Keeler's scary face :0
Check out the link-up for more cute kiddos in Halloween pajamas.  Or better yet, join the party via blog or join us on Instagram by using hashtag::  #HalloweenPjPartyLinkup
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Friday, October 24, 2014

Kallahan's Paint Party!

The theme for Kallahan's third birthday was pretty easy to figure out... the boy LOVES to paint.  So a few months before his birthday I asked him if he wanted a paint party and he lite up like a Christmas tree!  So the planning began...
Here's the invitation I designed.
To make it easier on everyone (most of our close family is in Texas) we hosted the party at my parent's house and it worked out great for everyone.
 My sister and I premade almost all the decorations beforehand and then my mom, Kal and I put everything in place the night before the party.  We did all the baking the morning of the party.  This part actually ended up being the most fun for all of us, especially Kal.  
Here's the party in pictures:

I wish I would've taken close up pictures of all the treats... they were all so cute!
Colorful Artist Palette Cupcakes - the kids decorate!

Thank you to all our family that made Kallahan's birthday such a special day!
Let's decorate cupcakes!

Jacey was by far our most dedicated painter, and the only girl :)
We hope your paint party was all you could have dreamed... and MORE!  Judging by the fact that you asked to have another one the next day, the next day and the next day - I think it was a success.

We love you Kallahan!   
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy Trails to Sabra

This week I had the privilege of hosting one of my best friend's going away party through our Junior Civic club.  Sabra came into my life over four years ago through club and has been an amazing gal to get to know.  
When she called me just a few weeks ago, she said she had big news to share and I just knew it was going to be "I'm pregnant!!" ... but my heart sank and I had to hold back the tears when my dear friend said, "We're moving back to Texas."  
I couldn't help but be happy for them as I've known all along this has been their ultimate goal - to get back home.
Sabra was my fellow "Texas transplant"  and aside from that we share A LOT of other things in common.  We both went to Texas Tech, we love digital design, shopping, party planning, etc...  
So we were obviously kinda "friend soul-mates" :)  
This all in mind I knew that I needed to throw her an over-the-top going away party.  And what does Sabra like most???  TEXAS!!  So I emailed our sweet club members and told them to dust their boots off and tease their hair big because we're going to have Sabra a "Happy Trails" going-away bash - Texas Style.
We kept the menu simple: chips & queso, Texas Trash Warm Bean Dip, Sabra Hummus (fitting, right?), margaritas/beer and then Natalie and I made these adorable cookies.  I can't really take any credit - Natalie did all the work and I was more moral support. 
Sabra was so surprised.  I was so happy that we pulled it off. 
As a gift, I made her this printable.
"Not everything is better in'll always have the best of friends in KANSAS!"
 It brought tears to her eyes and at that moment I knew this party was a success.  We just love this girl and she'll be greatly missed.
 For fun I had some cute photo booth props and then we played "Texas Style Charades."
It was a really fun night.
We're gonna miss ya' girl.  We can't loose touch because I can't wait to see where life takes you.  The best is yet to come, my friend.  Love you and remember:
"Not everything is better in'll always have the best of friends in KANSAS!"
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