Monday, August 27, 2012

Wagon Photos and Weekend Whoas

We took Kal out yesterday to get a cute picture for his birthday invitation.  It was a successful venture!  Seriously, it was hard to choose just two pictures for the invitation since we ended up with all these darling shots.  Tyler was great and played with the little cowboys while I finished up the design last night.  
Thanks to Granny and Cristen everything went smoothly.  Honestly, this precious overall wearing - chubby baby really makes my heart smile.
Plus we managed to have a lot of fun at the park...
 Granny & Kallahan.  
We quickly learned that when this baby has rocks in hand's reach...
eeekkk, this baby has rocks in his mouth!!!
Cristin & Kallahan

Weekend Whoas  (in pictures!)
 Kallahan took 2 out world!!  
He is still very wobbly and soon face planted...ouch.
On Saturday, Kal & I enjoyed a nice 3 mile jog/walk with Laura & Briggan... with an extra perk of stopping by a couple early morning garage sales. We might have to make this a habit! Then we went to Dodge City and Tyler purchased us a new used lawn mower!
 These boys are crazy and so much fun :)
Tonight we have Keeler's meet & greet at preschool.  He has the same sweet teacher this year but we will get to meet all the kids that will be in his class.  
Have a great week!!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Baxley-Ford Bunch

When my friend Amy recently asked that I take her family pictures and design her wedding announcements I was honored but also had some honest reservations.  I told her I would love to BUT we had to have some understandings settled first.  I told her that I would not charge her as this is my wedding gift to her and that she couldn't be disappointed when they didn’t turn out perfect since I am far from professional.  She is so quirky and cool.  She said of course and gave me a confidence boost by saying, “I know you will do an awesome job!”  
Her family came over to our house on Sunday evening and we went to work.  Amy is marrying a man with four children and she herself has two.  So they will have six kids together!!  When I told her that I had a Brady Bunch idea for the announcement she grinned from ear to ear and told me, “that’s what we call ourselves!”  
Getting to spend time with them and see how well these two families mesh was so fun!  They all seemed to have a fun time and totally “embraced the camera.”     

Congrats to the Baxley-Ford Bunch!  
Thank you for allowing me to be a part in celebrating your union.  


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy 11 months baby boy!

Dear Kallahan,
Happy 11 months baby boy! You are so happy, bouncy and inquisitive.  You still have only 8 teeth, are a good sleeper and such a sweet little guy.  You are completely over baby food and eating soft foods very well…there’s not much you don’t care for.  You love ribs and other meats!  Such a man.  

Mommy is proud to report that you can wave bye-bye now.  You are so cute when I rub lotion on you after the bath by rubbing your own belly.  Another thing I don't want to forget is how you love to whistle.  Yes, whistle.  You pucker your mouth just right and work until a whistle sound comes out. - Amazing!  I need to get this on video.  

This month you have started making a few more attempts at words.  The two that I’ve heard the most are “yuck” and “dada.”  However, this morning you actually made a “mmm” sound and said “mama!!!”  Witnessing these developmental milestones is so magical!

You are starting to be quite playful.  The cutest is recently when you see grandma or your aunt Samantha you hold out your hands.  They come to get you and then you bury your head in mommy’s shoulder and then smile back at them.  Such a tease!  You love being tickled and to hear mommy fake sneeze.  You just giggle and giggle! :) We love your laugh.

We have begun to introduce the word “No” as we re-direct you in certain situations. You’ve actually done quite well with following through.  You typically look over and then begin on new exploration.  We catch you pushing all kinds of things across the floor as if it’s a truck.  You are all boy Kallahan!  

You also love to play with your big brother.
I love so many things about this photo:
Keeler has his magic sock on...the cure for everything!
My sister bought this train/track over 10 years ago for $25.  What a great investment!
Brotherly love, look at the joy in their faces. :)

Just think, this time last year we were all anticipating your arrival and now… your first birthday is just a month away and we’re planning a big “little red wagon” party to celebrate one whole year of your sweet little life. How time flies! Oh my baby, I love you Kal. Happy 11 months!


Keeler at 11 months.  
We had these pictures taken for Tyler's first father's day in June of 2009.  
I think both my little cowboys both look quite a bit alike aside from the hair.  


Cousin Weekend!

My sister and her family came from Texas for their last trip before school starts. It's been a laid back visit since we don't have much of an agenda.  We had a fun morning organizing the playroom (pictures to come soon).  Both the older kids have lockers this year so we spent some time gathering Jakob some John Deere photos.  Best of all, the weather was perfect so we took the kids out to play and what better time to snap a few photos.

My sister wanted me to take some individuals of her kiddos since life has been so busy that she hasn't had a chance to get any this year.  It was my pleasure...we had so much fun, I love these beautiful/crazy kids.
We concluded our evening with a nice dinner with neighbors and an evening stroll to the park.  After the kids crashed, thankfully my sister highlighted my hair which took care of my 4" roots while I edited pictures.  This afternoon the bigger boys plan to go play golf while we relax & enjoy getting to see one another.  
Happy Sunday :)


Friday, August 17, 2012

cooler temps

The weather has been so nice the past few days.  We are taking every chance we get to be outdoors and enjoy the cooler temps.  Yesterday when we got home from work it was 79º at 
6 o’clock!  We pulled into the garage, immediately got out Keeler’s bike, strapped Kal into his stroller and the little cowboys and I booked it to the park.  Booked it: I use this term loosely because we didn’t make it there without multiple attempts to get off the bike, taking stand still “rest breaks” and making silly moves like trying to give Kal a high-five while peddling which results in a bicycle/stroller side swipe!  Keeler explained to me on the way there that “exercise makes our bodies happy!” :) That’s right little cowboy, I’m one happy mommy since this week I have surpassed my workout goal of 4 days a week with either a run or walk on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  
It’s all about making choices.

Right as we were walking up to the park, we ran into our neighbor Cristen with her two friends.  Talk about perfect timing!  They are all sweet 6th grade girls and do so well with my little cowboys.  
They all had so much fun!  

cell phone photo dump:
I just love that little face!!

My mom, sister and her children are headed our way tomorrow. 
 The kids have one last “vacation” before they go back to school.   


Sunday, August 12, 2012

four-year-old pictures

We finally got the time to get out with Keeler today to take his four-year-old pictures.  Thanks for the help mom & Cristen.  We had so much fun...I just love my four-year-old!

Happy Sunday!