Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Favorites!

Woohoo, it's Friday AND it's a three day weekend!  The week flew right by.  We're trying to figure out the school routine but this week was a bit hard and tiring because we were so busy almost every evening with random events.  I'm so thankful for the three day weekend so we can relax and get caught up on some things.

I'm linking up today to share a few of my recent favorites... shopping edition! ;)

With the reality of our upcoming anniversary trip to Hawaii finally setting in AND quickly approaching, I decided to spend a little time online this week to pick up a few fun items. 
While searching, I stumbled onto the cutest online clothing boutique, Dainty Hooligan.  It's certainly going on my Favorites list!  They carry so many cute items and all the pricing was very affordable ($20-$40 range).  
I'm romper obsessed!  I think they will be a great item to take - I can quickly throw them on over a bikini OR dress them up with jewelry for evening dinners.  Here's a few of the items I ordered:   
As an added perk, it's FREE SHIPPING WEEK at Dainty Hooligan.  
No promo coded needed (expires August 31)

Kohl's is always a Favorite!  I bought Tyler some items (shirts, sandals, etc..) and was issued some Kohl's cash - which is always the greatest.  I really didn't need anything else but was so excited after I started looking around... 
I picked up this adorable leopard crossbody purse.  It'll be great for traveling and will go with everything... since leopard is a neutral, right?!  Pinterest certainly says so.

My other great find were these Lauren Conrad leggings.  Seriously y'all, I already own three pairs (accumulated over the past two years) and they are the BEST leggings EVER!  They are so comfy, wash well and don't stretch out throughout the day (I hate that!).  Best of all - right now they are on sale for $4.99!!  Yes, $4.99!!
They look cute with a long flowy shirt.  But I also wear them in the winter with my boots over them.  Very versatile.  Buy now, thank me later!

Lastly, my Favorite littlest boy is turning 3 next month.  For his upcoming paint party I ordered him this cute applique shirt off Etsy from Bethanie's Bowtique.
::big cheeeeeese!::
He was soooo excited when it arrived in the mail yesterday so we had to try it on.  

Thanks for stopping in and check out the link ups!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Life Lately & Favorite Things...

We survived the first full week of kindergarten!  Keeler is loving it. One of his biggest anxieties was over the cafeteria food but after a few days he is not even mentioning it.  He took his lunch one day but hasn't asked to again.  He loves recess and almost beams when we talk about his teacher.  I am so proud of him.
I'm busy planning Kallahan's upcoming 3rd birthday.  We're doing a "paint party" at my sister's house.  When I brought home the invitations last week, Kallahan was so excited.  He carried it around for hours.  He wanted to show it to everyone that came over and even asked to take it in to Subway to show the workers, ha!  My sister and I are having so much fun working out the details and Kallahan's excitement is really making it that much more special.  I think we nailed the perfect theme for our little artist.
 Last week, Keeler started coughing.  His teacher said that several of the kids were experiencing allergies and this said cough.  We watched him closely but then all the rest of the family started feeling ill fun.  The little cowboys and I managed to get over it and never really felt bad enough to miss school or work.  However, Tyler caught it and has been hit hard.  The poor guy has gone to the doctor three times, received three steroid shots and was placed on some powerful antibiotics and cough medicine.  The doctor said it's so bad it's almost to the point of pneumonia... eeek. For this reason our weekend was pretty low key and revolved around taking care of daddy and trying to make sure he got some rest.  We were all going stir crazy... I tried everything to keep the boys entertained and out of his hair - we spent hours playing Lego's, had a tea-party (don't tell daddy), did some arts and crafts, watched movies and someone may or may not of eaten almost an entire sleeve of Oreos...emphasize on the filling!  We're hoping and praying that daddy gets to feeling better very soon.

The end of the month also means it's time for a really fun link up:  
I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika to share one of my favorite things under $10.

Here's mine:
Blackberry Pomegranate Iced Green Tea To Go Packets
I love this tea!  I bought my first package a while back and found it way too sweet.  
However, I have started mixing the packet with the big 33.8 fl oz bottles which diluted the sweetness and now I love the taste. It's my little afternoon treat.  I'm a big hot green tea drinker in the morning but this a great way to get the antioxidants and a little caffeine boost on a hot afternoon.  Plus it's low calorie, easy and convenient!

I'm looking forward to checking out everyone's favorites!
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Keeler's First Day of Kindergarten

Today was a big day in the Baker house, Keeler started kindergarten!  This is his first year in public so he's in a new school.  Luckily, he was already acquainted with his teacher by visiting on field trips he took in preschool.  He also ended up knowing a handful of children in his classroom.  
Regardless of this, for the last couple of days he's been saying he doesn't want to go and that he's scared.  On Tuesday night, we had "meet the teacher" so that settled his nerves to have us with him and get to see his room.  He went to bed the night before school very well.  This morning, he got dressed right away because he was really excited to get to wear his new Under Armour shoes.
  After we had a nice breakfast (thanks daddy) and brushed our teeth, Keeler was great about letting me take some photos.  Kallahan was also very excited to pose which is completely out of character for these two. 
We were a bit curious how Kallahan would do without Keeler all day at Granny's house.  She said he was happy as could be.  They stayed busy running errands.  When I stopped in for lunch he was watching her cook while eating "cucums" (cucumbers) but did ask about 20 times when we were going to go pick up Kee.

We went as a family to drop Keeler off.  I love that Tyler has the ability and desire to take part in these momentous occasions.  I was filled with emotions as I watched the three of them stroll into the school.  Once we got into school, I made sure I had myself together and focused on holding a smile and encouraging Keeler.
Our little boy is so grown up!
  His teacher was so sweet and met him at the door.  {She was Tyler's preschool teacher when he was little, how cool is that?!} He hung his backpack in his locker and then I walked him into the classroom.  I couldn't take my eyes off of him. When his eyes caught mine I frantically waved, smiled and gave him a big hug.  His eyes swelled up with  
tears... I felt a knot in my throat but held it together.  I leaned down and told him to have a great day and that we'd have a water balloon fight when he got home.  I said, "you're going to be okay."  And in perfect timing his teacher came right over and took him by the hand and led him to a group of little boys playing blocks.
And indeed, he was okay.  More than okay.  He was great.  He was excited to let us know that he had three recesses and made some new friends!

I am so proud. Proud of the amazing little man is he becoming. 
Go get ‘em Keeler! The world is waiting…

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When I posted Keeler's picture I received several questions on how I did his chalkboard so I thought I'd share for FREE.
- Click on the chalkboard image and save (right click) onto your computer
- Upload image onto
- Fill in the blanks with the text tools.  I used Sketch Block, EcuyerDAX , Janda Sylish Script and Stroke Dimension because they are great "chalk-like" fonts.
- Lastly save, print and pop into a cute 8x10 frame!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Whoas {Randomness}

This past weekend was our last official summer weekend before Keeler starts to kindergarten.  How did the summer go by so quickly?  It feels like yesterday was his preschool graduation.
On Friday, my cousins, Megan and Stephen, arrived in town.  It was so great to see them!  They've always been more like my little brother and sister and when we get together it's so easy and fun.  We all went to dinner and then watched the little cowboys play in the yard.  The little cowboys love having company and Keeler was trying to convince Megan to move to Kansas by the end of the weekend.
On Saturday, Tyler and Keeler went out and picked sweet corn for our lunch and for Megan and Stephen to take some back down south.  On Sunday, we all went back out to pick some more.
 Eating corn straight off the cob while in the field - now that's what you call "fresh produce," my friends.
Keeler also got to ride his horse this weekend.
 On Saturday afternoon, my cousins and I picked up my friend, Natalie, and we all headed to Dodge City for a little fun before our 5K glow run that evening.  We went shopping, went to the casino {it was Megan's first time EVER} and toured the town. 

All day I was a nervous wreck with anxiety about the race.  It's been so long since I've actually ran and raced - I'm typically hosting ;)  It was Stephen's first EVER 5K!
A coworker was hosting the race.  It was great to support her and Alzheimer.
 They had a wonderful turnout with 122 participants.  
Our little grouped rocked it!  Stephen placed 2nd overall, Natalie placed 3rd overall (1st female) and I set a PR with a time of 25:59 mins.  I beat my best 5K time by over 1 minute and placed in the top 10.  It was such a fun and uplifting time.

 And since Keeler is off to school on Wednesday, I squeezed in a little time on Sunday for some design work for his big day. 
 He's going to love kindergarten!

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Keeler's Cowboy Swim Party! {six}

A few weeks ago we had Keeler's birthday party.  For the past three years we've held his birthday at a local water park and it works out great.  So when his birthday rolled around this year, I asked him what he wanted to do.  He said he wanted a cowboy party.  He had the idea of taking everyone to his dad's farm and working.  My response, "Well honey, it's probably going to be really hot around your birthday and some people might not find that much fun (plus it's a really busy time of year on the farm).  So let's think of another party idea?  What about the water park again?"  He said "Sure, but let's have a cowboy swim party." Done.
With that decision, I started brainstorming a "cowboy swim invitation."  Folks, there are none out there.  I put in an SOS call to my friend for ideas that designs and sells invites on Etsy and she whipped one up in a matter of minutes and emailed it to me.  
Voilà! find here
So, if you ever need a cowboy swim party invitation (because it's the best kind of party) Sabra's your girl!  Well, actually she can make any kind of invitation and they're always beyond adorable.  Check out her shop!

Keeler's cowboy swim party was a big success!  We all had a lot of fun.
Our friends and family are great about asking us what Keeler wants for his birthday.  So this year he had a rather lengthy and specific list but he got everything he wanted.  He was thrilled with everything!  He's one lucky little boy to be so loved and spoiled ;) 

We served sandwiches, watermelon and cupcakes in the park pavilion.  I can't thank my mom and sister enough for helping getting all the food prepared and ready for the party.  I can handle decorations but food tends to cause me stress. 
Keeler was really impressed with his new bike from Jim-dad and Mimi!
The kids loved the pinata before we went into the park.  This was Keeler's great idea.
And then onto some fun in the sun!
Thank you again everyone that made Keeler's sixth birthday party such a special and memorable day!  When we were pulling out of Liberal Keeler said, "I'm so glad we live in Kansas so I can have my birthday at this water park."  #success
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