Monday, June 27, 2016

let's talk... Red, White & Blue

Today I'm joining Andrea and Erika for the Let's Talk series and it's all about Red, White & Blue!  
It's no secret that this color trio is one of my favorites... I went through past posts to share some patriotic goodies. 
A couple years ago I started decorating for Memorial Day and left the decorations up until after the 4th of July just so get to enjoy them a little longer.
Here's a snippet of our festive mantle.  I shared an image template for this Pottery Barn "inspired" banner on my blog a couple years ago.  Enjoy!

These Cookie Cups are my absolute fav Red, White & Blue sweet treat for the 4th.  They are simple and bite sized making them great for parties...
and so are almond bark covered pretzels {even more special when making with Granny}.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE dressing my little cowboys and myself in a little Red, White & Blue!
Mommy's little fire crackers 
Lastly these flag canvases are one of my favorite Red, White & Blue Crafts. My little cowboys and their cousins completed these a few years back on the holiday weekend at my sister's place poolside.  It was such a fun time.  She had them hanging yesterday on her pool house at Keeler's birthday party.  All the kids got to see how much their hand's had grown.
I'll do a post soon but we had a great Sunday celebrating our {soon-to-be} eight year old.  We'll be traveling in July for his real birthday so we seized the opportunity to celebrate early with family since most of us were down south for Brody's birthday.  Keeler and I sporting a little Red, White and Blue ;)
As we traveled home last night we spotted a few firework stands and the little cowboys wanted to stop.  We refrained but I see visits in our near future.  I love this time of year! 

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Keeler's 8th Birthday Party

This past weekend we celebrated Keeler's 8th birthday! My sister was super sweet and allowed us to host the party at their house.  Their beautiful home/pool is the perfect location for a swim party. We had the party almost a month early because we'll be on vacation on his actual birthday and most all of our family was in town for Brody's birthday so I thought, why not make it easier on everyone?!
Keeler had all his favorite people in one place.  We couldn't ask for more.
The weather was PERFECTION.  It was cloudy the entire afternoon and around 80 degrees.  So the few of us not swimming enjoyed being outdoors too.
Cousin Love
Okay, enough with the pictures, mom.  Can we start this party?!
It was so great to have everyone out to celebrate our not-so-little boy.
Keeler was so excited to open his presents.  He scored some really great things.
Samantha gave him a wireless speaker, just like the one he plays with at their house and he was so thankful for everything.
I love my little tribe.
Time for cupcakes and ice-cream!

Then a little piñata fun... 
It's always so much fun to watch them all try soooo hard to break it.  CANDY!!
It was such a fun party for EVERYONE!
A birthday isn't complete without a few birthday spankings from your dear ol' dad:)
Thank you to everyone that made Keeler's birthday so special. We've decided that eight is going to be great! 
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Life Lately

I can't believe that June is almost over.  This summer is going by way too quickly. 
Just a quick post covering what we've been up to...
The first week of June the little cowboys had a blast at Vacation Bible School.
Later in the week Keeler's friend, Colton, joined them.  The program and the music was awesome this year.  There is nothing sweeter than hearing their voices praise the Lord!
The Friday evening of VBS, the boys had a program.  Granny and uncle Tim were able to come watch.  I didn't get any pictures because the room was dark but it was wonderful to hear the kids sing and watch a slideshow from their fun week.
The Sunday following VBS the little cowboys went back down to Texas with uncle Tim to spend the week with the fam bam. 
They pretty much lived in aunt Samantha's pool, went swimming at the Town Club with Mimi & aunt Tiffany and attended a basketball camp.
They had a great week with all their cousins and I'm sure made some priceless summer memories.
What did I do while they were away? Work and run of course but I also binge watched the entire second season of Bloodline.
If you're not watching this series, START!  It's so good.
I was having major children withdrawal by the end of the week so I was on top of the world when Brittney called and asked if I would watch Haylee Jo one evening.  I just love this little girl.
And all was right with the world again when the little cowboys and their cousins came back on Friday.
Saturday we attended baby Avery's first birthday party.  Amber threw the cutest party ever!  The theme was Indians... #AverysFirstPowWow
Cutest little Indians!
Shalie playing with the boys.  We all love our Shalie.
The little cowboys had a blast making their headdresses!  Keeler took forever on his pattern but it turned out so nicely.
Little cowboys dressed as little Indians.  Thanks again for including us, Amber.
{While we were at the party, our guys were in a local golf tournament.  TNT Cattle sponsored a team and tied for second overall.  This is the third year they have participated and placed in the top three.  Tyler's pretty proud of his team.}

In the evening we went out to the farm for a swim with all the family. It'd been such a hot day so this was the perfect place to be!

Kallahan floating on the 'mingo.
We ended the evening with a drive for snowcones with Uncle Tim and Aunt Erica.

Sunday morning I got up early for a run. Morning runs are the best!
Kallahan was the only one awake when I got back so we snuck back outside to water the plants and mommy ;)  
He's such a good little helper. 
I'm back running with my bestie, Natalie and Sarah. We're really racking up the miles but this time around I'm enjoying the social aspect more than anything.  I didn't realize how much I missed my girl time.   

Once we got around it was time for a little Father's Day celebration!!

The little cowboys were very eager to help me wrap our gift to Tyler and sign his card. Keeler started hollering after Kallahan signed his name, "Good job, Kallahan! Mom, he wrote his name all by himself!" We were all pretty impressed with our little guy with the extra looooong name (I often wonder, what were we thinking when we named him? Poor kid).  Tyler's gift was Reef Flip Flops that include a clever bottle opener on the outsole. I thought this was the perfect gift for our upcoming beach vacation.

Father's Day to my favorite cowboy! Thanks for all you do for our family and teach our lil' cowboys. You make our life happy and every day better. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Avery's One Year Photos

Our sweet cousin Amber's daughter, Avery, will be one in just a few short days.  It seems like yesterday we were throwing Amber's baby shower and shortly after taking her 9 month photos.  
Avery is one of the happiest little ladies I've ever seen.  She had a hard night the night before our photo shoot due to teething and traveling so she was a little more somber than normal but I couldn't be happier with these photos.  She is such a gorgeous baby. I feel so blessed to have captured such a sweet, sweet stage through photos and I'm overjoyed to share!  
We ended up so many photos I decided to make this slideshow:
Love you sweet girl.  xoxo
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