Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Favorites: Summer Ready!

Today I'm linking up and sharing some of my recent FAVORITE summer purchases for the little cowboys.  Shopping for little boys really is a lot more fun than I ever imagined it could be.    
We're super excited about summer around here.  We stay busy and active all summer long by playing outside, playing t-ball, traveling and of course swimming.  Their clothes need to comfy, cool and... well of course, cute!  I buy them matching or coordinating whenever I can get away with it.  I dread the day they tell me to stop.
^These will be perfect for the 4th of July!!^
3//  Nike Free 5.0 Running Shoes: Volt Color
Preschool sizes here
Toddler sizes here
6//  Americana Swim Trunk from Target
7//  Sailor Swim Trunk from Target
How adorable is Kal in his new target trunks?!  
I picked up the matching rash guard and hat too.

I just can't do a shopping post without sharing at least one of my FAVORITE summer finds.  A big thank you goes out to Sheaffer for sharing these adorable shorts.  I've loved LOFT shorts for years because the 4" inseam is a great length for me (short w/o being too short), they come in the cutest patterns and they wash well too.   
I mean, how PERFECT is this picture for this post?! :)
Thanks for stopping by. I can't wait to browse all the other Friday Favorites!
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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Our Memorial Day Weekend

Summer officially kicked off this weekend since Keeler's last day of school was Thursday.  To celebrate they had a little movie night in the basement and then on Friday we did a little decorating for Memorial Day weekend while eagerly waiting for our weekend house-guests to arrive.  
I think this is my first year to decorate for Memorial Day but I'm considering keeping everything up until after the 4th of July, why not?!
Keeler brought home all his paintings from school, all 144 of them.  I remembered that he had painted one with a flag so I surprised him and framed it as part of our decor... he was so proud!  "How'd you do that, mom?"
Our guests arrived a little after 10pm but the little cowboys insisted on waiting up.  The kids played a little and then it was off to bed.  
On Saturday we headed to the city to visit the zoo.
As soon as we walked up on this little brick / flower garden I recalled some past Memorial Day weekends spent visiting the zoo.
Looks like we missed a year in there but it's always fun to go back and see how much the little cowboys have grown.
Our friends this year were just not into taking pictures.  This is the only one I got with all four kids, lol!  
Those Smith kids are busy!
It's still been raining around here (hallelujah!!) so Tyler was able to go with us.  It's so great to have him around more this time of year.  I LOVE my handsome cowboys!
We had a lot of fun riding in the family bicycle around the zoo.  Well, I don't know how much "fun" Tyler and Shay had.... they had a nice workout though.

We stopped at the park and everyone had a great time.
Then it was time for a little froyo treat!  Miss B kept us all quite entertained.  This girl is so animated, she kept us laughing all weekend.
Then we headed back to the house for a nice dinner.  Our neighbor was so sweet and made us his famous monkey bread.  Who knew margaritas and monkey bread made such a great pairing? :)
We spent the remainder of the weekend playing outside with our silly kiddos.

The Smith's left early on Monday, Memorial Day.
Our little family, headed out to the farm for a bit and then back into town for a little Memorial Day picnic lunch.
  Kallahan and I took a glorious nap (darn allergies had me down over the weekend) and then all our neighbors got together and played games and gabbed most the afternoon and into the evening.  It was the best kind of day!
image via my instagram
 I am forever grateful for the men and women who have served and are currently serving for our freedom.  
Thank you is never enough.

Hope you all had an amazing long weekend with your family and friends.
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Friday, May 22, 2015

Kindergarten Complete

Keeler has officially completed Kindergarten.  
It feels like yesterday was his first day of school
 He had a wonderful year with the best teacher and a great group of kids.  We couldn't be more proud of him. He has evolved so much this year and not just academically, but emotionally and physically too.
This week I volunteered at Keeler's "Fun Day."  My job: help face paint mustaches on 500 kids.  I loved it!  The best part was I got to eat lunch with Keeler's class.  Each time he saw me throughout the day, he ran over and gave me a big hug.  I know someday it'll be embarrassing to have me around, so I really soaked it up!
 Tyler and Kallahan surprised Keeler with a few new farm toys as his reward for staying on green all year.  We were so proud that he was able to maintain positive behavior ALL YEAR!  We made a big deal of this!
 "Schools Out for the Summer!"
Kallahan asked for his picture to be taken for the last day of school too.  
Well of course my cutie, why not?!

Time is going by a little too quickly but  we're just going to embrace it.  First grade here we come!  We're so proud of you Keeler!!

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Dad!!

This past weekend was all about celebrating Tyler's 33rd birthday!!
Friday, Tyler and Kallahan went and picked up the new Ranger for the farm.  These three cowboys were really excited to get it out to the farm!
All day Saturday they worked cattle.  Even though it was work, I don't think Tyler would prefer to do anything differently for his birthday :) 
Sunday was his actual birthday.  Keeler woke up and insisted that we bake a cake while Tyler was doing farm chores so he would be surprised.  Our time was limited before church but we got it done (in one try, I might add) and then decorated it after church.  Evidenced by the picture it was a good thing we tackled decorating AFTER church.  Kal was a pretty good icing tester :)
 The little cowboys had so much fun setting up a little party tablescape of all of dad's favorite things and picking out his card.  They really do have the "best dad ever!" so I am glad they had fun spoiling him.
The rest of the day, we spent playing outside and sipping on our Dad's Root Beer and Dad's Cream Soda.  
Happy birthday Tyler.  We LOVE you!! 
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Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Whoas: Mother's Day

This past weekend goes down as one of the best weekends EVER!  I love our stage in life.  Both the little cowboys are so loving and sweet.  They sure made this mommy feel special and loved.
Friday evening I took the little cowboys on a bike ride to the park.  As boys do, Keeler gravitated to every puddle. He was pretending he was like his cousin's Kade & Zane riding in Motocross.

When we got back home, Tyler was getting home from work and instantly noticed that Keeler was riding on flat tires.  Oops... #momfail.  Keeler said, "It was kind of hard to ride."  Thankfully we didn't ruin the bike.  We ended the evening with a nice BBQ and babysat one of my favorite little girls.

On Saturday morning, Tyler and Keeler went and completed farm chores.  Kallahan and I decided we wanted to make some chocolate covered strawberries for Mother's Day.
In the afternoon we went and celebrated Haylee Jo's first birthday!!  Her mommy really outdid herself!  We felt like we were in a circus party tent.  All the little touches were perfection.  We love our "Haylee girl!"  Granny babysits Haylee during the day with my boys now.  I just know they're going to have a special bond.  

After the party, we worked on the lawn.  The little boys played outside and cleaned their toys while we worked.  I was pretty tired after mowing two lawns so I took a break on the porch with a margarita :)  Keeler came and sat on my lap and drank his root beer.  He can sit on my lap as long as he wants!
When Tyler was done working on the sprinkles he and the little cowboys took off.  They told me they were going to the store to buy a gift, "...but for someone else."  When they arrived back home with flowers and my favorite candy I was shocked!  They're so sneaky ;)
Tyler is such a great dad.
I love that he's teaching our boys the importance of appreciation and thoughtful gift giving.

After church on Sunday, Tyler asked me what I wanted to do for the day. I decided going to the city for Thai food and to the movies sounded best.  We made it for lunch but then when nothing was showing so we decided a trip to Target and Walmart would do.
These two loved playing in the arcade...
I loved picking up a few new items to spruce up the little cowboy's bathroom.
I'll close with these sweet words from Kallahan.  As I was getting out of bed on Sunday, Kallahan ran up and told me "Happy's Mother's Day!"  Of course Tyler told him what to say but just hearing my boy say these sweet words brought tears to my eyes.  I live for my little cowboys.
I hope you had a blessed Mother's Day!
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