Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Three Months!

Dear Kallahan,
             Happy three months sweet baby!  It is such a fun time for our family right now! We just moved into our new home.  Yesterday, we had a blizzard and had what felt in many ways like the perfect day.  Daddy was able to come home after he fed cattle, we built a fire, watched Christmas movies, played games and just enjoyed a great family day.   You are growing like a weed in front of our eyes and every day we see a little more of your personality develop. We sure do love getting to know you!  You are sleeping much better and not having many issues with colic.  You love to be talked to and smile from ear to ear.  You also really like to have your diaper changed and almost giggle during your changings.  I think this is because you have our complete attention without your big bro taking the show, ha!  You are somewhat of a night owl and don’t have any interest in going to sleep until after 11pm.  Mommy & Daddy felt pretty accomplished this week because we have been in bed before midnight two nights in a row.  Once you finally go to sleep you are waking up once for a bottle and then sleep until around 6am – 7am.  You are so strong and by now you’re holding your head up yourself with minimal wobbles and can support your body weight on your legs. Tomorrow we head to see your grandparents for Christmas.  I can’t wait to spend the holidays with you and your big brother.
Love Always,

Keeler had a Pajama Party at Preschool! 
“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:  the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.”Burton Hillis

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Closing & Alphabet Wall

As most of you know, we found out on Friday that we would close on the old house in a week.  That means the deal went through in less than two weeks -  wow!!  Many of my close friends and family got a stressed call on Friday morning because I didn’t know how we were going to get out so quickly.  But again, this was a blessing.  It was that push that got us going and amazingly with the help of Troy, Granny and my mom we actually stayed the night in the new house on Friday evening.  I am just so relieved that we had most of the painting in the new house completed as well as the flooring done.  Since Friday, we have got everything moved over and most everything put away.  I just lack hanging pictures and decorating.  Tonight, Sabra came over and brought us a “new house” cake.  She also helped me hang the letters in Kallahan’s room. 
This is an idea I got off Pinterest (aka, the crack for crafty people).    *More pictures to come, I just want to get everything in order. 

“Move on, It is just a chapter in the past, but don’t close the
book- just turn the page.” - Unknown

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Under Contract!!

I have to start out by reporting that we are truly blessed!  God is taking such good care of us and our prayers have been answered, the “old house” is under contract!!  I joked about the desire of having a “second home” but really didn’t like the idea of having two house payments, ha!  The buyer wants to move in as soon as possible so we are getting in gear about getting the “new house” all ready.  Pretty much all the painting is completed aside from the main living area.  We plan on starting that this weekend with a short break to attend my company Christmas Party on Saturday night. 
Today the carpets were stretched (they look so much better) and tomorrow they will be cleaned.  In addition, today Tyler installed the stamped tin back splash in the kitchen.  He has been such a stud through this entire process.  I love my handy cowboy!  All the bedrooms had double chair rails that I just hated.  He was able to tear them down and retexture all the walls before we painted.  They all look great – I will post pics once the rooms are set up.  I do have a sneak peek of our guest bathroom cabinet redo (take note of the child labor).  My sister’s family was so helpful on our first weekend warrior renovation.   

I did not care for the original blond wood so we sanded them down, primed and painted them with a very dark brown oil based paint and replaced the hardware.  We also toned down the paint to a more neutral color.  I plan on  using accesories to bring in more color.   

We had a chilly blast last week at our local Christmas Light Parade.  Baby cowboy stayed with Granny since it was so cold but Tyler and Keeler got to ride in a combine while I rode in a Gator with Santa down the parade procession.

Update: I have had people asking how baby cowboy is doing with his colic.  Thankfully, he is doing so much better.  We really think that his discomfort was mainly gas.  We changed out his bottles to Dr. Browns, per recommendation of my sister in law (thanks Tiff!) and he is doing so much better.

“”Give us this day our daily bread” is probably the most perfectly constructed and useful sentence ever set down in the English language." - P.J. Wingate


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Life in Pictures

I can’t believe it is already December!  We had a wonderful November full of family, friends and blessings.  We are starting the first day of December off by attending the annual Christmas Parade tonight.  The weather is terribly cold and windy today so we will be bundled up.  I dressed the boys up in Christmas outfits this morning.  Granny picked Keeler up from school and ate lunch with us today.  Don't they look adorable?! 

November & Thanksgiving Highlights in pictures:

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.”– George Bernard Shaw