Thursday, July 23, 2015

On your 7th birthday...

To Our Dearest Keeler,
Today we celebrate your 7th birthday!   Seven years of true bliss.  We are in awe of the little man you are becoming,  You've brought our family so much joy and awesome adventures. Who knew seven years could soar by so quickly and be filled with so many cherished memories?  Watching you grow, absorbing the world around you, inquisitive and delighted to learn, I’m reminded each day of the treasure you bring into this world.
We thank God for choosing us to be your parents.  I pray that, as you grow, you keep your heart kind and humble.  Remember that kindness always wins!  
Seven years ago, you woke up a love in us that we didn’t realize even existed.  I know that you will just continue to grow and love and make us proud.  We love you Keeler Carl.  

Happy Birthday to our sweet little cowboy. 

Keeler's 7th Birthday Interview:
::What's your favorite color? blue and green
::What's your favorite toy?  tractors and cows  
::What's your favorite fruit?  watermelon  
::What's your favorite tv show?  Fireman Sam  
::What's your favorite meal?  Meatloaf  
::What's your favorite outfit?  Nike clothes
::What's your favorite game?  tractor games on the iPad
::What's your favorite animal?  cows
::What's your favorite song?  "I Love This Life" by LoCash  
::What's your favorite book?  Rodeo Ronnie
::Who's your best friend?  Stryker
::What's your favorite thing to do outside?  ride my bike
::What's your favorite drink?  Pepsi
::What's your favorite holiday?  Christmas 
::What do you want to be when you grow up? a cowboy

If you missed Keeler's 7th Birthday Weekend post, you can find it here.
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Keeler's Birthday Weekend!

This weekend we celebrated Keeler's 7th birthday!  {Insert me sobbing here.  I've been telling him all summer that I wasn't going to allow him to turn seven.}  Sigh...but he turned seven and there wasn't a thing I could do about it, but celebrate!!  
Friday evening our little family went to the fair rodeo.  Keeler really got into it this year and insisted that we stay all the way until the end so he could watch the bull riding.
Saturday morning we headed to the fair parade.  Just one of many perks to my job that my little cowboys and their cousins get to participate in the parade and ride on tractors and Gators {while eating donuts and candy}.
We always have the cutest participants ;)
Directly after the parade we headed to the fairgrounds where we host the Kiddie Tractor Pull. This is our second year to co-sponsor with a local bank and it's so much fun!
This is Kallahan's last year to not be able to compete due to his age but he had fun practicing!

In the evening we hosted Keeler's birthday party at the house.
It was such a fun evening for EVERYONE!
Our new cousin, Avery, attended the party.  It was her very first party.  She's the sweetest!

We had silly string fights, 

a boot pinata, 
tons of candy, 
a little pool lounging, 
sweet smiling faces, 

water balloon fights, 

special time with friends and family, 

yummy cake and darling cookies {thanks Granny and Natalie}

and so many great presents.  
Thank you to everyone that made Keeler's birthday so special. 

It was a few hours of total chaos and crazy, but we had the BEST time!  Keeler said it was "his best birthday EVER" and I don't doubt that one bit.  I love this seven-year-old little cowboy so much.
Seven?!  Let's pretend he's not really that old.
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Friday, July 10, 2015

Farewell T-Ball

Last night was Keeler's last t-ball game of the season, which marked the end to his t-ball career.  Our little slugger is growing up.  This year he had so much fun learning the skills of the game. We were really impressed with his ability to catch, throw, hit and run {super fast}. 
He loved every minute of the games.
 He ended up on a great little team this year.  We knew most of the kids and parents.  It was fun to support all the kids and so nice to see others doing the same for Keeler.
The long awaited medal!!
 His coaches were great!
They may be silly, but they are a fun & talented group of kiddos.
We were so happy that Mimi made it to Keeler's last game.  He was excited about it all week.  Of course Kal loved spending time with her too.

Granny, Troy and Ronda also made it out to his game.  Our boys are so loved and supported.  We are so blessed.
And I'm taking it that this is his "I'm proud" face.  Or more than likely, "enough with the pictures, mom."
Coach Pitch here we come!!

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