Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Our Easter Sunday

Happy Tuesday!  It's back to reality after a long holiday weekend.  Keeler went back to school, I'm back off sugar {even though it's my birthday} and tonight Keeler has his first soccer practice.  We're overly thankful for all the memories that were made and most importantly, that He is risen!  We're rejoicing and thankful to have an amazing God that sent His son Jesus down to earth to die for us. "He is risen, indeed!"
Of course my little cowboys were up bright and early Easter morning.  This year I got up at six o'clock to get myself ready and have breakfast ready so that we wouldn't have a hectic morning before church.  Reality is, I've giving up on the dream that they'll ever sleep in.
I reused last year's Easter baskets tool boxes.  Instead of several small items we opted for a couple items that they've really been asking for this year. We'd typically have a hunt outside but when we woke it was 19 degrees out so we arranged to have the bunny come later in the day when it was a little warmer out ;)   
Our little cowboys looked ADORABLE all dressed and ready for church. 
It was such a blessing to see our church PACKED on Easter Sunday.  We love our new Pastor and it's amazing to see what God is doing in our little church and community.  Don't you just love Pastor Todd's #sermonselfie? ;) 
I took the little cowboys to Sunday School after church while Tyler, Tiff and Russell started on the Easter meal and "helped" the Easter Bunny hide eggs.
We were all so excited to see cousin Haylee.  She was beyond adorable in her little Easter dress.
Brotherly love :)
Cutest Cousins
After a delicious lunch {shout out to Tiff and Tyler for an amazing meal} the weather had really improved so the older cousins hid the eggs in Granny's yard.  They were very creative hiders.
After the egg hunt we had fun with confetti eggs.
The confetti eggs turned out to be the most fun thing ever. I hope that I can find them every year from now on, it was definitely everyone's favorite!
I might be partial but we have the cutest crew!
In the evening, we went back over to Granny's for a crawfish boil.  
The little cowboys had fun playing with their new toys in the yard. 
I still can't believe Easter has come and gone...  
From ours to yours, Happy Easter!!
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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Weekend Shenanigans

Hi y'all! Happy Easter to you.  
Tiffany and her family came up on Thursday night.  We love having cousins stay and we're so fortunate to have children close in age and ALL BOYS!  It makes for a rowdy and super fun time.
  Our "good" Friday was especially good with all these little guys around.  We started off the day at the Donut Shop and then headed over for Keeler's vision therapy.  We decided to make the best of the little road trip and took the kiddos bowling afterwards.  
 I think all four of these little bowlers beat me.  No joke ;)
We had a lunch out and then headed back to town.  Shalie was in town so she joined in on our little trip.  She's so good with the little boys and they just LOVE her.  Our littlest guys were plum worn out on the way home.  We spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside and enjoyed some ice-cream and dinner together.

On Saturday, Shalie came back over and joined the little cowboys and me for some of the town's fun Easter activities.  Unfortunately, Bryon got sick in the night so they had to miss out.
We grabbed breakfast and then headed over to the Resurrection Color Run. 

It was freezing but we had a blast.  I took a stroller for Kallahan just in case but he ran over 3/4th of the race.  He was so cute and working so hard to keep up!  
Keeler sped off with a group of High School girls and ended up WINNING the 1 mile race!  We are so proud of him!!  They recognized him after the race and he won a Lego Bible.  It was the best.
After the race Kallahan got his face painted and participated in the town Easter Egg Hunt.
The little cowboys also got to visit with the Easter bunny. 
When we got back home, the kids played and then Haylee came over and joined us to dye Easter eggs.  I put Tyler in charge since the mess gives me anxiety.  He only had one minor catastrophe when Haylee decided to throw an egg but they all had a great time.
We're looking forward to a lovely Easter Sunday.
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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter Party Day

Hippity-Hoppity it's Easter Party Day!!

This morning the little cowboys were pumped and ready for their school Easter parties.

Getting a picture of these two is like...

Granny took Kallahan to his preschool party and he had a blast.
I picked him up around noon and we headed out for a special little lunch date.
I took off the afternoon so I could help Keeler's teacher with his classroom Easter party.  We had a little downtime between lunch and the party so we did a little more Easter / Spring decorating at our house to get prepared for our special weekend guests.
We had a blast at the party.  I am so glad I took Kallahan along.  He helped me hide the class eggs and behaved so well.  Keeler's class thought he was "so cute!"  They called him, "mini Keeler."  Keeler really liked having him there too - warmed my heart.  After the party we invited one of Keeler's friends over to the play.  It was a gorgeous weather and they played in the yard {I cleaned the garage} until almost until dark.

Now let's get this wonderful Easter weekend started. We're excited for family to come up.  I'm sure I'll be "over-gramming" so follow us here.
 I wish you all the best.  He is Risen!
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Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekend Whoas: Cousin Fun!

After our fun St. Patty's Day Party, my mom and sister decided it would be fun to spend the rest of the weekend in the city celebrating my upcoming birthday.  It didn't take long to convince me!
We started off the celebration by going to the movies.  The girls went and saw Miracles from Heaven and the boys went to see Zootopia.  Everyone loved their movie, claiming they're both #mustsees! 
After a dinner out, we checked into our favorite local hotel and enjoyed a swim!
These little fish had the best time!
Some hot tubbing...
and goofing around.  Kallahan and Collin didn't ever want to get out!

It was so great to spend time with my family.  Thanks again for such a fun weekend!
Our little Kallahan wanted a crib and slept like a baby in the corner.  
None of us want our littlest one to grow up!
In the morning, the boys went to help Tyler brand.  The girls headed out for some shopping!!
We had so much fun looking for Jacey's 4-H fashion show outfit.  Grandma Kak wasn't feeling well in the morning but by the afternoon she joined us for a little more shopping and a fun lunch out.
Then we headed out to the farm to deliver our cowboys some lunch.

Keeler LOVED having his cousins on the farm.  All of them seemed to have a great time.
Our fun-filled weekend really wore the little cowboys out but we loved every minute of it.

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