Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Highlights

The last day of February.  
How can it be?  It's been a crazy busy last half of the month.  Here's a quick update on what's been going on {in pictures}:
Valentine's Day Celebrating!  
We gave the little cowboys these matching leather recliners for the basement and a few Valentine books.

Valentine's weekend we took a little road-trip to Texas!
We got to celebrate my dad's 20th anniversary with Cal Farley's Boy Ranch.  We were all invited to his surprise celebration lunch - we were so happy to be able to come and so proud of him.
Friday evening, our nephew Jakob had a Jr. High Valentine's Sock Hop dance.  I helped my sister run the photo booth.  It was really a lot of fun!
On Saturday, we got up early to watch our nephew, Bryon, play a basketball game.  Then we spent the rest of the day celebrating Bryon turning six!  We went to Chuck-e-Cheese, Mr. Gatti's, the Discovery Center and then played at my parent's house.
We also got to love on their new unnamed kitten.  Everyone has several ideas: 
Leviticus, Levi, Peppa Pig, Puddles, Cracker, etc...
Wonder which one will stick?  It was a great visit!

I've been fairly good with my Insanity Max:30 schedule and so glad my friends are willing to workout with me. And of course our kids enjoy the playtime together.
Kallahan has been busy baking lately.  He got this darling chef costume from Grandma Shirley for Valentine's Day.  

He's been sick this week with an ear infection.  He's such a little trooper... you'd never know he was sick because he's always so happy.
The past couple of weekends we've been at home with SNOW.  We've had a basement sleepover and last night we made s'mores and pretended to camp-out in the living room.

March is one of my FAVORITE months!  It's my birthday month.  It's St. Patty's Day; the holiday that is all about having fun w/o the fuss of presents and much preparation.  It's warming up and the days get a little longer.  So what's not to look forward to?  Happy last day of February but here's to a great new month ahead.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wacky Wednesday and Valentines

It's "Wacky Wednesday" today at Keeler's school.  At least I hope it's today because we sent him to school looking like this, ha!  Let me tell you, it wasn't easy convincing my fashion-conscious six-year-old that yes, people will laugh at you but it's okay because that's what today is about.  You will laugh at everyone too... use your imagination!  
I sure hope he enjoys the day.
 Last night he got his Valentines signed, sealed stapled and ready to be delivered.  I was so proud that he did so well reading and writing all his classmates names.
 I showed Keeler three options for his cards this year and he picked this Lego option.  The printable is super cute and can be found here and we ordered the Lego candy off Amazon.  Thanks again to Andrea at the Momfessionals blog for always sharing the cutest ideas. 
Speaking on the cutest... check out my new vest!  Okay, so recall my recent vow to NOT purchase any clothing items until I completed Insanity Max:30?  Well, I might of broke that promise but just a little (I'm back recommitted and still on track with my workout).  
How could I resist?!
I pinned this J.Crew vest forever ago but there was no way I was paying $120... so when I stumbled upon this very similar one this weekend at TJ Maxx for only $30 it was A MUST.  
You totally agree, right?!  I love the pink pairing and it's perfection for Valentine's Day :) 

Who supports me the most in my "wacky" justifications and in life in general?  My very own Valentine, this sexy guy!  I am quite a lucky gal to have snatched him up.  He is the kindest and most caring person and I am so privileged to call him my own.  I can't even imagine doing life without him. Tyler, I love you!! 
I can't fail to mention my third little Valentine.  He shares the most lovin' with his mommy.  He gives the best "big hugs" and puppy kisses :)
Happy Wacky Wednesday and almost Valentine's Day!!
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Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Whoas!

We were blessed with another wonderful weekend and I hope you were too.  Here's a quick recap for my memories' sake. 
This weekend was our annual Chamber Banquet.  The theme this year was "Stars in Uniforms."  We decided to play off the patriotic theme and keep things pretty simple.  The centerpiece is my personal 4th of July centerpiece and then we added in some Americana items that we ordered online.  And what's more patriotic / American than vintage John Deere tractors as the take-home gift?! 
Tyler and I attended the banquet on Saturday evening but I failed to take any pictures because we were in such a rush (I decided to go run at 4:30 in 80° weather which was nice but I was a sweaty mess trying to get back looking presentable).  We had a great time at the banquet with some of my fellow coworkers and then a few of us went and watched American Sniper after the dinner.  I'm so glad that we were able to go see this movie... incredible depiction of a true American Hero.  And we're very thankful to Granny for watching the little cowboys... they had a fun night joining her at a church potluck dinner.   

On Saturday before the banquet the little cowboys and I headed over to the city to do some shopping.
My little Keeler has a one track mind and has been asking for a new cowboy hat for a while (little bro might of smashed his other one).  So I knew our first stop was to the western store to find a hat.  Look at my handsome little cowboy.  He needs to stop growing!
We had a nice lunch, went to TJ Maxx and scored some new pillows for the basement (I also have a one track mind and have been searching for almost a month for the perfect pillows) did a little grocery shopping and then finished off the trip with a froyo treat for the little cowboys.  It was a great trip.
When we got home the little cowboys played outside and soaked up the nice weather.  Once Tyler got home, I went for a run.
On Sunday, the boys woke up asking to eat the watermelon.  Why not?  
They managed to eat the entire thing by dinner.
Our two goofballs also woke up asking to play outside and they were going to play "Boss Co" and try to pull out our tree.  Keeler asked if I would make him a "Boss Co" shirt like Axl.  Why not?
If you watch The Middle you might know what this is about (we're guilty of watching this show on repeat - our entire fam LOVES it) and if you're not watching, start!  It's a funny little wholesome show.
Lastly, I finished my first full week of Insanity Max:30 AND ran over 11 miles.  Instead of Monday - Friday, I plan to be on a Wed - Monday schedule.  I typically have more time on the weekends so this should help.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

TGIF!!  I hope you've had a great week.  I'm posting a very random "Friday favorites" post so bear with me.

{one}  Favorite Find
So, I happened upon this shower curtain during the holidays and it's only $19.99!!  I fell immediately in love and I almost bought it to update the little cowboy's bathroom but then decided against it when I thought of all other little things I would need to change the space (towels, rugs, art, etc..). But I keep thinking about it.
Our cabinets are painted dark brown, almost black... I found this picture on Pinterest and I think I'm going to have to take the plunge.  I just need inspiration/direction on towels.  What do I shop for?  Should I throw in a fun contrasting color like green, go with a complimentary pattern or just go white - almost spa like?  Decisions, decisions....

{two}  Favorite New Workout
Tyler and I started a new workout program this week.  A coworker is letting us borrow her DVDs.  She's already into the second half of the workout and she's feeling / looking amazing!  It's a an INTENSE eight week program.  We're only in the first week but it'll be a great boost to get me ready for summer while it's still too cold to run outdoors with my girlfriends. 

{three}  Favorite Wishlist Item
Isn't this Anthro frill swimsuit the cutest?!  
So, it's not an option, I WILL be finishing Insanity Max:30.  The entire 8 week workout program. I'm promising this to all of my blog followers (that's my mom and maybe two other people).  But for some extra motivation, from now until the end of the program I am NOT going to buy any clothing items.  Absolutely. Nothing.  So, perhaps I'll reward myself with this cute suit when I'm done.

{four}  What is your Favorite food Kallahan?
I had to video his sweet voice saying "spa-spa-spa-ghetti" because I never want to forget it. 

{five}  Favorite Moments
We've had some bipolar weather lately.  One day 70 then the next day 30.  On the rare warm days we're enjoying playing outside - always a favorite.  We're looking forward to a nice warm weekend.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Weekend Whoas!

This past weekend my parents, my sister and her family came up to visit.  We had one of the best weekends!  We celebrated both my mom and Samuel's birthdays.
 Tyler and Jacey baked the birthday cake.  After the chowder I attempted to prepare on Friday night I was politely asked to stay out of the kitchen.  Hey, I tried. 
 My dad was super sweet and surprised my mom with some birthday flowers when we sent him out for milk.  We won't mention that Jarret was the one who suggested that he buy them and then had to remind my dad to get them out of the car when they got back to the house.
In the evening, we had our little party and invited Troy, Ronda and Granny over for dinner and to play games.  Granny was watching little Haylee so she got to party too :)
I'm so glad that we got to celebrate these two in our home.
My mom asked Tyler to make her a horse racing game like his brother, Tim, had made at Christmas.  He did an amazing job and we all had so much fun...
 well, some of us more than others.  My mom & I ended up being the big winners.
"Kentucky Derby Style"   Thanks for humoring me folks :)
 The kids played so well together.  Cousin time is the best!
On Sunday evening, we gave the little cowboys their {early} Valentines presents, mini leather recliners, and attempted to watch the Super Bowl in the basement.  We were all pretty tired from the busy weekend and ended up in bed quickly after the halftime show.

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