Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Bryon!

How was your weekend?  
About 6 hours of ours looked something like this:
This little cowboy is not into road-trips.   
At least when we arrived we quickly discovered that it was all worth it!  On Friday afternoon we had a great dinner with my parents and sister's family.  Then us girls went on a quick shopping adventure.
On Saturday morning, my sister had a tennis lesson so my mom and I watched my niece and nephew. 
 Jacey and I played beauty shop.  I just love this little girl.  It's so fun do hair and talk clothes :)
After a crazy lunch at Chick-fil-A we headed to our nephew, Bryon's 4th birthday party!!  
His parents threw him the coolest Rocket Party.
I apologize that I only got pictures with my phone since they're so blurry but seriously this party was too cute.  They made all the kids jet packs, served rocket pops (a.k.a bomb pops) and had lots of cute decorations.  All the kids had a blast.  Like every party - we had A LOT of little boys running around!
On Sunday, we got to visit with some of our little friends.  It just so happened that our friends that recently moved back to Texas from Minnesota were in town so we got see this big guy!  Henry and Kal still don't quite know what to think of one another but at least Henry wasn't scared of Kal  - making progress.  If these two are anything like their dad's they will be the best of friends.  
Then this cute little lady asked Kal on a lunch date!
We closed the trip with a nice lunch with the Smiths and the O'Rears.  It was hard to visit much between these two busybodies but it's always nice to see everyone - especially the O'Rears sweet baby Grady.  
We headed home right after lunch to beat the predicted "blizzard."  Come to find out Amarillo ended up with OUR blizzard and we are just getting wind.  I'm disappointed since we really could use the moisture but relieved we are safe.  Stay warm in Texas everyone!!
This is my sister's yard this morning.  
Per the National Weather Service, Amarillo is now at 17" - the second highest 24hr snowfall in Amarillo's history!
 I hope you are enjoying all that snow kiddo!  I can't believe you are already 4-years-old.  You have a big year ahead of you - becoming a big brother and all.  We know you're going to be a great big brother!  You have a the biggest smile and happiest little demeanor.  You are already such an athlete - we can't wait to see you again soon. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

SUYL: Fav Kid/Family Picture Ideas

Today I am linking up with Kelly's Korner for Show Us Your Life: Favorite Kid/Family Picture Ideas.  As soon as I was introduced to Pinterest one my favorites to browse has been photography ideas.  It's amazing how many difference poses are out there that I would never dream of!  
Here's a few of my Pinterest favs and favs of my own kids/family.  
Pinterest Fav. {Source}
This is a picture taken of my kiddos and their cousins by a talented friend of mine - see her website here.  
My sister and I had a canvas made of this photo for my mom as a gift  - LOVE!

Pinterest Fav. {Source}
This is my recreation attempt with Keeler.  I love how it turned out and think it will be nice to look back on someday. I'm definitely going to try to keep this up with my little cowboys.  
See more of Keeler's 4-year-old photo shoot here.

Pinterest Fav. {Source}
This is one of my favorite Wrangler butt shots of my littlest cowboy.  
See more of Kallahan's photo shoot here.

Pinterest Fav. {Source}
This is my fav Christmas light picture from this year.  
Kind of makes me miss having a tree up! :)

Pinterest Fav. {Source}
This is my favorite daddy/son cowboy moment of Keeler and Daddy at a branding when he was two.  See pictures from last year's branding here.

Pinterest Fav. {Source}
This will always be my all time favorite photo of our family when it was only three.  A talented friend captured this photo of us over 2 years ago - right before we got pregnant with Kallahan.  
See more of the photo shoot here.

Thanks for stopping by.  What started as a showing of favorite pictures ended up a walk down memory lane.


Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Whoas!

This weekend we stayed very busy.  We had a 2-year-old birthday party on Saturday.  It was my friend Brandi's daughter's birthday.  She had a darling Minnie Mouse party.  Brandi asked me to design the invite which was so fun because it was so girly and unlike anything I ever get to do for my boys or for work.  
Speaking of design, did you notice my new blog header?    
 The party was a lot of fun for the little cowboys.  I remember going to her birthday last year and Kallahan stayed in the carrier most of the time.  Wow, how things change in a year!  He thought he was just as big as all the other kids.  He loved it and loved the cake!  
My friend Anne made Mayli's cake.  It was so cute - sorry for the blurry pic but you can check out Anne's blog here, she is so talented.   
Mayli got a little car for her birthday.  All the kids did very well taking turns and test driving the new ride.  Isn't it the cutest!  We just love Mayli Mouse, especially Kallahan :)
After the party, our family headed over to  visit  friend's that have moved about an hour and half away.  They moved around Christmas so this was the first time we got to see their new house.  We loved getting to catch up.  They have two little boys and always play well with Keeler.  
 Here are all the boys at the their local Pizza Shack.  Their youngest just got glasses and is doing great with keeping them on.  After dinner Jill and I went to a Vault denim party.  We enjoyed a margarita and some adult time - oh, and both found some pretty cute new jeans.  After the party we went back to their house, let the kids play and had a nice visit.  We probably stayed too late but everyone was having a great time.  We got home right before midnight and as we were pulling into town Keeler threw up in the backseat.  Cleaning out my car at midnight was definitely not the highlight of the weekend.
Since Keeler got sick we stayed home from church on Sunday morning.  By lunch he seemed fine.  The weather was perfect so we took the boys for a picnic in the park.  They loved it!  After lunch, Tyler's dad "Granddad Baker" came over. 
We don't get to see him every often because he lives several hours away.  This was actually his first time to see Kal.  The little cowboys had a great time showing him all their toys and keeping him entertained.  We went back out to play and the neighbor boys came over.  We have the sweetest new neighbors and I enjoyed getting to know the mom better and her little baby boy.  It gave me baby fever for a quick second -over that!  Granddad Baker stayed for dinner.  When he left Keeler said, "There's nothin' better than Granddad Baker."  That kid cracks us up!  I'm so glad he's feeling better!
I don't have much to report for my fitness goal -
I took all week off to heal a groin injury.  Yesterday I was finally pain free so I ventured out for a slow and steady run.  I warmed up by walking the first 1/4 mile and then jogged for a little over 2 miles.  I could definitely tell I'd been off for a while but didn't have any pain.  It was so great to be back - I missed it!  This week I'm going to work on more easy running and also incorporate come cross training.  
Linking up with Ashley for


Friday, February 15, 2013

High 5 for Friday

This is my first time linking up with Lauren for High 5 for Friday
 1// Keeler's Valentines turned out so cute and so yummy.  
Check out Kristen's recipe for the yummy sweetheart popcorn here.
2// Valentine's evening at our house was oh so fun!  Some friends and I threw together a last minute pizza party.  The guys visited, the kids played and us girls did hair and makeup.  It felt like high school - minus the whole part about the kids running in and out :)  
3// The little cowboys loved the aprons we got them for Valentines.  They like to wear an apron when we play with play-dough and bake.  Tyler and I think Kal might need to wear his at all times #lessmess?  
4// Kal enjoyed getting lots of Valentine kisses from precious Mayli
5// Brittney did an amazing job on my hair!  I mentioned to her one day that I wish my hair would curl like her's and she said she could do it - I am still amazed.  I feel my inner real housewife coming out.  
And look how great it still looked this morning?
Okay so I have a few more than five pics to share but I couldn't leave this out.  
Look at that whittle face! #LOVE
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love is in the air...

Today is all about candy, roses, hugs and kisses but 
most importantly about spending time with the ones you love.      

Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Whoas!

We had a great weekend at home.  Saturday morning we went out to the farm to grind hay and feed cows.  Kallahan and I stayed in the pickup while Keeler and Tyler handled the chores.  Kallahan and I would typically stay at home but I'm glad we didn't.  It was so fun to watch Keeler help his daddy.  
Kallahan didn't mind staying in the pickup as long as he was eating. :)  Once I ran out of snacks, I let him up in the driver's seat and he pretended to drive.  He would wave at the tractor every time they passed.  It was so stinkin' cute to watch!
 Is it me or does my 16 month old look practically like a 24 month old in this picture?  
On Saturday this handsome cowboy took me out for an early Valentine's Day!  
Granny came to our house to watch the little cowboys. Tyler and I went out for a nice quiet dinner, a quick run to Target and then to the movies.  We saw Identity Thief.  It was hilarious and made for a great date movie - 2 thumbs up!  The movie was sold out and all the seats were basically taken so we ended up with the last 2 seats together but on the front row on the far side.  Both our necks were pretty sore by the end of the movie.  We had to laugh because this is just our luck, we finally go to the movies after four years and this is our experience.  Aside from that it was so nice to get away for a while and enjoy the time together.  We really should do it more often but I just hate to the leave the little cowboys on the weekends after working all week. 
On Sunday, Keeler and I went to Sunday school.  
We only had three students in our class.  I think a lot of illness is still going around. :(  
The rest of the day was spent playing, watching TV, relaxing and enjoying family time.  
We also got Keeler's Valentines made for school.  He has one final touch to add and then I'll post a picture.      
I don't have a lot to report on my "best shape" progress.  I was actually reluctant to even do a post...but as promised here goes:  
I only managed to workout 3 days this past week. 
Monday: Ran 2 Miles (okay)
Tuesday:  Ran 2 Miles (most painful run EVER)
Friday:  30 Day Shred
My hip/groin pain was just getting worse by Tuesday.  When I went out to run my shins were even on fire.  I thought maybe part of the problem was the mileage on my shoes.  I read online and then my MIL also said around 300 miles max on a pair...I was getting close if not over so I ordered a new pair and decided to lay off while I waited for them to arrive.  
My shoes came in on Friday.  By then my pain was not as sharp but as much as I wanted to go for a run I just knew it was too soon.  My mom said her doctor told her that dancing is good for a pulled groin muscle so I did the next thing...a workout video.  It went okay and Kallahan loved it!  
The hardest part of this injury is the depression it has caused.  It just makes me so mad because I was finally at that place: conditioned, running more effortlessly and now I've hit a wall.  I don't know if the May half is going to pan out - I don't even want to think about it.  
This week my goal is to eat better, do some cross training and attempt a few easy miles.  Again, my running group has been great at helping keep me positive.  I know I injured myself trying to speed train.  When I'm back training {because I will be back}, it's not going to be about speed at all.  Lesson learned: this white girl is not fast.  I just want to finish the race!
My sister and I did make a pact late in the week.  No eating after dinner.  Anyone else have a terrible night grazing habit?!  
I hope everyone had a great weekend!