Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weekend Visitors

My parents came up this past weekend to visit and brought my sister’s youngest, Samuel.  We had a great weekend…noisy but great!  Saturday morning Keeler and Samuel went with my dad (aka Pa Diddy) to eat breakfast and then headed out to the farm.  Is sounds like the little boys had a great time and even got to ride horses!  My mom and I kept it low-key.  We took our time getting ready, watched RHOM and then headed out shopping.  Our shopping was nothing too exciting but we had fun and then stopped into Subway for a quick lunch.  When the cowboys got back into town, Tyler and my dad went and picked up firewood.  The cold has settled in southwest Kansas so it’s finally feeling like December.  The guys kept the fireplace going all weekend,  which I love!  
I also love that my parents make such a great effort at visiting us when we can't make it their way.  It's so important to me that my little cowboys have a great relationship with their grandparents.  I cherish the time I got to spend with my grandmother SO MUCH and I want that for our boys.  This time of year really pulls at my heart...I miss my grandmother.  Growing up I only had one living grandparent and she was amazing.  We had such a special bond.  It will be 3 years since she passed this Christmastime.
This is picture is from the last Christmas we got to celebrate with her.  She's the one in the red sweater and her sister is holding baby Keeler.  
Embrace the Camera
I am so glad that Grandmother got to meet Keeler.  She loved all the kids so much.  She was interested in every detail of everyone's life up until they very end of her life.  Kallahan didn't get the chance to meet her but I will make sure he knows all about her.  This weekend he spent a lot a time crawling up into Pa Diddy's lap and loving on him.  He's just the cutest!
On Saturday evening we made frosted Christmas trees with the big boys.  I was so impressed at how well they did and by the lack of mess!  Samuel really concentrated on making sure his was completely frosted.  Kallahan thought they were pretty tasty too! :)
My mom showed up with a great surprise gift...a Christmas train!  After mommy finally figured out how to put it together the boys had a blast.  Keeler's sharing and taking turns skills were tested but they ended up doing okay.  The boys played well all weekend.    
To top things off, we got to see um, Santa Clause.  However this counterfeit didn't even fool our 4-year-olds.  It was still fun and we explained he was a helper and could report to Santa.  Keeler and Samuel weren't too impressed but I found it very funny.  Look at him!!  #sloppysanta
 We hated to see my parents leave but only a couple weeks and then we will be back together to celebrate Christmas!!

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12

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  1. We love to read your blog. I cannot wait to see y'all tomorrow. Love aunt Mantha