Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Come On In! Master Bedrooms

Happy September!  I can't believe this is my first post of the month.  Where does the time go?  We haven't been up to anything too exciting so I thought it'd be fun to link up with Andrea today for her "Come On In" series...
So, come on into our master bedroom.

  Our bedroom is located in the far back end of the house. This is the view when you first walk in.  The room is painted Harvest Gold.  We found this color when decorating my parent's house.  It's the color of their living room and this is the second master bedroom we've painted this color - it's very calming, warm and makes for a good neutral.  Our bedroom furniture was our very first purchase after we got married - now ten years ago {wow!}.  It's a nice merge of both Tyler's and mine own style.  It has a western feel but not over the top.  We updated our bedding almost two years ago when I fell in love with this bedding from Rod's.  My mom was so sweet and gave it to me for Christmas.  
 This is Tyler's night stand.  He keeps out a picture of his late granddad with his granny alongside a picture of us.  Tyler idolized his grandfather and is now living his dream working on the family ranch - carrying on a legacy.
With the new bedding, I've tried to add a few turquoise accents throughout the room.  The same year my mom gave us our bedding my sister gave us these crosses and some new accent pillows.  It all tied in the new with the old very well.   
 This is my wee little night stand - that's actually a jewelry chest.  It serves the purpose of holding a cup of water well and this sweet picture of baby Keeler.  We've had the frames above since we were in college.  A couple of years ago I replaced one of the western prints with a sweet little Mother's Day poem that Keeler made in preschool. 
 This is the dresser in front of our bed.  Again, more pictures and our TV.
I love our little window seat next to our bathroom.  I've always said I'd like to add a cushion but haven't got around to it.  In the corner I have a collection of our wedding pictures.

 This is the view leading out of our room with our chest of drawers.  Guess what, more pictures.
 If you follow me on IG, you might of caught on that some fall decorating recently went down.  I'll try to get a post up soon.

 Thank you for dropping by today!  


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  1. Stopping by from the link. This is beautiful. I love your furniture. - Katie

  2. Your fall mantle is adorable!! I love it!