Monday, January 4, 2016

Baker New Year Party

To ring in 2016 we hosted a little New Year party at home this year.
Tyler's brother and his wife, Erica were visiting and we invited Granny over to celebrate too.
 Erica, Kallahan and I had a lot of fun the day of the party shopping and setting up for the party.
Scary, but Kallahan is already quite the little shopper.
While we were busy shopping, Keeler went to the farm with his dad and Tim.
Tyler took this picture of Keeler working the chute.  He might be little but he's a worker!

 But back to the PARTY!  First we had some fun with Keeler's new selfie stick.
We served au jus sandwiches with an assortment of dips.  Easy and yummy!
Erica and I set up an activity countdown for the little cowboys.  They popped a balloon on the hour and inside the balloon was a fun group activity.
6:00pm: Vision Boards for 2016.  Keeler's included a cross, a baby calf and a baby cousin.  I think Kal had a similar vision ;)
7:00pm: Just Dance on the XBox
8:00pm: A cup stacking contest
9:00pm: We played Pie Face!  Erica and Tim were newbies and we got a lot of laughs. 
We also played Keeler's new Cookin' Cookies game.
Kallahan had picked out a cake and cupcakes for the party.  What's a party without cake?!
Our countdown for the littles ended at 10:00pm.  Kallahan was actually asking to go to bed, poor little guy.
Erica and I were the only ones that made it to midnight so we had made our own fun with the selfie stick and included Sprinkles.  Oh, those Baker girls!
We're excited for many more #BakerNewYear parties.
Wishing you the best in 2016!  May your new year sparkle and shine!
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