Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Kallahan's First Day of Preschool 2016

Today is Kallahan's first day of preschool!
He's attending the same preschool he did last year but he will be in the 4 & 5 year-old program.  Luckily, he'll have the same teacher because we just love her.
First Day 2016
First Day 2015 - Our little boy is growing!
This year he could care less about taking pictures. He was just ready to get to school.
He will attend Monday-Wednesday 12-3:30pm.  I think this schedule will work nicely for us.  I plan to pick him up around 11 o'clock from his Granny's, we'll eat lunch together and then I'll drop him off at school
It's so hard to believe this is our last year of preschool. Both my little cowboys will be in big school next year. 
Drop off went great today.  He ran right in and picked his spot at the blue table.  His friend, Liam, picked a spot right next to him so Kallahan was really happy.  He gave me a quick high-five and he was off to play. I'm so grateful that he was all smiles and so excited.   
I hope he enjoys every second of his last year in preschool.  
This past weekend we had the most fun celebrating Kallahan and Jakob's upcoming birthdays with the best John Deere party.  Post coming soon!
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