Monday, November 21, 2016

Kitty Whiskers

You may recall that we babysat our Aunt Ronda's kitten back a couple months ago. Well, we fell in LOVE with this little kitten and just couldn't give her back. Ronda was sweet and knew that she would be safer at our house than out on the farm.
Even Koko liked her.
I started buying her outfits and she became the little girl I always wanted. I kept thinking, I'm NOT a cat person. What am I doing? But she won me over. She won us all over.
Everyone that came over was in awe over her gentle demeanor. She was so calm and just loved the little cowboys. She was so good with them.
Unfortunately, last week Kitty Whiskers passed away. It was a complete accident and I wish so much that we could have her back.
This is the last photo I took of our sweet girl. We only had her a couple of months but she opened up a special place in my heart. RIP
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