Saturday, December 10, 2016

Life Lately

Ho Ho Ho! Just a quick post to share what we've been up to.
We had a great time at the town's annual Christmas Light Parade. We didn't go all out on a float this year because our main Christmas Guru, Adam, wasn't feeling well and was about to have back surgery. We still looked festive and BRIGHT!
Kallahan's been wearing my favorite Christmas shirt. Looking through pictures from last Christmas he had it on very often in December and I think we're repeating a trend. Hey, if the shirt fits!
Oh, and these red rubber boots are his new favorite too.
Granny babysat the boys while we were at my work Christmas party. The kitties seem to love her just as much as we do.
Keeler's been working hard on his horse habitat.
He was pretty proud to take it to school.
Cozy nights on the couch reading Christmas books is the best!
Grandma Kak surprised us on Wednesday by coming to town. She came for Keeler's music program. We all LOVED having her visit. Kallahan especially enjoyed spending time with her at the house - just relaxing and getting some special one-on-one attention. These two have a special bond. 
Then it was time to watch our star! My boys are beyond blessed in the grandparent department.
Keeler did great at the program. They had several really cute songs.
And lastly, both the little cowboys are back on the radio for American Implement's Holiday Greetings. I know I'll want to listen back at these someday so I have to post.
Have a happy Saturday!
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