Monday, June 25, 2012

Relaxing with visitors

We had a relaxing and to be honest a bit of a boring weekend.  My cousin Megan & her boyfriend, Eddie, came up on Thursday evening and stayed through Sunday.  She is such a darling young woman and I am so proud that she is doing so well.  She works almost 30 hours a week and is going to school full-time.  She is scheduled to graduate college in May.  Man, time is flying!  
We all loved getting to know Eddie.  He is so easy going and seemed to be happy no matter what we were doing or better yet, not doing.  It was terribly hot and windy here so we really just wanted to stay inside.  I got to take two naps this weekend - pretty exciting news for this mommy!  I think that our guests enjoyed playing with the little cowboys, going swimming and doing some local shopping.  On Saturday evening we watched Tower Heist --- it was a great movie, we all loved it!  Tyler liked it so much he watched it again on Sunday.  
Hard to believe this little cowboy will be four in a month!
   Our little cowboys love having visitors.  Kallahan really took to Eddie!


Open home, open heart!

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