Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekend Whoas!

We traveled to Texas this weekend to see my mom and she is doing great! Her doctor and physical therapist are both really impressed with her strength and progress.  She is on a walker and still has to stay off her feet most of the time but I could not believe how well she is doing.  
Keep up the good work mom!

While we were in town we got to do quite a few fun things!
We went to cousin Bryon’s first wee-tee game.
Went swimming at my sisters and then Keeler went to a Venom football game with my sister & her family. 
Kal & I stayed at home with my mom.  We had a nice dinner and then watched a good movie.
Kallahan got his first haircut right before he turned 9 months.  
I almost cried - he looks like such a big boy (and so much better)!  

*Note:  the little boys were just "too busy" for pictures!
Sunday we celebrated Father’s Day. We all went to lunch and then spent the day together.  We gave my dad some "Best Pa Diddy Ever Beans" and two R.D. Mercer cds.  These were wonderful finds from the Ulysses garage sales.  "How big 'ol boy are you?!"  
I hated that we weren't home with Tyler but we were able to have dinner with him last night and gave him his gift ----a hedge trimmer (just what he wanted)!  Just don't ask him who made dinner, ha! 
Thanks for all that you do for us!! :)  

 Last but not least,  Kallahan had his first snow-cone and to say he LOVED it would be an understatement.   


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