Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello November!

Wow, how can tomorrow already be the middle of November and next week be Thanksgiving!?  My last post was Halloween and since then life has passed by too quickly.  

What have we been up to?  

At work we started a 4 week wellness program.  All my extra time has been spent trying to squeeze in extra running which results in less blogging. :( BUT I ended up getting second place!  We started it back up on Monday so here’s to another 4 weeks.  This should help with Thanksgiving treats – I hope!

We were recently referred to a specialist for Kal since his left foot turns in so much.  We had to travel to see the specialist but the peace of mind was worth it.  He said that over time it should improve and that no brace was necessary.  He was confident that it will not impede him in any way. Praise the Lord!

I just finished up my second newsletter for work.  This takes so much time and effort but I have really enjoyed the experience.  I feel like I am growing my skills and meeting some awesome people along the way. 

AND to close this is what’s been taking up most our time since Saturday:
 Hooray for new floors!!  Tyler and his uncle completed the installation yesterday.  They look absolutely amazing.  Once we get everything cleaned up and put back in place I’ll post better pictures.  Now I'm off to Zumba with some friends.  I've gotta get my points in.


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