Sunday, March 10, 2013


Sorry for being MIA the past week.  I am just glad to have that one behind us.  I'll give you a quick rundown and I apologize in advance for rambling.
Keeler started back coughing and running fever on the first.  After I took him to the doctor late in the afternoon that Friday we went home and then proceeded to lay low.  Of course convincing a four-year-old to rest is easier said than done.  Aside from a few gator rides we stayed inside all weekend trying to ignore the fact that the weather was gorgeous out.   
On Monday night we noticed that this sweet guy was back coughing and running fever...
They say it takes a village to raise a child and on Tuesday that  rang true.  I was so thankful to have both Tyler and Granny because I had a big customer event at work that I couldn't miss which required a lot of prep and energy.  
Tyler was a saint and stayed up most the night with Kal and then took both the boys back to the doctor.  They ended up on different antibiotics plus breathing treatments since their oxygen levels were low.
Keeler was able to return to school late in the week but over the weekend we tried to conitnue to rest so these precious boys will get well.    
I saw a pin about marking doses directly on the medication.  I had to share because this has been so helpful since my brain is pretty much fried from lack of sleep and having 1,468 things running through my head all at the same time.  
Here's to a healthy week!  


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