Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Whoas!

Just a quick recap of a cold weekend at home.

We got SNOW on Friday, close to 5" of snow!  
Saturday the little cowboys played in the snow with Tyler while I went shopping with a friend.  I missed out on getting any pictures of the boys in the snow but scored some cute Christmas gifts at our local bizarre.  

In the evening the boys and I watched the Polar Express while daddy went and played poker.  
 The little cowboys are going on the Polar Express next weekend with Mimi and Jim-Dad.  I thought watching the movie would make it that much more fun.  Keeler loved it!  I loved cuddling on the couch with popcorn ;)

On Sunday afternoon we decided to go look at new washers and dryers.  After almost ten years our's are starting to make some pretty strange/loud noises.  We didn't intend to buy but found a great deal.  We also got the little cowboys some snow boots.  Who would've thought snow boots would bring on so much excitement?  
 We had a nice lunch at "the best sandwich place ever" (according to Keeler, aka Arby's) and a quick trip to Target before someone had a major meltdown... 
It was a "you're so lucky you're cute" kinda day for this guy! 
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  1. And he is such a cutie! We all have bad days. Sheri