Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekend Whoas

Our weekend was far from eventful.  Granny called me late Friday afternoon to report that Kal woke up really congested and wheezing after his afternoon nap.  By the time I was able to pick him up he was terrible and was running fever.  I just knew we were going to end up in hospital like in the spring since it was too late to make a regular doctor's appointment.  Luckily I still had breathing treatments and medications from his last "episode."  Tyler made him a little croup tent with a humidifier and blankets and then we just stayed on top of medications.  By bedtime he was playing and his fever had broke.  We were so relieved and thankful.   
 On Saturday, Keeler and Tyler went to the farm.  Kal and I took it easy.  He was still sluggish and just wanted mommy.  When the big cowboys got home, we Keeler and I decided it was time to decorate for Christmas!  (Yes, we're "those" people.) 
Mid Saturday afternoon through evening my house looked like Christmas had exploded!!  I forgot how much work it is but it's so worth it.  I love my new taller tree!!  Keeler really wanted our old family Christmas tree in his room but Tyler talked him into one that was his same height - great thinking dad! 
Yesterday I stayed home with Kallahan and took him to the doctor.  She started him on some antibiotics and sugested we keep him on the steroid.  There's nothing worse than seeing your children ill.  I hate it.  The only silver lining is I loved cuddling with him and having some relaxing one-on-one.  We watched several episodes of Paw Patrol and then he took his afternoon nap on my lap.  I soaked it all in.  
Everyone seems to be feeling much better so it was back to routine and reality this morning.  I really didn't want to leave the house.    All I wanted to do is sit on the couch with my little cowboys, look at my tree and watch Hallmark movies.  Anyone else addicted to the Holiday movies on the Hallmark channel?  They just make my heart smile.
P.S. // a Christmas tour of homes is coming soon!  


  1. How cute of an idea to top his tree with a hat! I may just have to steal this :) I hate that he was notnp feeling well. It seemed that Bryar kept croup last winter, and I agree at how tough it is to see your babies sick. I hope this week is much better!

  2. So glad Kal is better and didn't have to stay in the hospital. That is one thing I do NOT miss is sick children. Too stressful. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Is that one of those Fisher Price Nativity sets I see in the bottom picture? Love those!