Wednesday, May 28, 2014

You're 32... we love you!

Saturday, the 17th was Tyler's birthday.  He had to farm all day so we planned a little family party in the evening.  In the morning, the little cowboys and I set out to make him the best birthday cake ever.  His favorite cake is his Granny's wacky cake, which I've made before (successfully I might add) but for some reason the world was out to get me this time.  
My first cake went together smoothly.  I substituted white distilled vinegar for apple cider vinegar but assumed it would be okay... wrong!!  Cake #1 ended up in the trash.  
Cake #2 ended up in the bottom of my oven because I used a different cake pan that was obviously a bit too small (my regular pan was washing, duh).  I was so close to throwing in the towel and buying a cake until Keeler said, "This is going to be daddy's worstest birthday ever."  
I couldn't be responsible for the "worstest birthday ever"  so I rolled up my sleeves, cleaned the oven, borrowed flour from the neighbors and FINALLY ended up with a cake.
Keeler picked out all the farm decorations for the cake and while Kallahan was napping we decorated.  Keeler was so proud of our creation and Kallahan was very impressed with our work.  
Once we were finally done in the kitchen we headed out to the farm to ride on the new Ranger with daddy.
We had a great time checking cattle and then visiting with family.  We headed back into town and went to dinner.  Yes, dinner out - this mommy was not about to attempt preparing a meal when the baking universe was so obviously out to get me.
Once we got home, the little cowboys were both so excited to show daddy his cake.  Keeler was quick to explain the entire design behind the cake.  "It's everyone that works for TNT Cattle!  Uncle Troy and me are on the cake, on four-wheelers working cattle.  Side note:  we really wanted the cowboys on horses but they were too heavy for the cake.  Daddy you're on the tractor working in the fields and Kallahan is in the garden."
 Tyler said the cake reminded him of several of his cakes growing up ;)
My world, right there in one picture.
We had a great birthday evening.  And I hope and pray that Tyler knows how truly special he is for me, for us.  
Tyler, you are my best friend.  You are a wonderful father, friend, uncle, brother and son.  I'm so thankful to be married to you and have you by my side.  I can't say enough what a wonderful daddy you are!  Both the little cowboys just light up when you're around.  They both want to be you...  I love listening every evening what fun you can make out of bathtime.  I always envisioned that I would be a "girl mom."  But I know God got it right when he blessed us with two little boys because he knew you would be such a great father and so hands with our children.  Our two little cowboys needed YOU.  I wouldn't want it any other way.  I love you.  I loved you from the beginning.  I'll love you forever.  I wouldn't bake a cake three times for anyone else ;)
After cake and baths the little cowboys wanted to have a "camp out" in Kallahan's room.  I'm working on practicing more of a yes mom approach, so we camped out!  It only lasted a little while and Keeler asked to go to his room because Kallahan wouldn't stop talking to him. 

The next morning, our little chatty camper was refreshed and ready to start the day.

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