Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Keeler's Preschool Graduation

Keeler is officially a preschool graduate.  It feels a bit like deja vu since Keeler graduated last year but since he has a summer birthday we decided to have him complete one more year of pre-K.  Based on how well he has done socially this year I know we made the right decision.   
Here's our handsome graduate!  He was really excited for the program.  It was over 90 degrees so I had him shorts out to wear but he was insistent that he wear jeans.  "Don't you think they look nice, mom?"  - of course little buddy.    
He's done so well with school this year.  Last year we still had a few weepy days but this year he was excited to go almost everyday.  I can't believe that preschool is over and will forever be grateful for the three years that he had to grow and learn before setting off to "big school."
He's really excited about going to kindergarten.  It's been nice that his preschool teacher has taken the class over to the public kindergarten a few times to allow them to see the classroom and get a feel of what's in store for next year.

Before I walked Keeler into his classroom for the very last time, right before graduation, I had to take his picture by the entrance sign.  Look how much my little cowboy has grown.  What fond memories he's made at SMCC Preschool!

Kindergarten, here we come!
He was so proud walking down to the ceremony.
We've been blessed with Mrs. Winner.  She's great and has been his teacher for the past three years now.  She might be ready for him to leave :) The school is getting a little break from our family next year but Kallahan will start attending the next year.  Man how time flies!

Here's a little snippet from the program.  What do you think Keeler says he wants to be when he grows up?

...big shocker, right?!
"Hats off to graduation!"
 Granny and baby Cooper came to the ceremony and joined us at the reception for punch and cookies.  Keeler loved having them there.

On Monday night, my mom came up for the graduation.  It was so fun to have her stay the night and have her at graduation.  She also brought  her little babysitting kiddo Bailee with her - she's the best!  

Keeler really hit it off with Colton this year.  They have a lot of common interests (tractors, John Deere, tools, etc...).  It sounds like they are inseparable at school.  I'm so happy that he found such a sweet buddy.
My Cowboys, My World...
Both the little cowboys went back to Texas with my mom for the remainder of the week.  Keeler was a little hesitant to go but Kallahan just jumped in the car and was ready to go.  They're so different.  They have a fun week planned but this mommy might go crazy without them.  Like I told Keeler, "just two more sleeps."
In the mean time my evenings look a little like this...

DVR catch-up time and I may or may not be eating watermelon for dinner - on the couch.  My TV doesn't know what to think about not being on Nick Jr. or Disney Jr. before 8pm. 
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  1. Congrats Keeler! You'll love Kindergarten.

  2. I really wish I would have been able to come to the graduation! So proud of him and he is growing up so quickly. He is so mature for his age and I love how well him and Samuel get along together now. Can't wait to see you in a couple of days.