Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Friday Favorites: Gettin' Healthy

Happy Friday and Happy March!!
It's been a great week and I have to contribute that to making good choices and a far less busy / stressful schedule {aside from hosting a 5K THIS Saturday but we'll get to that later}.  I'm going to share some of my FAVORITE gettin' healthy tips/finds from the week and of course a little randomness.

{one}  Favorite Quote
I stumbled upon this quote on Monday and it spoke VOLUMES to me.  I've posted that I started Insanity Max:30 recently but like always, I stopped for five days for an array of excuses, gone back to eating "whatever" and bought into my long list of excuses... sick kids, headache, my period, whatev!  
When my BFF, Natalie, came over to workout on Monday this week we had both thought over the weekend that we needed to start fresh this week/month.  We need to be fully committed to eating clean and sticking to our calorie goals.  Later in the day, I was telling a girlfriend at work our plan and I was annoyed listening to MYSELF.  Here I was, telling her I was getting back on track... just like I say and do EVERY Monday and/or EVERY new Month.  I'm honestly tired of starting over... so I'm going to STOP giving up.  I updated my 4:45a alarm to show the above insightful phrase so when I start falling back into the ol' snooze routine I hope it stirs some emotions so I GET OUT OF BED!! 

{two}  Favorite New Workout
My above mentioned BFF is such an inspiration.  This girl is a runner (like 30+ miles a week) and pushes me beyond my comfort zone... Not to mention she is gorgeous!  I can't clock that much mileage in the week, especially during the cold months but she's always talking about her interval treadmill workouts.  So I decided to give one a shot this week and OMGosh I am in LOVE!  I have never felt such a calorie burn throughout the day {weird} nor had time go by on the TM so quickly.  The original version can be found here created by Tone It Up.  But for ease of use, my logic and my old eyes I made the above chart and taped it to the machine.  I'm going to incorporate this with Insanity Max:30 at least 3 days a week.  Best thing is, I'm finished working out by 6:30a and then the rest of day all I have to focus on is the important stuff.

{three}  Favorite New Recipe
Along with working out, Tyler and I have been trying to plan some new healthier meals.  We've made this twice now.  Once was on the grill and once in the oven.  Both times it's been great.  This week, Tyler added in mixed peppers and left out the bacon and I liked it even better :)

{four}  Favorite Upcoming Event

This Saturday is our Junior Civic Lucky Leprechaun 5K.  This is my first year as president {must mention I miss my sweet friend, Sabra} and it's been A LOT of work but so worth it.  We're feeling overwhelmed by the outpour of community support.  Thus far, our sponsorships alone have been the best since we started the race five years ago.  I am so proud of our group of ladies all working together {like rock-stars} and can't wait to see what the actual event might bring in.  We're going to be able to give out some great scholarships!!  Race details found here.  

{four}  My Favorites... forever and always
Need I say more?!

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