Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Whoas: Staycation

This past weekend started Keeler's Spring Break vacation.  Due to busy schedules and life on the farm we decided it would be best to stay close to home so we ventured to the city for a little "staycation."  Surprisingly, it ended up being one of our better trips.
Kallahan helped me get all packed and ready on Saturday morning.  He was super excited to go swimming at the hotel and wore his floaties around all morning.  I just love this kid!
Road Trip!  A short one is even better :)
Our first stop was bowling.
Keeler LOVED that he beat all of us.
My little cowboy is growing up.
We checked into the hotel, checked out our room and then went straight to the pool.
We stayed at a brand new Best Western Plus and everything was super nice and top of the line.
The little cowboys were in heaven.  We swam all afternoon.
For dinner, we tried a new oriental restaurant that we had heard has sushi, per Tyler's request.  Yes, my cowboy is a big sushi fan (who would've guessed that?!)
Keeler wanted soup and we laughed when they brought it out - the bowl was bigger than him!
After dinner, and applying tattoos we picked up out of the restaurant vending machines, it was time for MORE SWIMMING!
Kal was pretty proud of his new look.  He gladly swapped Keeler his cool skull tat for this butterfly.  He's such a sweet little brother.
Then is was time to settle in for bed...
but not until we got the wiggles out :)
Sweet dreams my little cowboys.
The night was looooong.  Kal ended up sleeping with us after he fell out of the bed.  Then Tyler ended up with Keeler because Kal was all over the place.  At this point, we were happy we decided on a one night stay.
In the morning, we enjoyed a nice breakfast followed up with one last swim.
We ended the trip with another meal out and then a little BBQ grill shopping with no luck and then headed back home.
I love my little family and treasure these moments.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect stay cation! We hope to come and experience the new hotel soon!