Friday, July 10, 2015

Farewell T-Ball

Last night was Keeler's last t-ball game of the season, which marked the end to his t-ball career.  Our little slugger is growing up.  This year he had so much fun learning the skills of the game. We were really impressed with his ability to catch, throw, hit and run {super fast}. 
He loved every minute of the games.
 He ended up on a great little team this year.  We knew most of the kids and parents.  It was fun to support all the kids and so nice to see others doing the same for Keeler.
The long awaited medal!!
 His coaches were great!
They may be silly, but they are a fun & talented group of kiddos.
We were so happy that Mimi made it to Keeler's last game.  He was excited about it all week.  Of course Kal loved spending time with her too.

Granny, Troy and Ronda also made it out to his game.  Our boys are so loved and supported.  We are so blessed.
And I'm taking it that this is his "I'm proud" face.  Or more than likely, "enough with the pictures, mom."
Coach Pitch here we come!!

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