Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Celebrating 40 Years: Ruidoso Vacation

Hi there!  I hope the end of your summer is going well.  We ended our summer with a family vacation to Ruidoso to celebrate our parent's 40th wedding anniversary.  It was wonderful to spend time with so many family members and friends (40+ attended) and most importantly, celebrate the two of the most important people in my life.  
Mom and Dad, thank you for everything you have done for us.  You all have set the greatest example of marriage.  Your strong family values and unconditional love is the foundation for our entire family.  You all faced many trials and tribulation throughout your 40 years and handled them with such grace and always trusted God.  Your devotion to family is next to none other.  We are so blessed to have you both.  Samantha and I would not be the mothers and wives that we are today without your guidance and support.  We might not be as feisty either :)
We love you more than any words could ever express.  
xoxo "ah-be, ah-be"

We had the best time on this trip.  I loved spending uninterrupted time with my loved ones. 
 Tyler and I went up early with my parents and took my niece and nephew along with the little cowboys.  
We had a great time roadtrippin' in their mini van.  Memories I will hold onto forever!
We enjoyed lots of yummy dinners and treats together.
  My little cowboys had so much fun at the Flying J Ranch
 Of course we had to get our morning dose of Starbucks..
and then enjoyed nice walks around the resort.
Keeler and I had some special time together each morning since we're the early risers.  We'd sneak out of the hotel room so Kal could get some much needed rest, grab some tea and go explore.  I LOVED it!
One morning, we ran into another fellow early-riser, uncle Jarret.  We had fun feeding the ducks and soaking up the lake air.
My boys were so lucky to have both sets of grandparents on the trip.  How cool is that!?
They enjoyed some paddle boating.
 A must on the list to-do it always the horse races in Ruidoso.
The little boys loved hanging with their older cousins.
The big winners ;)
My best friends
 We went driving go-carts like crazy folks!   Which is always my favorite ;)

We ended the vacation with an anniversary party and dinner!!
The kids were so cute to watch and I think it's safe to say, they all had a BLAST!
 I'll let the pictures do most the talking...
The original wedding party, 40 years later.
Celebrating in the same town they honeymooned, 40 years later.
The whole gang+ the adopted grandkids ;)
Our limbo winners!
Sweet Jacey was such a good party coordinator.  She entertained the kids and took most the party pictures.
Wishing you both many, many, many more years of happiness!
The next morning, we were all so sad that the vacation had to come to an end.
Watching our kids make memories together at the place we grew up vacationing just makes my heart smile. Until next time Ruidoso! 

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  1. I love hearing about others having a fabulous time in Ruidoso! We began going there for a winter trip a few years back and haven't stopped vacationing there since! It's such a beautiful town, and I'm sure it was the perfect place to celebrate a wonderful marriage!