Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Keeler's First Day of First Grade!

Today marks Keeler's first day of first grade!  After his back-to-school social last night I set up a little mini photo session to get his picture.  He did great for me... mainly because he got to wear his new tennis shoes that he's been dying to wear since we bought them.
I LOVE that toothless grin.  
He has another great teacher this year, based on his kindergarten teacher's recommendations.  He also ended up having his best friend from kindergarten in his class and a boy from t-ball.  After the social, once we got in the car he said, "I'm not so nervous anymore and it'll be nice to get a break from you guys too."  Oh, he kills me!
 Kallahan wanted his picture too.  I told him we would have to dress him in his back-to-school clothes and take his picture again soon since he starts pre-K after Labor Day (cue the waterworks). 
 And this is the little first grade stud this morning.  I decided to let him change his first day outfit to exactly what he wanted to wear so that he'd have the best day he could have!  He loves the Nike outfits -  me, not so much.  But my mom gave me great advice and said, "pick your battles, Kelley."  She was exactly right.  
 My three cowboys walking into school.  It just melts my heart.
We snapped one picture of him by his locker and he went right into his class with a smile.  It was our easiest back-to-school experience yet.  My little guy is growing up.  I held back the tears on the way out and focused on the many positives and blessings.  We're so glad he's excited to attend.  He has a great teacher and it's going to be the best year yet!

I am so proud. Proud of the amazing little man is he becoming. 
Go get ‘em Keeler! The world is waiting…

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  1. Oh I love these pictures, they are not babies anymore. Can't wait to see y'all.