Wednesday, November 18, 2015

We're back!!!

We're back!  I did not intend to take an extended hiatus from blogging, but the past couple of months have been so filled with other to-dos that something had to give. I tend to forget how crazy life gets in the fall.  
Both the little cowboys are in school, Keeler started a vision therapy program (he's rocking it), we've done some traveling, I've become a Netflix junkie and work responsibilities seem to always be increasing.  I'd like to share {for memories' sake} a few highlights with full intention of getting back into the blogging world.
Late October, Tyler and I went on a cruise to Cozumel.  It was so nice to unplug and relax for a few days.  We traveled with a few business acquaintances from our area {that over the years have turned into friends}.  It was also nice to catch up and share some laughs. 

While we were away the little cowboys, rather our Texas A&M football player and Kal the cow, celebrated Halloween with their cousins and grandparents.  
And trust me, don't let this picture above fool you... Kallahan was thrilled to be a cow. 
The kid pretty much wore this costume out before Halloween playing cow every chance he got in the house and in the yard.  
We can't thank our fam bam enough for taking care of the boys while we were away.  They made some great memories... going fishing with Jim-dad, early morning donuts with Granny, trick-or-treating with cousins, the list goes on and on :) 

Right before Cozumel, my Junior Civic club held our annual fall party.  It was a blast, as usual.  
"Tell me about it, stud!"  
How handsome is my Danny?! 

Life is finally settling back down to normal.  This past weekend, Mimi came to town.  The boys did not want to leave her side.  They stayed both nights with her and Kallahan even had her sit in our Sunday school class.  We love our Mimi!  On Monday, Keeler's school hosted a special little Grandparent's Day.  Mimi and Granny were both able to attend.  Our boys are so lucky to honestly have the best grandparents in the world!  

 We also did a little decorating for Christmas.  Yes, I'm one of "those people" but I can't help it.  We're looking forward to a fabulous holiday season.  How about you?
Hope all is well for you and yours.
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