Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving '15

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Texas with our favorites.
We headed in a day early to beat the ice storm and had a great "cousin day."
The day was full of playing, shopping, ice cream and giggles!
My three favorite ladies in the whole wide world! 
Jacey is growing up too fast but I love watching her mature into such a beautiful young lady {inside and out}.
For Thanksgiving day we went out to my sister's house.
Jacey made her 4H award winning dessert.  Trust me, this didn't last long! 
Jacey was in charge of pictures and she did a great job!  Kallahan really "worked" the camera for her. 
We LOVED that Tyler's parents came out and joined us.  So much to be thankful for.
After dinner, we took a few family photos.  Like usual, the kids boys didn't like the idea but we managed to get a few great photos.
I told Samantha, this is my favorite photo EVER.  We really captured their beauty.
Aforementioned ice storm made it's way in as predicted so our typical 12+ hour Black Friday shopping extravaganza was an hour sprint to Target and Toys"R"Us to beat the storm followed up by a Black Cold Friday spent without electricity.  In that hour, we did A LOT of shopping.  And thanks to online shopping I was able to shop while we drove home.
Luckily we had a big breakfast right before the electricty went out, prepared my aunt Samantha and her little sous chef, Kallahan.
We made the best of life without electricity.
  We played a lot of cards, did some crafting, ate way too much too often, had a dance party and snuggled up around the fire.  
I LOVE this girl!!
On Saturday, we braved out on the icy roads to visit more with Tyler's family.
Oh BOY, I'm sure glad we did.
The little cowboys had a blast with their cousins and grandparents.
I love this picture of their slumber party with Mimi, Bryon and Brody.  The Baker brothers obviously can't hang!
Cheers to cherished memories and so much to be THANKFUL for.
"May the good things of life be yours in abundance, not only at Thanksgiving but throughout the coming year."
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