Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Valentine

This post is dedicated to my valentine... my handsome cowboy.
I love this man more than words could ever express.  People often ask me, how do you do it all?  I always respond, "because my husband is the best!" This is the honest truth... he pitches in with everything.  He provides us a beautiful life, makes me laugh and dotes on me daily.  He really knows how to make a girl feel loved.  
More than anything, he is the best father I have ever seen.  He is so hands on and goes above and beyond for our little cowboys.  Nothing warms my heart more.
I was recently going through his phone and just loved so many of his photos.  Seeing fatherhood through his eyes just makes me love him more (how's that even possible?!).
After working all day, he helps prepare dinner, helps me with Keeler's homework and finds time to read to the little cowboys.  
In the winter he bathes the boys most the time.  And I wonder why they like him more?!
He's great about helping with appointments when I can't get away from work.
He's very handy.  He made Keeler these display cases for his belt buckle collection.
I'm so glad that they're learning from the best :)
They're learning the meaning of hard work and the importance of farming/ranching...  
all while making life so much fun.  From teaching Keeler to drive (yikes!!)...
Kal the appreciation of antique tractors, 
to the joys of riding a horse on a gorgeous Spring day.

I love you, Tyler.
Don't ever change, because I love everything about you.
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