Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love is in the air...

We knew Tyler would be very busy the weekend of Valentine's Day so this past weekend we did a little {early} Valentine celebrating.  
Kal and I got the party started by making up some special Valentine treats while Tyler & Keeler completed farm chores.
After everyone was home, I surprised the little cowboys {and my big cowboy} with their Valentine's gifts. They were in heaven over their bags full of farm toys, tractors, markers and candy.
Tyler doesn't look it, but he was thrilled with his candy ;)
Granny joined us in the evening and we ventured over to the city for Sushi and a little shopping!
Kal insisted on this container of Cheese Balls that is almost as big as him and for some reason I have the hardest time saying, "no" to that little face!
After church on Sunday, we I worked on Keeler's cow Valentine box.  It was his idea and I made it come to life.  I guess you could say, "he supervised."
The boys made sure I covered all the bases... complete with an ear-tag, brand and a tail.
After the box, I had the little cowboys work on their class Valentines.  Keeler picked sport themed this year. It was a struggle but I did insist that Kallahan write his name on his while Keeler addressed his to and from his classmates. Torture, I tell ya!
Kallahan had his Valentine party at preschool on Thursday.  He was so proud of his treat bag and ALL the goodies.  He was sweet and shared with Keeler when he got home.

Keeler had his party on Friday.  I had to snap his picture because he was named "Character Spotlight" at his school and they had his picture up in the hallway.  He was recognized for being respectful, responsible and ready!  We're so proud of our first grade stud!
My cowboys didn't forget about me... when the little cowboys and I got home from Sunday school, Tyler surprised me with roses, a necklace and the sweetest card.  So sweet :)
'til next time, muah! Lots of LOVE & Happy Valentine's Day!
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