Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter Party Day

Hippity-Hoppity it's Easter Party Day!!

This morning the little cowboys were pumped and ready for their school Easter parties.

Getting a picture of these two is like...

Granny took Kallahan to his preschool party and he had a blast.
I picked him up around noon and we headed out for a special little lunch date.
I took off the afternoon so I could help Keeler's teacher with his classroom Easter party.  We had a little downtime between lunch and the party so we did a little more Easter / Spring decorating at our house to get prepared for our special weekend guests.
We had a blast at the party.  I am so glad I took Kallahan along.  He helped me hide the class eggs and behaved so well.  Keeler's class thought he was "so cute!"  They called him, "mini Keeler."  Keeler really liked having him there too - warmed my heart.  After the party we invited one of Keeler's friends over to the play.  It was a gorgeous weather and they played in the yard {I cleaned the garage} until almost until dark.

Now let's get this wonderful Easter weekend started. We're excited for family to come up.  I'm sure I'll be "over-gramming" so follow us here.
 I wish you all the best.  He is Risen!
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  1. Happy Easter! Your boys look so sharp with their little haircuts and polos. :)