Thursday, October 27, 2016

October Highlights

Well, so long October.... it's hard to believe another month has almost flown by.  Sharing some of our favorite highlights from the month today.
We've had the privilege of attending a few of Jakob's first varsity football games. How can this kid already be in high school?
It's so much fun to get together and watch him play.
He'll always be number one in our world!
Kitty Whiskers enjoyed her Halloween costume throughout the month. 
Thanks again Aunt Ronda!
Kitty Whiskers went to Keeler's school for show-and-tell.
She did great!

She also got to go to Kallahan's school. She is the sweetest little thing and loves the attention.

Homecoming Week!
Keeler was a great sport this year and enjoyed dressing up for each homecoming theme day.
Wearing a fanny pack like a BOSS on Tacky Tourist Day.
Looking cool rocking those 80's vibes
Our studs on Favorite Sports Team Day #housedivided
Don't tell but Kallahan was my favorite that day.
And lastly here'e our Batman on favorite Super Hero day.
Somehow we managed to snag Yard of the Month! Crazy?! Guess were getting better at this home-ownership thing.

We enjoyed family bike rides, 
walks to the ice-cream shop, 
Levi's birthday party,

shopping with friends,

Facetiming family,

and this handsome cowboy played flag football.

Kallahan had a blast watching big brother and entertaining mommy.
These two are my world. Every month, every day, every minute. 
Hope your month was wonderful as well.
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