Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Favorites

January 2017 is coming to an end - how'd that happen so fast?!  I have all the intentions of being a better blogger this year but obviously that isn't going so well. 
Happy Friday regardless - I'm linking up with ErikaNarci and Andrea to share my Friday Favorites. It's always a great way to share what we've been up to:

{one} My bestie, Rachel, had her baby and OMGosh, he's the sweetest!
Spending time with Baby Ian is a new favorite!

We're so happy for the Spencer clan. Thanks for letting us love on him. My little cowboys will have tons of stuff to teach this little guy. I can't wait to watch him grow.

Last Friday, before our ice storm hit, we went over to Rachel's with Katie and Logan to take out pizza. I snapped this photo of new big sister, Becca with Keeler. I put it on my Instagram with the caption: "Oh Becca, Kee really has BIG HUG feelings for you too. He's just too cool to show it" ;)

{two} I'm been busy creating - always a favorite. Junior Civic hosted a little "Sip and See" for Rachel so I made these printables for Ian's nursery. They turned out so cute! I hope she loves them.
I've also designed a couple of t-shirts for friends/family this week. Instead of hosting a 5K as our Junior Civic fundraiser this year, we're in the beginning stage of hosting a t-shirt sale. I'm pretty excited for this idea. We're hoping this goes over well - fingers crossed!

{three} MLK/Ice Storm Weekend
Last weekend we were hit with an ice storm. The timing was perfect since the boys were out on Monday and I was off on Monday. So we just hibernated in the house. We had a fire going constantly, watched several movies and just enjoyed the family time.
The boy's favorite movie we watched was the Disney Classic, Old Yeller. They LOVED it! Fellow farm mama's - make sure you have your kids watch this one. The rest of the weekend they were working hard on their chores by keeping the fire going, feeding the pets and um, steering clear of wild hogs 😂. Thanks for keeping mama warm boys!! 
They played Old Yeller for hours and made such a MESS. However, even more than the mess were the MEMORIES that were made. I ❤️ this stage of life. I pray they're friends for life.

{four} Recent school favorites:

Yippee Ki-Yay for Keeler's recent Boot Hill Field Trip! This cowboy loved it! To decorate their locker's beforehand they were to design a boot. Keeler and I had so much fun researching boots, coming up with his design and working on it together. We're so happy that Keeler has found more confidence this year in school. He's making 100% on his weekly spelling tests {his teacher is going to start giving him his own harder list of words} and just this week he was excited to report that he was the only one in his class to get 100% on a recent math quiz. Great job! 

Last night we had Kallahan's parent/teacher conference. His teacher really loves him (who wouldn't tho?!). She complimented his neat coloring, his social skills, common sense behavior and HUGE speech improvements. We'll need to keep working on letter/number recognition but she thinks he right on track for Kindergarten. My baby is headed to Kindergarten in just months, yall!
I think what I'll miss the most when he's off to Kindergarten is our little lunch dates. I've been eating lunch with my boys for over eight years. Next year is going to be hard. So time, do us a favor and slow down a little. 

{five}  S N O W
We've been blessed recently with moisture!
All of our cattle are doing well and the boys have had a blast playing in it. Sledding is their favorite!

 The night of sledding, Keeler said the best part of this day was sledding, but not just sledding - being with my family. This momma's heart, y'all ❤️ 

Tyler helped the little cowboys build a snowman after this weekend's ice/snow storm. It was the perfect snow for building. Tyler's creativity with spray paint was great but since it's melted it looks like something died in our front yard. Oh dear!
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