Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy February, folks! I'm linking up with ErikaNarci and Andrea to share my Friday Favorites.
{one} Happy Birthday to my favorite lady on the planet, my mom.
I'm so glad that we celebrated her this past weekend by throwing a friend/family party. Y'all, my mom really is the best. She's selfless, kindhearted and our families' rock. I strive daily to be a mom like her. She's "Grandma Kak" to so many kids beyond her own because that  she has beams. We love you BIG!! Happiest birthday to the BEST! 
{two} While we were in Texas we got to celebrate another one of our favorite birthdays.
Happy {belated} birthday to our fav 'lil Samuel, aka Scott Hamilton!! Everyone had a blast ice skating with him. Who knew we had so many athletes in the fam bam?

{three} Keeler's favorite day of school this year was last Friday.Dress like a cowboy to celebrate Kansas Day.
How handsome is he?! He's been looking forward to this for week, Yee-haw ;)

{four} Since after the holidays, we've been focusing more on health and fitness (like every other American this time of year) and since we've been going strong for about a month I have some new favorites:
My friend, Katie and I have been doing Piyo for a month now. At first, I wasn't impressed and so confused. I'm usually a high intensity cardio girl. But once we got through the instructional workout and we kind of know what we're doing I LOVE it. It's working muscles that have never been sore and since it's not so intense I find getting up early easier. I'm actually looking forward to working out. This is new for me and so much easier on my body than running.

Protein, Protein, Protein
This Egg White Protein Powder is my new go-to afternoon snack. It's been a learning process but basically my body responds best with more protein. After the holidays I always have those 10 pesky pounds to lose. I tried doing Weigh Watchers with my mom, sis and some friends in January but I wasn't losing. I was basically maintaining and even gained a little. I'm still tracking (love that about weight watchers) but I started doing some research on macro tracking and so far, I like how I am feeling. It's really to soon to see any results but I'm going to keep it up. I'm using MyFitnessPal to track.
We've also formed a little supportive messaging group with the ladies I mentioned early and it's been so great! We share meal ideas, fitness, weekly weigh-ins and ask questions. It's been awesome, keeping me accountable and very motivating.

{five} And this is my favorite picture I snapped this week...
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